Software developer

Last Updated: 19th September 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Korea, Republic of


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Mongolian, Russian


15+ years of successful solution design, software development, hardware programming and
project R&D experiences for IoT solutions, server-client architecture application and hardware embedded system development.
Trusted engineer in the development team, collaborates with business leaders and teams comprised of product designers, marketing managers, hardware and networking professionals to develop application software and embedded systems.
Good knowledge of mathematics and physics dealing with data analysis and modeling optimization techniques and researching new algorithms.
Native Mongolian and advanced level in English and Russian.

- System analysis and design
- Database and network administration (MS Windows server, MS SQL server)
- Application/Embedded system development
- Researching and product prototyping
- Information Technology General Control assurance

- MS Visual C#, Basic
- C/C++ (Embedded system/ Firmware programming)
- Oracle Java
- Java script
- DevExpress Universal

- Structured Query Language (SQL)
- MS Access


Mongolia science and technology university
Bachelor of computer science

   Sep 1996
— Jun 2000


PhiNetworks LLC (South Korea)
R&D Engineer

   Jan 2016
— Current

The responsibilities are:
Defining, developing and updating the application software, covering the scope of work, deliverables, and project work plan;
- Performing math and physics analysis on 9 axis MEMS sensor data;
- Developing and implementing the algorithm for various types of noise filtering; - Developing and implementing an algorithm for sensor orientation;
- Developing an engine process for motion physics calculation;
- Developing a golf swing analysis application;
- Programming and coding algorithms on Java, C#, C and C++;
- Developing application/API on iOS/Android mobile devices and PC;
- Searching for new technologies, hardware and software solutions;
Company web

ITS LLC (Mongolia)
Senior engineer

   Jan 2012
— Jan 2016

The responsibilities were:
- Defining, developing and updating the application software, covering the scope of work, deliverables, and project work plan;
- Acquiring and assigning resources required for the project, including training and support;
- Reviewing project progress, task, schedules and resources and making changes or additions, as appropriate;
- Working with the clients to effectively define all of the requirements of each deliverable and to work with team members to the completion of each deliverable in the project work plan;
- Reviewing business requirements working with Project managers, System Analyst and Designer, and other team members;
- System analyzing and designing;

PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit LLC (Mongolia)
System and process Assurance Consultant

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2012

The responsibilities were:
- Working as a member of the Audit Team, contribute to ITGC (Information Technology General Control) and SpA (System and process Assurance) review for audit clients of PricewaterhouseCoopers firm in Mongolia.
- Performing control testing for validating of ITGC and R&R to deal with concerning core domains (ITGC - Program development, Program changes, Access to programs and data and Computer operations; R&R - Purchasing & Payables, Production & Inventory, Revenue & Receivable, and Period-end Financial Reporting).

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