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I believe as a teacher it is my responsibility to challenge and support my students, in pursuit of three learning goals: (1) confront misconceptions about crucial ideas in the learning arena; (2) learn basic learning concepts; (3) cultivate an interest in learning and an understanding of how decisions are made at every level. I am quite aware, however, that I cannot take everything for granted, hence the need to go the extra mile so that I ensure that every grass is covered. I want my students to leave my classroom with basic skills that enable them to engage new ideas, making well-considered choices and above all, be the leading lights in their field of study. How do I do this? I start with a complex, yet relevant, idea such as the ever increasing role of international marketing in creating and shaping the globalisation agenda .I gather students’ initial ideas about why countries and companies need to venture into international markets I then challenge them to discuss the questions in pairs and explain their answers to one another. A second poll of answers demonstrates how students’ ideas have changed, and allows me to correct misconceptions and assess their understanding of basic international marketing concepts. The crucial final stage in this discussion is that of linking these seemingly abstract ideas into practical and relevant case studies. The bottom line is to infuse a culture where students wants and are encouraged to partake in international marketing either as entrepreneurs or and employees.

Being a disciple of the constructivism, I believe that students are not empty vessels but have a lot to contribute to the learning agenda. My teaching strategy will centre on noting the difference between what students can do by themselves and where my assistance will be relevant in line with Vygosky’s zone of proximal development. In addition, I believe that student learn a lot from peers , thus my approach is to allow the student to student learning approach to blossom while I play the role of a guide. Like Bruner, I believe that learners construct new ideas or concepts based upon their current/past knowledge, social interactions, and that motivation affects the construction. I also believe in the mastery of lower concepts which will be used as stepping stones to higher order concepts, so called scaffolding.

Skills development, rather than rote content memorization, is the hallmark of my teaching. I want the students to be creative, critical thinkers who are hands-on and are able to solve practical problems such as the contemporary globalization challenges.

I have two benchmarks for determining that my objectives for students learning are met and these are short and long term. In the former, my students should be able to recognize the importance of key variable of the course being delivered. In the latter, I dream that my students are able to use skills imparted as building blocks to become successful entrepreneurs in their own right. In a class setup, I will increase the frequency and widen the range of assessments so as to determine whether students are getting to where I expect them to get.
Among the challenges that I have faced as an instructor the one that stands out is persuading students who are reticent or disengaged to actively participate in discussions. There is nothing quite as unsettling as a prolonged silence during a discussion or witnessing a vapid expression on a student's face. My answer to these challenges has involved active inquiry, problem solving, and small group activities. To teach the importance of perspective, I juxtapose conflicting accounts of landmark events. Through close examination of these texts, my students come to understand how different backgrounds and agendas generate contrasting viewpoints.

Finally my research informs my teaching and my teaching has helped enlighten my research. My research, which cuts across the business administration landscape, addresses issues that I have discovered are deeply meaningful to business oriented students: marketing, entrepreneurship and small business management. My research is therefore a vital cog in meeting objectives that I have set for my teaching.