Quantity Engineer-Surveyor

Last Updated: 24th November 2017 (over 5 years ago)

Depok, Indonesia


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Age Range
18 to 24

Qualification Level



_ Quantity Engineer- Project Cost Control
- Civil and Infrastructure
- Infrastructure and Construction
- Research and Feasibility Study
- Environmental Sustainability


University of Indonesia
Master Degree in Environmental

   Sep 2002
— Jul 2004

Specialist for Environmental Protection and Wastewater

University of Indonesia
Bachelor Degree in Economic

   Mar 1995
— Dec 1999

Economic Business

Institute Science Technology National
Bachelor Degree_Civil Engineer

   Apr 1991
— Aug 1994

Structure and Planning

Polytechnic University of Indonesia
Diploma Mechanical Engineering

   Sep 1983
— Apr 1988

Mechanical Engineering


OSJI Joint Venture
QS and Commercial

   Aug 2015
— Current

• Certified Interim Payment.
• Maintain the Quantity base on contract documentation and Evaluation Review and Analyses on the quantity calculation.
• Checking and Evaluate all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, from the initial contract document to the final.
• Evaluate and approve Lump Sum Breakdown, Review Variation Order.
• Monitor and assess the performance of Quantity system of contractor.
• Review and certify unit prices and rates in Monthly Statement for payment by the Contractor.
• Control and checking Price adjustment /escalation.
• Maintained project control documentation, monthly and quarterly reports, Investment report, Quantity and specifications.
• Check Contractors’ work norms and material/ day work schedules.
• Review and confirm the unit prices submitted by the Contractor.
• Compare the prices with those mentioned in contracts and approved construction drawings and actual construction in order to include them on monthly or periodic payment certificate.
• Review and certify unit prices and rates in Monthly Statement for payment.
• Advise Contractor on matters relating to the issue of the Partial Certificates of Completion and hand over of work by stages in due consultation with the Client.
• Checking and recommending the quantities of Contractors’ claims, change orders and variations.
• Responding and answering questions and queries from the competent authorities during the course of the project.

• Develop Contract Document for Purchase Agreement, Supply Agreement, Subcontract Agreement base on Quotation, PRF, and Budget
• contract development and management activities, and enforce organizational principles of integrity and compliance.
• Ensure that contracts and proposals are properly entered into organizational databases and securely maintained.
• Develop standards for contracts, including presentation of budget, payment terms, general language and provisions.
• to identify issues and client requirements, facilitate pricing discussions, and obtain senior management input on timelines and deliverables.
• Draft contractual provisions based on strategy discussions, senior management input, and organizational needs and expectations.
• Assure accuracy and appropriateness of contract text and attachments. Interface with insurance companies regarding adequacy of coverage and purchasing needs.
• Serve as primary organizational contact during contract negotiations.
• Propose solutions in order to reduce construction costs.

Quantity Engineer

   Feb 2014
— Jul 2015

Consultant Supervision on the Ho Chi Minh City Water Environment II Project.

Responsible for providing support and supervision in an Expert advisory role. Provide technical advice and assistance in carrying out the works and manage the work with full responsibility to the Client for adequacy and quality of the end products within the scope of the services specified in the contract.

Role and duties in accordance with the requirements of the FIDIC Contract as modified by the JICA standard amendments and as set out in the Construction Contract Documents.

Mott Mac Donald
Water Wastewater Specialist

   Jan 2009
— Feb 2014

Main project features:

Consultant work for 50 Km Toll Road from the provision of preliminary design advice, through the detailed design process to the preparation of construction drawings, construction documents, tender processes (including tender appraisal), pre-start meetings, project management, works on site supervision, agreeing final accounts, certificates of completion and the preparation of as built drawings.

Activities Performed:

• Develop and establish the engineering design criteria and parameters.
• Coordinating the drainage design process and integrating with associated designs from highways, structures, environmental and other disciplines.
• Guide the design team to estimate the surface water drainage run-off/ storm water flows based upon the available hydrological and geological information together with the developed grading plan.
• Guide the design team to conduct the design for the proposed storm water drainage network including the collector system comprises of inlets, collector pipes and trunk main pipelines as well as pumping stations
• Guide the design team to develop the discharge and evacuation strategy.
• Guide the design team to develop the hydraulic modeling simulation and design calculations.
• Guide the design team to validate and confirm the nearby/adjacent tie-in-connections/interface points.
• Coordinate with all relevant stakeholders and governmental authorities and contractors working within the area under study i.e. PM will assist. Review and check the final drawings, BOQs and Tender Packages-QA/QS review.
• Responsible for Site Coordination and responsible for collection all data from field surveyors, technical discussion with local Government Authority including wastewater support and technical issues for Expansion of Sanitation Network and Waste Water Treatment in Margasari, Perusda and Somber Small Industry Estate Areas.
• CAPEX and OPEX preparation for Proposed WWTP System
• Review the existing physical works at Margasari and the available existing documentation for all three sites
• Complete socio-economic surveys to determine the people’s ability and willingness to participate in the schemes in each area
• Deliver feasibility studies for off-site sanitation projects in Margasari, Perusda and Somber

Expert Group Manager

   Jan 2007
— Nov 2017

Responsible for identification of sanitation program components, analysis and verification of the proposed grant funded and matching funds, assessment of works progress and utilization of funds in lined with the budgeted activities, proposal for reducing construction costs and handling of price escalation and other financial matters related to project implementation.

Sarana Adiniagatama (Salim Group)
Site Project Manager Water Wastewater

   Mar 1993
— Feb 2007

The main features for the various assignments using FIDIC CoC included infrastructure development, engineering, procurement (incl. Watering) and construction supervision of industrial and urban WWTPs and associated works, include transmission and pumping works (mechanical, electrical and civil):

Dec 2003 – Jun 2004: Bitung N. Sulawesi WWTP, Capacity 600 m3/day and night
Jan 2003 – Sep 2003: Semarang WWTP, Capacity 750 m3/day and night
Mar 2001 – Dec 2002: Makmur WWTP, Capacity 800 m3/day and night
Sep 2000 – Feb 2001: Bogor WWTP, Capacity 200 m3/day and night
Apr 1999 – Aug 2000: Sukabumi WWTP, Capacity 1,500 m3/day and night
Oct 1996 – Jan 1999: Batam WWTP, Capacity 10,500 m3/day and night
Feb 1995 – Aug 1996: Cikamepek WWTP, Capacity 5,400 m3/day and night

Activities Performed:

Responsible for conducting and supervising overall project activities including detailed engineering and process design, tender document preparation, incl BOQ, procurement, construction supervision, incl. installation of the mechanical and electrical equipment, contract management, claims handling, commissioning and handover. Monitored unit prices and schedule of works of the Contractor.

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