Manufacturing General Manager

Last Updated: 5th January 2018 (over 4 years ago)

South Africa


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

Afrikaan, English, German


I have over 15 years senior management experience within the automotive and industrial manufacturing sectors.

I have been employed by international manufacturing firms that service the automotive manufacturing sector, oil and gas, petrochemical, metallurgical, pulp and paper and agricultural sectors.

As a General Manager my responsibilities included Strategic Business Planning and Implementation, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Procurement, Logistics and Operations Management.

I hold the following qualifications
National Higher Diploma Mechanical Engineering
Post Graduate Diploma Business Administration
Diploma Project Management
Certificate in Finance
Certificate in International Trade (Imports & Exports)
Certificate in Business Coaching and Mentoring


University of Wales
Post Graduate Diploma Business Administration

   Jan 1999
— Jul 2002

Diploma Project Management

   Jun 1995
— Dec 1995

Techikon Natal
National Higher Diploma Mechanical Engineering

   Jan 1989
— Jul 1996


RIchvor Professional Services
General Manager

   Sep 2016
— Current

RICHVOR® is a business consulting organisation. We offer services that guarantee better business performance. People build enduring businesses. At RICHVOR® we use ThinkVersation® and KnowRich® as the foundation of the RICHVOR® philosophy to unlock human potential that produces sustainable, job creating organisations.
ThinkVersation® and KnowRich® are methods that help people develop knowledge and insight to achieve positive results.
Our aim is to increase the number of South African businesses that become Global companies.
Our Service Offering?
• Business Coaching
• Leadership Development
• Enterprise and Supplier Development
• Business Growth and Support Interventions
• Business Training Facilitation
• Business Networking

Branch Manager

   Jan 2014
— Aug 2016

Raizcorp is a business incubator. Their core business is the development of entrepreneurs through a process of coaching and training. Raizcorp employs approximately 120 people and have a national foot print with branches in Gauteng, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Richards Bay and Emalahleni.
Last Position Held: Branch Manager
Primary responsibilities
• Reporting
• Business performance
• Staff Management
• Sales and Key Account Management
• Entrepreneur Coaching
• Training facilitation
Previous position(s): Business Strategy and Finance Guide (Coach)
As a business coach in this business incubator I was able to coach an average of 25 to 30 small business owners on a monthly basis in formulating and implementing business strategies and financial goals. More than 70% of businesses achieved above average business results.
I was promoted to branch manager and given the responsibility to find new sponsors for that were willing to invest in the entrepreneurs that we were coaching. In the first quarter of my tenure I was able to raise sponsorship of R4 million annually from two corporate sponsors, SA Home loans and Corobrick.

ECIAfrica Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Certification Specialist

   Feb 2011
— Sep 2013

ECIAfrica is the African division of Development Alternatives, Inc (DAI). DAI works on the frontlines of international development to make a lasting difference in the world by helping people improve their lives. There were two programmes that ECIAfrica ran in succession. The first was SAIBL (South African Business Linkages) and subsequently the SASDC (South African Supplier Diversity Council).
Both programmes are rooted in the Broad Based Black Economic Development Codes of Good Practice to answer the need for bona fide black owned businesses in support of preferential procurement, enterprise development and supplier development.
Last Position Held: Business Linkage and Certification Specialist
Primary Responsibilities
• Identification of bona fide black suppliers
• Verification and certification of black supplier status
• Supplier GAP Analysis (Business diagnostic)
• Propose business and supplier capacity building interventions
• Project manage interventions
• Identify business linkage opportunities with corporate companies
The space of black supplier development at the time was very new and the process of improving the standards, perceptions and readiness of small black businesses to integrate into the supply chains of large corporate businesses was challenging. While there were successes with some small businesses who embraced the business improvement interventions, there were barriers, largely due to a lack of readiness within corporate organisations that prevented that prevented a seamless integration of small black businesses into their supply chains.

James Walker South Africa
Managing Director

   Jan 2006
— Jan 2010

James Walker is a UK based multinational company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of fluid sealing products for the industrial sector. Fluid sealing products include gaskets, mechanical seals, hydraulic seals and gland packing. These products are used in manufacturing and process plant environments typically the petrochemical sector, the metallurgical sector, the pulp and paper sector, milling, marine and oil & gas sectors.
James Walker South Africa company structure was wholesale, retail and manufacturing.
Last Position Held: Managing Director
Primary Responsibilities
• Reporting
• Strategic planning and business growth
• General Management
• Key Account Management
Previous Position: General Manager
I was able to grow this business from an annual turnover of R12.5 million to R22 million over a period of two years. When I took over this business it was a small family run agency without any formal business structure and limited formal business processes.
The implementation of ISO 9001 was successful and lead to the development a formal management structure. I was able to train and lead a team of middle managers. I also moved the business into a higher level of brand awareness by introducing participation in business trade fairs, online marketing and the launch new of high value products and services. Consequently the national footprint of the business grew into Gauteng, the Eastern Cape and Namibia.

Toyota Tsusho Africa
Logistics Manager

   Mar 2003
— Dec 2005

Toyota Tsusho Africa (Pty) Ltd (TTAF), established in 1999, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC), founded as a trading and supply-chain specialist.
Business Service Offering:
• Business management, vehicle and parts distribution, marketing and after sales support to the TTAF distributor network
• Global sourcing of product / material, which includes a large range of steel, machinery and spare parts.
• Warehousing and storage facilities (Stock Management)
• Clearing and Forwarding services
• Engineering and machinery installations
• A Just in Time Wheel & Tyre Assembly for Toyota South Africa
• Scrap Metal recycling
• Corporate organisational development solutions

Last Position Held: Supply Chain Manager (Vendor to Vendor)
Primary Responsibilities
• Reporting
• Strategic Planning
• Staff management
• Key account management (Vendor relations)
When I joined the Vendor to Vendor team the operation was in a state of transition and did not have the appropriate team structure in place to support the growing demand for the services. I designed the organisational structure for the team and selected and recruited the appropriate team members.
Because the administrative systems were largely non-existent, the division had a debtors book that was R40 million in excess of 90 days, and I was able to implement the appropriate debt collection systems and policies through which I was able to stop the growth of overdue debt and reduce them over a period of time.

REHAU Polymer
National Sales Manager

   Jul 2000
— Feb 2003

REHAU Polymer is a wholly owned subsidiary of REHAU AG & Co, a German multinational manufacturing company specialising in automotive and industrial products manufacturing from polymers.
REHAU Polymer serves the automotive, home appliance and furniture manufacturers, and construction.
Last Position Held: National Sales Manager
Primary Responsibilities
• Reporting
• National Sales Planning
• Staff management
• Key account management
I established a branch office in Durban in order to service the KwaZulu Natal region. I succeeded in putting in place the administrative, sales and distribution structures and personnel. We were able to improve the business performance by attracting new customers and introducing new products into the region.

Smiths Manufacturing
International Business Manager

   Jan 1990
— Jun 2000

Smiths Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd is a leading manufacturer and assembler of automotive air-conditioning and engine cooling components in Durban, South Africa.
Metair Investments Limited, a JSE listed company specialising in the manufacture of automotive components, is the major shareholding company, with DENSO CORPORATION, a global automotive components manufacturer, who has a 25% shareholding. Smiths have contracts with all Motor Plants based in South Africa. With its direct exports to America and Europe, including the UK, and indirect exports of components on vehicles being exported from SA, approximately half of Smiths' components leave SA's shores.
Manufacturer and assembler of radiators and heat exchangers, multiflow and serpentine condensers, integrated HVAC and heater systems, blower motors, engine cooling modules, cooling fan assemblies, refrigerant pipes and hoses.
Last Position Held: Export Manager
Primary Responsibilities
• Reporting
• Sales Planning
• Staff management
• Key account management
• Product engineering
Previous Positions: Product Development Engineer
Test Laboratory Technician
The most significant achievement was developing exports into North America and Canada., and sustaining the export department through the challenging years of transition in South Africa between 1998 and 2000.
I spent ten years with Smiths and over this period of time I because a fully qualified and experienced mechanical engineer for the manufacturing sector. As engineer I gained skills, knowledge and experience in product testing and evaluation, reverse engineering and product development, process engineering and quality management systems, project management and commercial business development in exports.