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Sunshine Coast, Australia


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A widely travelled commercial manager, who has:

- A diversified skill set;
- Twenty years professional experience, the prior eleven in senior capacities predominantly with multinational corporations;
- Worked in a variety of industries from support services (i.e. hospitality, grounds, infrastructure maintenance) provided to Defence, mining to travel and leisure; and
- No limitations as to where roles and adventures are located.


CPA (Certified Practising Accountants) Australia
Professional Development Studies (Additional CPA Program segments)

   Aug 2000
— Apr 2016

2016 Financial Risk Management
2013 Contemporary Business Issues
2008 Strategy & Leadership
2000 Business Information Management

CPA Australia
CPA Program (CPA Status - Professional Membership)

   Aug 1997
— Jul 1999

Queensland University of Technology
Master of Commerce (Accounting) (GPA 6.00)

   Feb 1994
— Aug 1999

Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (GPA 6.00)

   Feb 1991
— Nov 1993


Sojitz Minerva Mining Pty Ltd
Cost Analyst (Site Based)

   Nov 2018
— Current

Prepare monthly reports, variance analyses and reconciliations;
Maintain subsidiary ledgers;
Review the recording processes for oil and diesel usage;
Design database / tablet solutions to record at source to generate automatic reports for this usage as well as for contractor timesheet labour;
Review the Balance Sheet for Pronto implementation in particular validate the Fixed Asset Register;
Ad hoc analysis of expenses;
Approve purchase orders and invoices for payment.


   Dec 2014
— Nov 2018

Set up and write a weekly blog of short stories. This blog has been rated as 4 out of 5 stars by 500,000 plus members of the Tumblr community;
Travel in Africa 2015 and Madagascar 2018;
Care for family;
Spend time with my mother who passed away in July 2016;
Undertake deceased estate matters;
Defeat breast cancer;
Surgically reconstruct right foot.

Serco Sodexo Defence Services Pty Ltd
Commercial Manager (Corporate Office Projects)

   Sep 2008
— Nov 2014

Commercial Lead – Contract Transition Program
Manage financial, head contract with the Department of Defence (‘Defence’) and subcontract issues and risks;
Corroborate, map and implement Transition Out Plans for demobilisation from 28 Defence bases and sites for:
Asset disposal,
Vehicle and wheeled fleet disposal,
Subcontractors and suppliers,
Financial reporting;
Review the costs and terms and conditions associated with logistics and auction proposals;
Prepare Program budget;
Draft the subcontract novation template to novate construction project subcontracts to Defence;
Terminate all supply agreements, subcontracts and services contracts;
Cancel all licences and corporate memberships;
Review the accounts payable and accounts receivable ledgers for final settlement.
Contributed the project team’s successful demobilisation of 5 multi-million dollar Defence contracts (employing 2,700 employees), on time, on budget, in accordance with the contracts and with higher than forecast recovery value for the asset base whilst SSDS’ reputation was maintained.

Finance Transition Project
Oversee the 2014 budget and quarter 3 2013 forecast and prepare both submissions to the parent companies;
Draft the Retender Transition Plan to implement the Finance function for new contracts won and determine the standard operating procedures required to be written;
Review the revenue recognition cycle and process.

Acting Corporate Finance Manager (6 month secondment)
Mentor Financial Systems Manager, Financial Accountant and Internal Auditor;
Review daily cash flow, treasury function and payments;
Review fuel tax credit calculations and the monthly Business Activity Statements for Goods and Services Tax;
Review month end results, variances, debtors with supporting commentary provided by Regional Commercial Managers and monthly reporting packs submitted to parent companies;
Review Capital Expenditure Requests and ensure the Fixed Asset Register was maintained and reconciled;
Prepare 2012 Statutory Accounts and manage the 2012 interim and final financial audits with Deloitte;
Review Deloitte’s advice re deployment allowances paid under a poorly drafted Enterprise Bargaining Agreement and determine the employee tax, superannuation and payroll tax implications for resolution;
Graph trends of ABS indices to estimate price escalation for the 2012 Defence Retender Program.

Internal Audit Project
Develop and implement the internal audit function:
Draft the Internal Audit Strategy to adopt a risk based internal audit methodology;
Design internal audit templates and write test plans;
Conduct audits of the financial procedures in place at Corporate and 3 Regional Offices;
Report to the Internal Audit Committee and recommend process improvements;
Provide advice to the CEO on the Deed of Agreement proposed by Defence to meet national initiatives to harmonise workplace health and safety legislation;
Interpret the implications of the Bribery Act (UK) 2010 for a UK joint venture subsidiary.

Subcontracts and Finance Projects
Prepare subcontract agreements, extensions, variations, breaches and terminations;
Negotiate contentious contractual terms with subcontractors;
Review Defence subcontract templates (4) for construction works and propose additional clauses to protect SSDS from risk and liability;
Assess subcontractors’ insurances to cover risky activities (i.e. controlled burns with aerial incendiaries);
Design User Acceptance Test (‘UAT’) Plans to upgrade budgeting and accounting software packages;
Conduct UAT for the budgeting package, address configuration issues with the software provider and support Regional Commercial Managers with their implementation of the new budgeting process;
Prepare the costings for:
The Contract Amendment Proposal for fire management services;
The Price Schedule for Base Management Services for the Central Queensland Request for Tender.

Proposed a flexible subcontract model for SSDS to engage maintenance subcontractors on a panel at head contract inception then subsequently subcontract them to service specific assets / asset classes when the condition and maintenance requirements of Defence’s asset base were better understood.

Bids Team for Australian Defence Forces Request for Tender (Non Combat Clothing Tender)
Review the Requests for Tender to itemise risks (financial, supply and legal) and prepare the Risks Register;
Prepare the Opportunities Register of possible business opportunities stemming from the new business;
Graph trends of ABS indices recommended by the Request for Tender to estimate price escalation;
Audit pricing data provided by the tender partner, subcontractor prices, bid cost model and final bid pricing.

Subcontracts Project Manager (4 month secondment to Lavarack Army Barracks in Townsville)
Edit / tighten subcontract agreement templates;
Prepare subcontracts and supporting schedules for garrison support services (i.e. cleaning, grounds and pest management), fixed plant and equipment services and engineering operations services;
Assess the types of legislation specific to subcontractors for the services performed;
Reply to subcontractors’ requests for clarification of or amendment to various contractual clauses.

Member of Bids Team for New Zealand Defence Force Request for Tender
Prepare the Commercial Brief to the Board for the Request for Tender (tender’s requirements, terms and conditions, cost parameters to be used, trends for economic indices and labour availability, applicable New Zealand legislation and financial risks);
Prepare the Labour Cost Summary depicting pay rate trends to recommend bid pay rates;
Prepare the tender’s Risks Register;
Collaboratively complete the tender’s bid cost model to calculate bid costs and prices.

Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries
Management Accountant (Corporate Capability Section) (Temporary Role)

   Aug 2007
— Jan 2008

Provide financial guidance to 10 general managers and the Assistant Director General (Corporate Capability);
Analyse monthly accounts;
Finalise the 2007 budget;
Prepare end of year forecasts for 2006;
Prepare September’s Quarterly Forward Estimates for Queensland Treasury;
Review applications for funding from the Emergent Priorities Fund.
Wrote the Emerging Risks Report for the Assistant Director General.

Lihir Gold Limited (Papua New Guinea)
Senior Accountant

   May 2007
— Jun 2008

Performed in Corporate Office, Brisbane (Awaiting work visa)
Prepare calculations and journals to close out the company’s hedge book and to recognise hedge losses and gains on settlement.

Performed under Exceptional Circumstances
Prepare the ex patriot repatriation list for the Crisis Management Team due to the National workforce being on strike;
Prioritise hundreds of employees (National and ex patriot) for uplift into and from site by helicopter when a local village denied access to the airport (siege). This situation was made difficult by the lack of suitable helicopters available for hire and weather conditions (heavy rain and volcanic ash over Rabaul);
Manage priority uplift arrangements and connections for ex patriots in both situations;
Coordinate tuberculosis testing for the department when an employee was found positive with the disease.
Increased awareness at management level of the effect of domestic violence on department efficiency, for example employee absences and injuries.

Performed under Normal Circumstances
Oversee Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Travel and Archives functions;
Manage 32 National and Lihirian employees performing these functions in sometimes difficult circumstances;
Engender a culture of safety by holding weekly toolbox meetings, where safety and health topics were discussed, and by rectifying safety issues i.e. power cords under desks;
Approve salary advances, employee benefits and annual leave payouts for payment;
Jointly with the travel agent, manage ex patriot fly in fly out employee flights and resident employee travel entitlements;
Juggle aircraft and seating availability to maximise uplift capacity for National employees on FIFO break.

Analyst (Project Role)

   May 2006
— Aug 2016

Document definitions for the new global chart of accounts required to implement Oracle software;
Document the current financial reporting cycle for TM1 software (reporting and consolidation tool);
Document the ‘Lock and Send Template’ process to upload financial data from Excel into Essbase for consolidation and reporting;
Draft User Acceptance Tests to validate processes for Essbase software for the Unit and Systems Integration Testing phase.

Australia Meat Holdings Pty Limited
Project Manager – Sarbanes-Oxley Act Compliance Project

   Nov 2004
— Oct 2005

Prepare the project plan, timetable and task status matrix and update these throughout the project;
Map the significant financial accounts to their relevant audit financial assertions and information processing objectives and also to their underlying functions and sub-processes;
Assess which sub-processes represented misstatement risks to the financial accounts in excess of the predetermined planning materiality;
Gain an in depth understanding of the sub-processes by interview then document these by flowcharts;
Ascertain and record risks inherent within these sub-processes and the internal controls in existence to prevent, detect or monitor such risks;
Identify control issues or process inefficiencies for remediation.

Hotel Dynamics Group (Part of RCI Group)
Project Manager - Finance Department Migration Project

   Jul 2003
— Sep 2004

Manage the migration team of 5 senior managers;
Plan and schedule tasks, pre and post migration, to transfer the accounting function from Sydney Corporate Office to RCI’s (sister company) regional offices for Europe, India, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa;
Visit Mexico City, Kettering (England), Singapore (twice) and South Africa to oversee the regional migrations;
Provide formal and informal training to regional accounting teams;
Review all accounting processes for the company to remedy inefficiencies and control deficiencies;
Write, format and proof an accounting policy and procedure manual (379 pages), complete with Corporate Overview, Definition Dictionary, Form Templates and Checklists.Review the management accounts prepared post migration;
Visit Cairo to:
First visit,
Receive a handover from the outgoing Egyptian general manager;
Meet accountants and lawyers to investigate statutory and employee issues related to the Egyptian subsidiary.
Second visit,
Plan tasks necessary to hold the extraordinary general meeting to appoint the new general manager;
Instruct the new nominee general manager (a lawyer) as required;
Support the Vice President Global Finance by jointly attending meetings with new accountants and lawyers to document follow up actions for the Financial Controller of the Middle East Region.

Developed an interfaced technology solution (comprising of Galileo XML API Desktop, Galileo Computerised Reservation System and IATA Travel Settlement Services (“ITSS”) applications) to book hotel rooms, record commissions due and collect payments to present to the Vice President Global Finance.

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