Maintenance Superintendent

Last Updated: 20th April 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Portuguese, Spanish


Professional with 25 years of experience in maintenance being 14 years in the Oil & Gas offshore industry, 8 years in the aviation and 3 years at small onshore companies. Military graduation as 2nd Lieutenant of the Brazilian Army.
Career initiated in the aviation as aircraft and engines maintenance mechanical technician.
In the Oil & Gas industry I had initiated my career as service engineer of a Norwegian company with attendances to tankers and oil production platforms (FPSO’s).
I had consolidated my career starting as mechanical technician and being promoted up to Maintenance Superintendent position working for the main worldwide offshore production oil platforms supply companies.
Beside the tasks related to my formal positions job description I highlight the experience achieved during the FPSO’s construction & commissioning phases as well the positive performances as zero accidents during my working rotation, maintenance costs reduction, improvement to the uptime and KPI with the client.


EAPAC - Escola de Aperfeiçoamento e Preparação da Aeronautica Civil
Aircraft Maintenance Technician

   Nov 1994
— Oct 1995

Graduation required by Brazilian aviation authority to allow work with aircrafts. The course disciplines were turbines, reciprocating engines, hydraulic and fuel systems, aerodynamics, workshop standards, flight procedures, with a total of 726 hours. Also part of the course a minimum of 620 hours of supervised on hands training (I got 990 hours). With this Diploma I got my military license from the Air Force authority (DAC) and the Brazilian Engineering Council (CREA/CONFEA) as Aircraft Maintenance Technician.


Maintenance Superintendent

   Mar 2016
— Oct 2017

FPSO Armada Olombendo - Client: ENI
I had enjoyed the Project during the construction phase at Singapore I was in charge of the jobs supervision indicating the design issues and proposing the necessary actions to fix it. I had initiated the maintenance procedures review, carried out the Maintenance Department technicians & supervisor’s interviews and selection. During the commissioning phase I had been in charge of the approval/compliance of the system & equipment’s from the construction team and the integration of the manufactures with the FPSO technical team crew.
In charge onboard during the plant start-up and 1st oil that happened inside the schedule and without incidents.
During the operational phase I was in charge of the development and kick off the predictive maintenance, CMMS activation, spare parts final inventory and minimum stock list.
During my management the client contract production, KPI & uptime figures had been achieved and didn’t happened any accidents with the Maintenance Department team members during my rotations onboard.

SBM Offshore
Mechanical Supervisor

   Aug 2014
— Feb 2016

FPSO Marlim Sul - Client: Petrobras
I was in charge and had achieved all the expected results/goals inside the agreed timeline & schedule of the FPSO last planned plant shutdown.
I had been responsible for the demobilization equipment’s preservation procedures planning & execution including the Topsides preservation reports, refurbishment & operation of the turret winches & HPU for the final pull out. During my rotations onboard no accidents happened to my subordinates.

Maintenance Coordinator

   Nov 2012
— Jul 2014

FPSO Cidade de Itajaí - Client: Petrobras
I had enjoyed the Project just before the navigation from Singapore to Brazil. My job was the control and management of the offshore Maintenance Department. I was the manager and negotiator of all the preventive maintenance contracts of the major rotating equipment’s, predictive maintenance as oil sampling & vibration monitoring and the corrective maintenances carried out onshore and offshore by 3rd party companies. I had achieved in average 40% cost reduction at all contracts. In order to support operations to comply with the Board approved budget, I had taken responsibility of the gas compression and water injection systems final commissioning acting as commissioning manager in parallel to my formal position, including the preparation of the operational procedures/parameters and the training of the production supervisors, CRO’s and operators.
In average I got 40% cost reduction at all maintenance contracts.
Also in parallel to my duties I had took the preparation and onboard training sessions for the major rotating equipment’s as the turbo power generators and gas compressors.
During an emergency repair of the Booster Gas Compressors at MAN factory in Germany, I was in charge for the in site follow up with the mission of reducing the 7 weeks delivery time requested by the manufacturer to only 16 days. Beside the delivery time reduction I had achieved a significant cost reduction on the repair.
I was subordinated to the FPSO Operations Manager and during my management all the client contract production, uptime and KPI had been achieved.

Maintenance Superintendent

   Aug 2011
— Sep 2012

FPSO Cidade de Niterói – Client: Petrobras
I had implemented new maintenance procedures to the gas compressors cooling system to reduce the downtime caused by a material/design problem of gas piping as well the costs for the company.
I had also identified another design in the Sea Water Lift pumps and for the development of new repair procedures together with the 3rd party contracted workshop. During my rotations onboard no accidents happened to my subordinates.

Prosafe Production
Maintenance Supervisor

   Jun 2009
— Jul 2011

FPSO Cidade de São Mateus - Client: Petrobras
I had enjoyed the Project before plant start-up / 1st oil invited by the FPSO Operation Manager with the mission of repairing the equipment’s damaged by the previous commissioning team. During the operational phase I had developed maintenance procedures for the MEG pumps mechanical seals due to design mistakes of the cooling/flushing system. In parallel to my duties I had been acting as Turbines & Compressor Supervisor carrying out the operation and maintenance of the gas compression modules that include 3 Solar Solar Titan 130 driven MAN gas compressors and its associated plant.

Mechanical Supervisor

   Oct 2006
— Jun 2009

FPSO Fluminense - Client: Shell
I had been hired as Mechanical Technician and had been promoted to the Supervisor position within 1 year.
I had carried out the adequacy of the mechanical workshop onboard to higher standards, had reviewed the maintenance procedures, had trained the mechanics on hydraulics and on the cargo pumping system.

Frank Mohn do Brasil
Service Engineer

   Mar 2003
— Sep 2006

Various FPSO & tanker ships – Clients: Petrobras, Shell, Global and others
I had been trained at the factory at Norway and at the company maintenance workshop in Holland.
I was in charge of the maintenance on site, new equipment’s installation, commissioning and training of the crew on the Hydraulic system of cargo & ballast pumps of oil and chemical ship tankers, FPSO’s, Fire Water Pumps, Sea Water Lift
Pumps and Sea Water Injection Pumps. I had worked during the construction and commissioning phase of Petrobras FPSO’s P43, P48, P50, P34 e FSO P47. At office my duties were customer technical and spare parts assistance.

General Electric
Engine Mechanical Technician

   Mar 1996
— Sep 2002

GE Celma plant at Brazil
At the workshop I was in charge of the aircraft turbines overhaul including all the steps involved on it: dismantling, inspection, assemble and run test. As FSR at airports hangar I was in charge of jobs like HSI (Hot Section Inspection) that
includes engine boroscope inspection, turbines 1st stage vanes replacement, combustion chamber, fuel nozzles & thermocouples replacement, engine Fan replacement, etc. During my last 5 years working for GE I had been selected as best mechanic of the year receiving 10% salary increase as prize.

FAB (Brazilian Air Force)
Aircraft Mechanical Technician

   Feb 1994
— Feb 1996

Parque dos Afonsos airfield
I had started as trainee to complete the mandatory working hours for my graduation as Aircraft Maintenance Technician.
As trainee I had worked in the Airspace Museum with old aircrafts and latter had being invited to work with the operational helicopters UH-1H (Bell 205) overhaul workshop. I had participated of all the overhaul steps as dismantling, inspection, assemble and rotor blades dynamic balancing (at flight).