Fitter Machinist

Last Updated: 8th October 2019 (over 2 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification



I am an apprentice trained (4 year apprenticeship) class 1 trade tested Fitter Machinist who has gained knowledge and skills through work experience, life experience, including informal and formal training conducted in the industry and at other training organizations. I have an excellent safety record through the years of training at Tongaat Hulett Triangle (ltd).


Masvingo Polytechnic College
Machineshop Engineering

   Jan 2014
— Dec 2014


Kagera Sugar (ltd) Tanzania
Irrigation Mechanical Maintenance Supervi

   Aug 2019
— Current

After the department had had numerous problems with their Finder pumps i was appointed as a technical consultant. Upon successfully addressing the problem, was elevated to supervisor position in charge of the maintenance of electrical motor driven pumps and consultant on mechanical equipment.

Kagera Sugar (ltd) Tanzania
Mill Fitter

   May 2019
— Jul 2019

Joined the milling team during shutdown for mill and levellers overhaul and setting. Upon startup followed maintenance of all milling equipment i.e mill rolls and leveller rotors, juice circulation and maceration pumps, slate conveyors, chain conveyor and gearboxes.

Tongaat Hulett Triangle (ltd)
Mechanical Fitter

   Feb 2019
— Apr 2019

Main responsibility was Mill overhaul during annual shutdown. This included service of pumps and gearboxes, installation of new chains and slates on elevators, bearing inspection and change, installation of new mill rolls, mill bearings, and setting the mills.

Tongatt Hulett Triangle (ltd)
Fitter Machinist

   Jan 2017
— May 2018

As an artisan my duties and responsibilities included: operation, maintenance and service of machine tools (lathes, milling, drilling, shaping machines, hydraulic presses); machine, refurbish and recondition plant equipment spares; Repairs, installation, servicing & commissioning and maintenance of pumps (centifugal (KSB, Samco, Stock, Warman, Eta Norm), multi-stage centrifugal, vane, vacuum, gear(hydraulics), screw (mono pumps), gearboxes, compressors, valves, actuators, cylinders(hydraulic and pneumatic), gantry cranes, milling equipment (shredders, mill rolls, cane knife rotors etc), conveyor belts, slates and screw conveyors , centrifugals, driers, Chain drives, belt drives, boilers; changing bearings, couplings and other fittings; plant checks, risk assessments, designing and assembling hydraulics and pneumatic circuits.

Tongatt Hulett Triangle (ltd)
Fitter and turner apprentice

   Jan 2013
— Dec 2016

Underwent apprenticeship training in risk assessments, Operation and maintenance of machine tools i.e lathe, milling, shaping, drilling and hydraulic pressing machines,
plant equipment maintenance, service and repair (pumps(samco, harland, eta norm, stock, warman etc) compressors, gearboxes, valves, actuators, cylinders (hydraulic & pneumatic), chain and belt drives, belt, slate & screw conveyors etc) and how to work safely according to HSE standards prescribed by ISO 14001.