Process automation and I&C Engineer

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United Kingdom


Phone Number


Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, German, Spanish, Turkish


Planing, Conceptional Basic Detail Design, Comissioning, PMC, EPC
New Plant Projects and Revamping

Oil & Gas , Water Pipelines
Power Generation, Gas Turbines, Co-Regeneration
Steel Factories
Control System PLC/DCS/PCS
Fire & Gas
ESD-SIS System
AMS,CMS System
Energy Efficiency and High Available System
Gas Turbines, Gas Motors, AC/DC Motors, Pumps, Drives
Safe Energy System, UPS, PV, Gas Generators Power Electronics
Building Automation


Techische Universität Berlin

   Jan 1987
— Jan 1993

Classical Technical Cybernetics.
* Studies on Prof. Rechenberg- Mehrgliedrige Evolutionsregler, Bionik Institute

Technical History
* History of Mathematics, Technical History of Electrotechnic Companies

*Technical Philosophy
Studies of cybernetic structures in east germany. Prof. Klaus

Mag. Work. (Not finished because moving to Turkey)
Problem of simultane actions. Prof. Poser

Fachhochschule Konstanz
Dipl.Ing. FH

   Jan 1981
— Dec 1986

Classical Electric and High Voltage
Special field in Process Automation and Regulation
Power Electronics, Frequency Drive Prof. Bystron

Diploma work
Automatic train chasing system with 8080 Asembler in AEG-Berlin
Prof. Luft

Dipl. Ing. Elektrik and Process automation Lead Engineer

   Jan 2007
— Current

O&G Projecting,
Conceptional, Basic, Detail and RAMS+S Design
Working as PMC, Consultant, Comissioner
Experience in PLC, PCS, DNC and HMI, Fieldbus, Instruments

Water, Gas, Öl Pipeline
Flare and Efficiency
Compressor Station, Gas turbines and Reciprocation
Gas Storages
Tank Storages and Blending
High Available Systems, Emergency, SIS, SIL
Electrical Power GT, Diesel, Gas Motor, PV

GSD Istanbul/Maltepe Turkey
Project Engineer for O&G, HRSG, Energy, Water Projects

   Jan 2002
— Dec 2006

Planning Electrical Panel, Control System, Programming, FAT, Commissioning SAT and Documentation
Foxboro DCS, GE, PCS7 , Cimplicity and others

Tüpras Refinary Diesel Kerosone Hydroprocessing and CCR
Foxboro IA, Foxdraw,
Triconex Working together with Forster Wheeler

BP Projects in Gemlik, Hatay
Coca Cola Corlu Data Sampling
HRSG Projects in Turkey, Iran, Syrien

Siemens Istanbul -Kartal - Turkey
Project Ingenieur Steel factory, Building automation

   Jan 1996
— Dec 2001

Planning, Designing electrical panels, programming, FAT and Commissioning
S5, S7, PCS7 and Wincc

Revamping Cemtas THM 1996-1999

Koc University Building automation project 1999-2001

S7/PCS7 system courses

MAN Energy Systemler Dolapdere Istanbul
Commission, Planing and Service Engineer

   Jan 1994
— Current

MAN Turn Key Gas Turbine Projects
Solar Taurus, Mars GT.
Programming S5, High Voltage Systems and Protection
Fuel gas and Damper Systems

Beybo Corlu
Ankara Bilkent University
Izmir Turborg Brewery

Schleicher Berlin
PLC, CNC Application and Development Engineer

   Jan 1987
— Jan 1993

Developement Devision in Berlin/Spandau
Following Products

Promodul-M PLC
Promodul-U PLC/CNC/RC
Prononumerik CNC/RC
HMI System and Network System

Research Porjects
1989 Profibus at RWTH Aachen
1990 HMI System at Fraunhofer Instute Berlin/Prog. Spur

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