A well-rounded (Swiss Army Knife of Engineering) individual in the field, boardroom and behind a desk.

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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Czech, English, French, Russian


Through the combination of experience and knowledge, positioning the right people into the Client organization such that right from the beginning of the design process, through the construction and ultimately in the turnover of the facility from construction to Operations, it is possible to realize significant value for all parties involved.

Thomas Bor provides the resources necessary to participate with the Engineering design firm during the initial detailed design process to develop the basis of the commissioning plan which will be required later in the project.

Moving from there, Thomas Bor provides the necessary resources to validate the construction activities on behalf of the owner/Client while ensuring that construction continues as per the schedule and system sequencing defined within the initial design phase.

Throughout the entire project implementation cycle, Mountain City Systems Ltd. is fully aware of the documentation requirements. As a result, records are generated within the various procedures.


Keele University
B.Sc. Combined Honours - Electronics Engineering & Mathematics

   Sep 1995
— Jun 1999


Eurasia International Project Management - Amulsar Gold Project
Quality Manager / Electrical Specialist

   Jun 2016
— Oct 2018

 Worked with local permitting agents to ensure all required permitting was in place for the
construction and operation of the project;
 Developed Project Quality Manual;
 Directly involved with overall site power system design;
 Developed Quality Inspection schedule;
 Designed Infrastructure electrical systems (general overview) including grounding systems;
 Interfaced with contractors for both construction and quality issues;
 Participated in Electrical HAZOP for the mine site;
 Scoped all process and non-process systems for commissioning planning and QA/QC
 Attended Factory Acceptance Tests for major Electrical Equipment;
 Developed pre-commissioning and commissioning execution plans;
 Managed several super-intendents within the Quality Group;
 Directed contractors for the installation of the project’s 35kV power distribution;
 Managed contractors in the installation of the low voltage power distribution e-houses;

Magna IV Engineering
Senior Electrical Engineer/Designer

   Mar 2015
— Jul 2016

 Performed detailed and unconventional power system studies for large industrial clients
including a complete facility study;
 Performed detailed engineering design for gas metering stations;
 Performed high level engineering designs for commercial switchgear replacement in
downtown heritage building;
 Performed lighting evaluations of substation lighting designs;
 Performed Engineering package reviews for various Oil & Gas projects;
 Mentored junior team members.

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