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Tulcea, Romania


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45 to 54

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28 Years’ Experience in Civil, marine and Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures Resistance :
_ estimating and take off after drawings , reading and interpret all types blueprints and good HSE Coordinator prepare risk assessment , method statement , sequences worksheets.
_ industrial shutterings climbing system : RMD, Topec ,Harsco , Hunnebek , Doka , Perri , Kometa , K-form , Topmax, Alsina, Skydek, and all types of wood and plywood formworks .
_ steel and wood roofs covered with metallic tiles , fiber cement tiles , clay tiles , slate , Iso panels or asphalt shingles
_steelwork , steel erection , reinforcement , concrete work, footing excavation and general grading, precast elements casting , cast in situ concrete works .
_ Piling , Pile Foundations - Driven Precast Concrete Piles - Driven Cased, Cast In-situ Piles - Continuous Flight Auger Piles (Bored) - Vibro Piles - Sheet Piles, quay walls , morning bollards , gabion walls&cages , break waters , concrete accropode defence barriers, rock revetments, caissons and cofferdams , berthing dolphins, mooring dolphins, access trestles , FSRU berth platforms , fire water intake platforms, marine service platforms, precast elements installations , roadway steel beams , roadway planks , installation of a receiving terminals for floating storage regasification units .


Construction Technical School – Tulcea – Romania
Construction Structures Superintendent

   Sep 1987
— Jul 1989

Industrial and Marine Structures Resistances.
Constructions Management, Finite Element Analysis of Structures, Bridges Structures Resistance , Structural Dynamics, Project Management, Value contracts management. Site administration, Site management, Advanced Structural Analysis Concept, Structural Design Concepts, Soil Structure Interaction, Experimental Methods for Material and Structure, Construction Core Modules.

Construction Politechnical High School -Tulcea -Romania
Construction Forman (Reinforced concrete Elements )

   Sep 1983
— Jul 1987

Civil and Industrial Structures Resistance school courses :
Concrete Composition and Classes
Compression and Prestressed concrete
All Wet and How to Prevent It ,
Architects in Action - Scale and Ratio
Architecture and Construction ,
Architectural Symbols ,
Basic Skills Workplace ,
Basic Tools and Materials,
Bridging the Gap - Math to Science,
Building Big Activities,
Building Futures and Construction Careers ,
Building Mathematics,
Carpentry Basic Skills Lesson and how to read drawings ,
Carpentry Formwork Competencies,
Carpentry Course Learning Materials,
Carpentry Student Manual
Resistance Construction Elements Technology
Construction Reinforcement Technology,
Concrete Cubic Measurements,
Evaluating Buildings Structure Plans
Free Standing Structures,
Geometry Lesson Plans - Area, Volume, Triangle ,
Hand Tool Safety Lesson,


Site Manager

   Jan 2016
— Current

January 2016 – At now on Caspian Sea at end of Ural River close to Atyraū city - Kazakhstan In charge of a $180 bil.$ Industrial and marine construction project covering a extension 800m marine service platform with ten fire water intake platforms , 920m new quay walls with capping beams , mooring bollards, berthing dolphins, mooring dolphins. Erection of two 86 meters of exhaust towers with access platforms , gathering system plant for oil and gas processing A 3GI plant for re-injection of natural gas that contains hydrogen sulfide for new extension of Tengiz refinery.
_ On March 2017 ad December relocated in Maastricht Nl for a 23mil.Eur. reinforced concrete project : a 6000 sqm bicycle's parking under the train station square. The project vase difficult because can vas of underground water very high , the temporary construction dewatering system must be install around the external concrete walls perimeter , must open just one side formwork the other side remain just ground vertically excavated.

Jagal Group
Construction Manager

   Feb 2012
— Dec 2015

in Onitsha- Anambra State – Nigeria In charge in construction of a $100 millions Brewery project
_on Snake Island - Lagos State - Nigeria :
1. construction of a $24millions Rolling Mill Work Shop 5000sqm Project.
2. $74Milions installation of three receiving terminals for floating storage regasification units .
3. $2.5millions3500sqm welding oil pipes lab and warehouse.
4. $22millions 150m new quay walls with concrete capping beams, bollards , mooring dolphins.
5. $26million reinforced concrete rehabilitation of a 7500sqm. Dry Dock 10m under sea level.
6. construction $7.5 million 2500sqm Offices buildings with three floors in Ikoy.
My functions on the projects included the following:
_Oversee and direct construction projects from conception to completion.
_Review the project in: depth to schedule deliverables and estimate costs.
_Oversee all operations onsite and offsite to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations. _Coordinate and direct construction workers and subcontractors , select tools, materials and equipment’s , track inventory , meet contractual conditions of performance. _Review the work progress on daily basis, prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status
_Plan ahead to prevent problems and resolve any emerging ones, negotiate terms of agreements, draft contracts and obtain permits and licenses. _ Analyzes, manage and mitigate risks, ensure quality construction standards and the implement proper construction techniques.
_Estimating and take off after drawings, reading and interpret all types blueprints.
_ HSE Coordinator : prepare risk assessment , method statement , sequences worksheets.

Deux Project Limited
Construction Manager

   Apr 2009
— Jan 2012

in Port Harcourt – River State - Nigeria : In charge in construction of a $193 millions Milenium Sports Complex project including : stadium with 35.000 places , athletics arena 10.000 seats ,two Olympic swimming pools , two jumping pools , tennis courts , hockey pitch , etc.
Cos the project start on the rain season the sump dewatering pumps must be used to remove surface water and a small infiltration of groundwater.
My functions on the projects included the following:
_Developed project documents such as project execution plan, construction execution plan and mobilization plan for the Main Boll VIP area project.
_Handled Management interface with piling sub-contractor and reviewed constructability, monitored Engineering contractor’s CTRs against set and agreed deliverables .
_Liaison with client as well as interface and technical lead between the Project Manager and the construction team.
_Established and maintained effective working relationships with all multi-disciplinary sectional heads with a view to delivering sub contracts works.
_Contributed to the portfolio and delivery planning for structure resistance to ensure that company requirements are produced to standard in a timely manner.
_Responsible for managing a team of Project Supervisors, Superintendents , Foremans ,and Surveyors.
_ Initiated design changes and relayed construction changes on site to engineering for as- built drawings.
_ Providing technical supports to the direct manpower during fabrication and construction, monitored compliance to client’s specifications.
_Prepared quantity (material and weight) take-offs (MTO and WTO),schedule job-cards ant site instructions for construction.

_ Anticipated, managed, resolve all issues as the technical point of contact for all personal involving in projects operations and other multi disciplinary sub projects ongoing on site.

SpunTransCons SA
Construction Manager

   Mar 2007
— Feb 2009

In Constanta – Romania on the highway A4 Constanta Bypass - Supervised and assisted construction of three long span bridges $14.2 mil. with different structures of resistance and lengths: 680m , 1200m , 1800m.
The pile footing and spread footing of the bridges vas casted in a cofferdam quay walls with strong socket pumps connected at multiple closely spaced wells by pipes lines or stages of well points are required for excavations more than 5m below the groundwater table.
My functions on the projects included the following:
_Full control and accountability to improve productivity, quality and reduce costs throughout the value chain in all technical, construction, commercial, financial, supply-chain, HSEQ, MEP and plant disciplines.
_Providing technical supports to the direct manpower during fabrication and construction, monitored compliance to client’s specifications.
_ Prepared quantity material and take-offs, and decides the priority of materials dispatch on site for construction progress.
_ Order and schedule plant, equipment’s and tools according to site operations and work priorities .
_Anticipated, managed, resolved issues and act as the technical point of contact for all Facility infrastructure sub-contracts/projects.
_Provide preconstruction services including the development of preliminary budgets, cost plans and value engineering exercises
_Work closely with the project manager, owner, consultants, suppliers and trades to identify, develop, implement and support cost-effective project delivery

SC Colosseum SA
Site Manager

   May 2004
— Jun 2018

On Black Sea cost In Constanta Oil Terminal In charge of a $30mil.marine construction project covering a extension 400m marine FSRU berth service platform with two fire water intake platforms ,320m new quay walls , mooring bollards, berthing dolphins, mooring dolphins, access trestles.
My functions on the projects included the following :
__ Oversee the personnel involved in specials marine operations on site , provide daily information from harbor authorities about weather on Black Sea Coast, flux reflux and wind power.
_Inspect all equipment’s and tools before being loaded on the barges and floating cranes assay all hydraulic vibratory hammers and pneumatic hammers , provide safety boats , oversee any work process started .
_ Manage the construction team through the duration of all phases of the marine construction project , provide management support to Project Manager for assigned projects.
_Conduct all activities on site in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with the Company policies and internal procedures ,coordinate site activities in line with the program.
_Attend weekly progress meetings, review work progress, perform schedule reviews and conduct construction coordination , participated on monthly meetings and SQM sessions with EPC contractors and logistics, marine contractors as an adviser on technical & safety issues.
_ Assist in strategy development related to logistics and marine and monitor the overall operations on site ,organize and direct all construction-related activities to ensure project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule
_Support logistics and marine planning activities on site in consultation with the marine coordinator ,liaise with subcontractors to ensure that the operations on site are conform with the project directives especially in terms of safety, environment, schedule, and quality.

Construction Supervisor

   Jun 1994
— Dec 1999

in Bergen – Norwey In charge in civil projects including :
_12 floors Scandic hotel
_Structure and infrastructure extension on Flesland International Airport

My functions on the projects included the following :

_Monitored compliance with all safety guidelines and policies.

_Made daily decisions about construction activities, read blueprints and plans and communicated them to workers.

_Established and implemented work schedules and adjusted them to meet project deadlines ,trained interviewed and hired workers and subcontractors .

_Inventoried materials and ordered materials as needed
ensured all site personnel used quality workmanship in accordance with plans and client needs

Construction Supervisor

   May 1991
— Mar 1994

in Frankfurt – Germany- In charge in construction of 50 floors Westend Tower - reinforced concrete structure with a perforated facades and flat slabs, non-bearing steel and glass façade .
My functions on the projects included the following :
_Oversee work progress and tasks to employees based on their competencies and specialties, follow through with competent execution of project plans by providing proper tools and equipment to all construction personnel.
_Accurately provide status information on project progress to project management , monitor safety of all construction activities making on-site personnel safety the top priority.

_Lead and manage resolution of all issues during project construction and commissioning phases , reviewed and investigated Proposed Change Order Requests (PCOR).

_Stayed consistent with project schedules and plans for all installations ,oversaw turnover procedures quality standards and project-specific systems orientation , submitted project closeout documents in accordance with contract , performed construction site pre-inspections and coordinated post-construction audits.

_Qualified competitive subcontractor bids prior to execution of contracts.

_Carefully coordinated plans and specs using marketing programming standards.

_Facilitated processing of RFI's submittals and samples among general contractor and owner.

_Managed right of way easement and dedication processes.
_Obtained notices of completion and compliance certifications from all consultants.

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