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35 to 44

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English, Spanish


I'm an actress graduate from The Professional Institute DUOC UC, Chile.
In 2011, I started to work as an art instructor for the Chilean Goverment. During 8 years, I´ve been working with children between 2 and 17 years old. Because of this experience, I've been able to develop methods for training teachers to improve the artistic practices in the public education field. By improving the art skills of the teachers, children (no matter their social condition) can have access to techniques which will help them to structure and show their own way to see the world by using art expression.


Teatro Museo del títere y el payaso
Workshop of Construction Handling and Dramaturgy for Puppets

   Jun 2013
— Dec 2013

Construction of puppets of direct manipulation, movement techniques and dramatic writing

Balmaceda Arte Joven
Clown techniques workshop

   May 2010
— Dec 2010

Workshop about of The History of the clow and his Social function.
Physical preparation for the interpretation of the clown.
Practical exercises to conceive the Clown himself:
- Development of the imaginary.
- Search of the clown himself
- Use of the red nose, the smallest mask
- The rhythm and the musicality in the clown.

Professional Institute DUOC UC

   Mar 2001
— Jul 2008


Ministry of Social Development and Ministry of Education, Chile
Artistic coaching for teachers

   Mar 2016
— Feb 2019

Develop methods for training teachers to improve the artistic practices in classrooms

Chilean Ministry of Education
Drama teacher

   Jul 2011
— Current

Drama teacher
Primary schools, JUNJI, Junta Nacional de Jardines infantiles
(National Board of Kindergartens)

Promote the development of the Arts as Educational Model in the pedagogical practices in the classroom for children between 2 and 6 years old

Corporación Servicio Paz y justicia - SERPAJ (Peace and Justice Service Corporation)
Theatre workshop Instructor

   Jul 2008
— Jul 2009

Theatre workshop for young offenders Residential treatment Center.

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