Celta Qualified Native Speaker of English

Last Updated: 3rd July 2019 (over 3 years ago)

United Kingdom


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Urdu


I am a Qualified CELTA Professional with experience in teaching as a freelance instructor that amounts to 3 years. Being a native speaker of English I am confident in being able to teach the language. Although I have a degree and masters in Economics, I am more than adept at transferring my teaching ability as a freelance instructor in economics over to teaching English in a classroom. In fact during the CELTA I demonstrated this ability by always meeting my lesson objectives and ensuring good rapport with students which naturally lead to a very conducive atmosphere.
I have also gained valuable experience in the corporate world in the UK. Having operated as a Data Analyst for a FTSE 250 company I gained valuable skills in time management and training, often being tasked with teaching and training new employees on different financial platforms. I then progressed on to a consultants role where by my interpersonal skills improved thus enabling me to build better rapport with students during my training. As an accountant I generally trained different teams on managing their finances and using different accounting systems, whilst simultaneously being the first point of contact for various different teams.
I am very happy to be interviewed at your earliest convenience and I am available to start immediately.

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