Project management and planning

Last Updated: 3rd February 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


Phone Number


Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Urdu


Syed Sadiq
2. Upon Baseline Approval Prepared Detail Schedule + Cash Flow & Procurement Schedule
9. Preperation Of Minutes Of Meeting
8. Monthly Meeting With Management, Client, Consultants
Distribute Copies To All Concerns + Concern Stakeholders
7. Monthly Update Of Schedule , Integration Of Changes If any + Risk Log + Issue Logs
6. Monthly Visit To Site, Note And Update Progress Accordingly With Actual Resources
Problems/Concerns And Remidies
5. Meeting With Site Engineer And Concerned Functional Managers Discuss Project Status
4. Fortnightly Visit The site, Note And Update The Schedule according to progress on site
And Functional Managers To Arrange Resources, Material Accordingly
3. Upon Approval Quarterly Look ahead prepared and distributed to Concerned Site Enginners
Area= 0.96 Sq. Kilometer -------Project Engineer
1. Saad Specialist Hospital (700 Beds) ------ Senior Site Engineer
1. Registered Member Of PMI REF:- 2962107
2. Enough knowledge of electro-mechanical requirments for schedule/Planning
3. Develop Change Orders/Claims and negotiate with client
4. Can Plan manage, monitor and update the project according to RC requirments
2. Shahla Farm Including Villas And Dinning+Recreation Hall Area= 0.95 Sq-Kilometer --- Project Eng.
1. Preperation Of Baseline/ Client Approval
Responsible For The Construction Of Auditorium And Dormitories
Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia Mobile. #058 017 0988 Email: saad81280@
B-TECH CIVIL ENGINEERING NED Engineering University - Karachi Pakistan
Additional Qualification
10. Preperation Of Change Order/Claims- Negotiate & Approvals
1 Dec 2012 To 30 Dec 2016 AZMEEL TRADING & CONTRACTING CO. (4 Years & 1 Months)
1. Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad University - Housing Complex------------Planning Engineer
26 Apr 1995 To 10 Mar 2012 SAAD TRADING AND CONTRACTING CO (16 Years 10 Months)
Construction Of VILLA'S , Guest Houses, Swimming Pool, Dining Hall+Kitchen, Function Hall
Water Treatment Plant, Water Reservoir, Fountains, Facilities For Animals, Sub-Stations and Infrastructure
Infrastucture, Landscape
6. Achievements
1. Plan & Manage valued between SR200 - 400 million projects from begin to end
enough knowledge to coordinate all services including infrastructure while planning & on site
4. Working as a Project Engineer for 13 years and coordinating and managing all departments gain
Technically & Contractual Obligation, Contract Scope Requirments & negotiate
3. Being Working with Consultants like PARSON, BECHTEL, DHALALIYA gain good skill for dealing
2. Identify and prepare change orders & Claims of SR56 Million Prepare, Negotiate, & Approval
1. Weekly Project Status Prepared and Sent To PMO
2. Changes Noted And Sent To PMO To Integrate & Update Schedule Accordingly
3. Prepare, Negotiate And Arrange Change Orders Approvals
4. Monthly Meetings With Client, Consultant
5. Royal Commission Project C53 - JUBAIL Construction Manager Overall supervision and faclitate groups to expedite work complying to Royal Specs & Requirments Including co-ordination with client and consuntant also part of Planning & Monitoring
Water Treatment Plant, Water Reservoir, Labor Accomodation, Sub-Stations, Infrastructure
Construction Of Restaurant + Kitchen, Function Hall, Simming Pool's, Water Treatment Plan,
Construction Of Villa's, Visitor Villa's, Animal Facilities, Pond's, Water Pumping Station,
3. Musaad Oasis Near Half Moon Beach Include Villas And Restaurant Area= 0.65 Sq. Kilometer -------Project Engineer
Area= 0.65 Sq. Kilometer -------Project Engineer
4. Farm House On Riyadh High Way Opposite To Sillasil Kilometer ---------Construction Manager
Area= 4.70 Sq. Kilometer -------Project Engineer
Water Resrvoirs, Guest Houses, Sewerage Treatment Plan, Lanscape, Infrastructure
comB-1 Months)Engineer26 Months)
& on site4. departments gain for dealing Approval1. Requirments

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