Lead Instrument Engineer

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Age Range
25 to 34

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Arabic, English, Urdu


Having More ten years of working experience in the field of engineering commissioning construction operation and execution. Seeking a challenging position in a high quality engineering environment where my resourceful professional experience and skills can be utilized will add value to organizational growth and applied while capturing more opportunities for personal and
professional career growth development.


IOSH (Work Safety Course)

   Feb 2015



   Jan 2004
— Dec 2007

Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation & Communication System.


Manager Electrcal & Instrumentation

   Feb 2018
— Aug 2018

 Working with client to manage the electrical and instrumentation work on GE 9E frame (PG9171E), generating
560MW i.e. GT (3*129.1 MW) ST (186.8 MW) running on Natural gas/ HSD.
 Heading the project plans with the Engineering Project Manager on (project budget, schedules, and change
management requirements).
 Reviewing the approved Instrumentation and Electrical design as per standards to the specific safety policy
 Monitoring and ensuring compliance requirements to meet for design and procurement packages (Standards,
specification and local codes and regulations).
 Manage the power production supplies at site and providing the input on project decisions.
 Providing the technical support to risk assessments, design reviews, construct-ability, HAZOP.
 Providing the technical support to the team during inspections at site installation and commissioning.
 Responding to reports and requests for information.
 Communicating on change orders and executing the change management processes.
 Supporting operations and maintenance staff during exercise.
 Reviewing and testing supplier equipment and assisting in the selection of machinery and equipment.
 Preparing technical reviews and evaluations and reviewing process data sheets and supplier documentation.
 Inspect at site construction to support as necessary requirements.
 Coordinating with other engineering disciplines and reporting major issues to the General Manager.

Lead Commissioning Engineer – I&C Consultant (Owner’s Engineer)

   Apr 2017
— Dec 2017

Project: Haveli‐BS RLNG Combine Cycle Power Plant ‐ (1230 MW)
Client: National Power Park Management Company ltd. (NPPMCL), Pakistan
Contractor: Power China|SEPCO III (JV)

 As a Senior Consultant responsible for the Testing and commissioning activities of GE Frame 9HA.01 Gas Turbine
instrument & Control with GE in commissioning GT and ST Alstom (ALSPA P320 Series 6).
 Covered the commissioning activities of MARK VIe DCS with GE and EPC (Power China/SEPCO III).
 Heading the scope and the responsibilities for pre‐commissioning and commissioning activities plan of GT, ST, BOP
and HRSG & responsible for test witnessing procedure as per the contract.
 Witnessing the Gas Turbine Governor Droop and Over speed protection test, Minimum load capability test, Step load
changes test, Island mode test, Load Rejection Test.
 Witnessing the Reliability run test and performance test of Gas turbine test procedures in collaboration with
 Supervised the testing and commissioning of OVATION EMERSON DCS system.
 Commissioning and witnessing the ST, BOP and HRSG DCS logic on Emerson DCS.
 Supervising the HRSG and Steam turbine instrument erection and commissioning activities.
 Commissioned of Bently Nevada Vibrating Monitoring System with TA includes Radial, Axial & Case vibration Testing
& ESD relay system.
 Development and review with vendors of lube oil and seal gas systems flushing/cleaning procedures for compressors,
gas turbines, steam turbines, etc.
 Supervised and commissioned the HSD oil system.
 Commissioning the Fuel Gas BOP Systems and once through system.
 Review of the final approved P&ID’s from point of view of commissioning, also makes modification according to
project standards and regulations.
 Involve in start‐up execution plan development of commissioning plan for entire projects and integration with Client.
 Responsible for Erection Completion Certificate (ECC) and Commissioning Completion Certificate (CCC) up to
“Turnover” and Equipment Final hand over to client.
 Managing the punch lists and NCR’s sheets and update timely to the client.
 Highlighting the safety procedures during commissioning activities and work permit procedures in collaboration with
HSE department.
 Support the electrical & mechanical department with all interfaces with respect to Instrumentation.
 Timely advising the EPC construction and commissioning departments by defining the priority systems according with
overall construction and commissioning planning and schedule. Participate in constructability analyze in order to
meet project schedule.
 To ensure including all required testing activities and documentation performed and delivered as per
client/contractual requirements.
 Supervised the instrument & control construction commissioning activities.
 Attending the weekly and internal department meeting with client and EPC.
 Reporting the department progress update to the Project Manager.

WSP | PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF: (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Sr. Project Engineer - I&C Consultant (Owners Engineer)

   Dec 2014
— Dec 2016

Project: Combine Cycle Power Plant ‐ PP12 (2200 MW) – Dhurma Region, (Riyadh – Saudi Arabia)
Client: Saudi Electricity Company
Contractor: GS E&C (Korean),
Arabian Bemco Contracting Co. Ltd.
Shanahan Engineering (UK)

 Worked as a consultant with PARSONS BRINCKERHOFF, witnessing Testing and commissioning (Instrument)
activities of Riyadh Power Plant PP12 ‐ 2000MW.
 Fully involved with GE in construction and commissioning at GE frame 7FA.05 gas turbine & Yokogawa Centum VP
Control system. Modification of DCS logic's as per process requirement.
 Involve with GE engineers in commissioning of DCS MARK VI (start‐up of DCS, cold, hot and functional testing’s).
 Supervising the testing and commissioning of YOKOGAWA DCS SYSTEM.
 Worked on GE GAS TURBINE 7FA .05 frame, Alstom HRSG (3 DRUMS), Triple Pressure Steam Turbine (Alstom), Air
Cooled Condenser (RCDC), Fuel Gas system (Petro gas).
 Inspecting and walk down at ACC, HRSG, GT and Steam Turbine, WTP, ASL, firefighting system, fuel gas compressor,
DCS Electrical Building’s, FAT & SAT’s, DCS loop testing, system calibration.
 Involved from Erection Completion Certificate (ECC) to Commissioning Completion Certificate (CCC) documentation.
 ROCKWELL TMR ESD Panel Energization, PLC configuration.
 Carry out functional check of Alarm, indication and command through SCADA system.
 Review Process Function plans (PFUP) & DCS logic function testing. Checking all control (safety) loop of the Central
Control System (DCS and ESD).
 Planning coordinating supervising the instrument construction activities and loops checks(pre‐commissioning).
 Testing and Commissioning of “Bently Nevada 3500” Vibrating Monitoring System.
 Witness the construction work with QC and sub‐contractors.
 ATLAS COPCO, EMERSON system Panel Energization and functional test of field Instruments, MOVs, IGV Hot Loop and
functional Test.
 Involve in Energization, testing and commissioning of Fuel Gas Area Petrogas Gas Detection System.
 SAT’s of YOKOGAWA DCS panels including Hardware checks, Network communication & stand by redundancy check
for Power, Network and Processor. System Loading checks, CPU stand by Redundancy, Graphic Checks, Mod bus
(TCP/IP/RTU) Subsystem Communication etc. Testing of OPC links between YOKOGAWA AND GE controls System.
 Interface of Signal between PLC and DCS System for ASL Treatment Area.
 Testing and Commissioning of the Unloading, Distillate, and ASL Treatment System including ASL Forwarding area.
 Testing and Commissioning of FIRE ALARM DETECTION SYSTEM (FADS) for BOP Area including FM200, CO2 and
 Testing and Commissioning of CO2 and Hazardous Gas detection system for GE Gas Turbine System.
 Involved in testing of IEC 101 protocol for AGC SACDA
 Commissioning of PLC ALLEN BRADLEY “Logix 5574” & SIEMENS S7 Modbus signal checks from PLC to DCS.
 Testing of OPC software interface standards Between GE & YOKOGAWA control system with both vendor, Verify the
DCS graphics for OPC.
 Testing the Logical sequence and interlocks in startup and shutdown based on cause and effect diagram.
 Erection, Loop checking and commissioning of Various Instruments as per P&ID diagrams and hook up diagrams.
 Support electrical lead with all interfaces between Electrical and Instrument and Control.
 To ensure that Systems Completions activities, including all required testing and documentation are performed and
delivered as per contractual requirements.
 Reviewing and checking of design documents like, DCS Loop Diagrams signals, Interface Wiring, Instrument Cables
Layout, and Instrument Installation drawings.
 Monitoring day to day activities to set work done as per schedule.
 Plan, organize and prepare modifications to support plant requirements and interfacing with the issues clarification
on day by day basis.
 Familiar with standards and recommended practices to be adopted during EPC phases of power project.
 Issues reports on major problems and failures, suggests suitable corrective actions to minimize or prevent recurrence
of the problem.
 Interface with the management team on planning and overall coordination.
 Preparation of internal documents NCR’s, Punch list, material inspection and daily inspection report.
 Attending the weekly and internal department meeting.
 Develop and maintain a professional relationship with contractor and client.
 Reporting to lead I&C Manager of PB regarding all departmental and major’s issues.

Project Engineer (Electrical & Instrumentation)

   Oct 2013
— Aug 2014

 To control the execution of the activities related to Electro‐Mechanical system and BMS system.
 Supervising the Operation & Maintenance activities of BHS system.
 Attending all testing activities. Working collaboratively with operation engineers, purchasers and other internal staff.
 Analyzing data and presenting findings in written reports, scheduling and confirming maintenance activities.
 Checking all execution works as per plan, engineering standards terminal given.
 Reporting all major issues to the senior manager.
 Providing advice and consultancy support & handling all documentation related to terminal operation.
 Supervise operations team to ensure operational excellence and excellent customer services.
 Develop and maintain operational guidelines for staffs.
 Perform routine maintenance and repair works for equipment.
 Evaluate inspection reports and service tickets and prepare repair invoices.
 Coordinate with Senior Managers in different operational issues and promotional activities.
 Generate operational reports for management as needed.

SAFARI COMPANY LTD. (Jeddah, Saudia Arabia)
Sr. BHS Control Engineer

   Sep 2011
— Sep 2013

 Worked on VANDERLANDE SCADA automated system using Siemens PLC to the conveyers (Electro‐Mechanical) System.
 Executing SCADA automation and communication network system (handling MDP’s and FDP’s).
 Monitoring & controlling work progress as per daily schedule.
 Responsible for the execution of DCS system.
 Site surveying and inspection of International Terminal including (South Terminal and North Terminal).
 Managing the Preventive maintenance and Corrective maintenance as per operational schedule of Electro‐
Mechanical Control System.
 Managing progress and all Incident reports and day to day correspondence to the automation system.
 Preparing technical specification of conveyors and controls as per requirement.
 Maintaining fault report and updating the baggage handling log sheet via SCADA.
 Managing all spare parts record regarding to the Control System and handling the material request for BHS and coordinating with planning engineer.
 Maintaining request spare parts of conveyers, the panel electrical and electronics item including sensors, switch breakers, panel switches, controller I/O modules, SEW drives gear motors and electro‐mechanical rollers for the conveyors.
 Arranging and attending the training of new employee for BHS Control System.
 Managing and scheduling the work time sheet and updating the database of Baggage handling system.
 Reporting all majors issues direct to the immediate personals (BHS Manager, Airport Terminal Supervisor & GACA Ministry).


   Aug 2007
— Aug 2011

 To assist and control the execution of the activities related to GE frame 9E instrumentation.
 Assist Site Manager to plan and implement the instrument system on the base of design received by
customer/consultant. Manage and control the staff and execution activities to get work done as per customer
 Assist lead engineers for all I&C activities which includes, installation of DCS panels, Junction boxes, Control valves,
MCC and LCP panels, installation of instrument, instrument cabinet, cable tray, conduit, cable laying, continuity,
egger test, hot and cold loop test and cable termination and instrument calibration.
 Ensure the execution of work is according to approved drawings, engineering standards and customer specifications.
 Cooperate with site management to get approval of drawings, work done, material/equipment installed and
consumed. Prepare protocols/check lists of work being executed, perform physical inspections with consultant’s
representative, get approval and maintain these documents.