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Dear Sir/Madam;
The enclosed resume outlines my experience and accomplishments as well as pertinent education in the field of Program/Project Management, Data base and configuration management, Process optimization and standardization - through use of Lean and quality management tools & techniques, Supply Chain functions, Contracts management, Vendor management, Warehouse and Inventory Control Management along with reducing production costs significantly by streamlining operations and processes.
Some highlights of my work experience are following:
• Proficiency to quickly learn all product offerings; a self-starter and value team development.
• Demonstrated ability to independently conduct and interpret quantitative and qualitative analyses for obtaining results.
• Proven ability to ability to work in a highly collaborative, matrix team oriented environment understanding Contracts, Consulting Services billing and Milestone revenue recognition.
• Strong work ethic with a high degree of flexibility to manage in an ever-changing environment.
• Strong interpersonal skills, well organized, self-starter and a team player.
• Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), Proven skill in influencing and leveraging many individuals across the organization internally and externally.
• Qualified Lean Management champion; with TPM (Total Productivity Management), TQM (Total Quality Management) and 5S+ methodologies expertise.
• Expert in Business Process Modeling (BPI/VSM), ability to understand business process and/or supply chains.
• Experienced Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt and Certified ISO/TS Internal Auditor.
I am creative with ability to conceptualize/comprehend complex technical topics and specialized information and to look beyond the standard solutions. Possesses strong influencing, negotiation and problem solving skills, including expertise working with cross functional teams (at all levels). Experienced to play an instrumental role in leadership, with commitment for excellence and team building; and equally promoting quality assurance and quality control.
My motivation is to completely utilize my accumulated experience and knowledge to the fullest extent possible understanding the Business, influencing outcomes, planning for strategic goals and business results by valuing diversity and leading people by example, thus becoming a valuable asset for your company.

My core qualifications (creativity and innovation, external awareness, problem solving, flexibility, resilience, strategic thinking, and vision) involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals.
I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you. Please feel free to contact me either via email or phone.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Syed Akmal Ali
15220 Humbolt Bay Ct
Gainesville, Va 20155
Encl: (Resume)


Experience using the Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR)
Acquisition, Logistics & Procurement Expert Business Process Modelling Expert
Experienced Cross Functional Team Leader Project and Portfolio Management
Lean Quality Management Champion
ISO 9001: TS16949 Certified Internal Auditor
Technology Transitioning and Commercialization Lead Strategic Planning and Process Optimization Lead Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

Deputy Program Manager – DoD SBIR/STTR Programs October 2012 – Present Commercialization and Process Optimization Lead
 Assisting the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR), and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Administrator, in implementation of best practices with reference to DoD Instruction 5000 series, overseeing all the aspects of program management and team coordination.
 Established and lead risk management studies to support all project management phases (planning, execution, monitoring & control, standardization and closeout) balancing speed, quality and cost with respect to the agreed level of risk.
 Successfully drafted Project Management Plans (PMPs) for establishing DoD-wide working groups and sub committees (members from the three Military Services and ten other DoD Agencies). PMPs, specify the Project Charter/Objectives/Communication plan/Risk & Assumptions / and Work Breakdown Structure. Facilitated bi-weekly team meetings with all stakeholders to review and report progress on all the key milestones, control timelines and monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) and task deliverables metrics.
 Coordinated, documented & maintained the taxonomy of process risks & controls in current Process Assets repositories. cross functional Project teams for streamlining critical processes using industry standards and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies [typically comprises five phases: define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC)].
 Successfully applied quantitative methods in process improvement to map the stages for DoD Solicitation, whole life cycle management of Solicitation topics generation/ review/ and approval; thus resulted in shortening the total Solicitation process cycle time by over 45 days for each DoD Solicitation and reducing the Solicitation schedule to only three (03) Solicitations in an year, effective 2015.
(Note: 2014 and prior, the DoD OSBP used to conduct four (04) Solicitations per year).
 Created and maintained requirements traceability metrics and documentation for quality control and assurance. Developed visual presentations, charts, process maps, dashboards to support program management review and senior leadership decision-making.
 Introduced Lean Management Analysis tools and techniques for process integration and optimization; requirement analysis and synthesis of information for detailed process mapping, standardization and streamlining at DoD-wide level, where applicable. Developed various critical processes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and internal audit feedback reporting templates.
 Experienced in implementing Governance model for reporting and regulatory needs to support the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) efforts for the DoD SBIR/STTR Programs participating Components.

Supply Chain Program Manager Quality Systems February 2010 – September 2012
 Structured Office Total Productivity Management (TPM) for the Logistics and Materials department, as a whole and other non-production support areas.
 As a certified ISO/TS Internal auditor, conducted multiple audit projects and developed team members training.
 Pioneered methodology for establishing the levels of quality, performance, productivity of processes/products/and services according to LSS principles (DAMIC) thus improving quality standards of performance and delivery materials to meet company goals and strategic targets.
 Lead CPI project study; “Manage Change” a gap analysis to promote Logistics and Supply Chain practice (Supplier identification/rationalization/evaluation/ and sourcing) and enhance performance benchmarks.
 Designed & developed scorecards to monitor Supplier performance and drive action critical to value and manage risk (follow-ups, productivity, and cost control, time and vendors/suppliers management).Thus resulting a net $3.75M costs reduction in inventory, during 2010-2011.
 Prepared Vendor Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), Statements of Work (SOW), and Work Orders (WO); managed all project(s) processes (inputs /outputs) from start to closing.
 Managed collection of customer demand, CPU/Motherboard allocation issues, securing of funding, communicating product availability and responding to customer inquiries regarding Development Platform availability, upgrades, change orders, delivery and general product information.
 As TPM Lean Management Champion: proactively researched all major commodities for trends in supply, price volatility and any factors that can adversely affect the company’s costs, and provides strategic solutions to Management; a net cost reduction of $2.5M reported.
 Formulated SOPs and Internal Audit check list(s) for multiple Logistics and Supply Chain functional areas.

Supply Chain and Logistics Manager May 2008 – January 2010
KOMTEK INC, Winchester VA, USA
 Lead the entire process from initiating/planning/executing/monitoring /control and project close out – developed strategies for vendor(s) selection, bid preparation, recommendations, transaction processing, blanket contract management, sourcing, contract development and post award.
 Managed and approved purchase orders ensuring compliance to the provisions of the contract.
 Team lead for Request for Proposal and Quotation (RFP/RFQ), coordinated technical input from engineering group for short listing Vendors.
 Support Purchasing Global Team over worldwide purchasing strategies and category management with leverage on global markets and supplies.
 Managing vendor relations and performance that includes negotiate price (Purchase Orders-POs), delivery schedule and terms with suppliers to achieve “total best value”. Managed order entry and tracking by entering and scheduling orders for shipment/delivery worldwide, ensuring all appropriate Legal/loan agreements and sample sales documents are in place prior to shipment, and proactively managing backlog to maintain integrity of delivery commitments.
 Responsibilities included, contracting and negotiating with the Suppliers - to obtain best terms aimed at optimizing quality, cost, flexibility, dependency and high services levels.
 Managed product shipment, customer relationship management aimed on returns, and disposition of excess/obsolete inventory and systems waste management.

Supply Chain & Logistics Specialist/Cost Reduction Lead March 2007 – February 2008
 Managed and oversee commercial RFP/RFQ and POs for Aircraft equipment and spares, overall inventory of over $35M.
 As Project Lead, successfully planned and executed the “Inventory Optimization and Audit Project” for entire company assets all around the world, for Company forecast planning and budgeting purposes.
 Develop relevant KPI's particularly around cost savings generated. Developed Materials Action Planning (MAP) for Inventory optimization; reported reduction by $7.5M.
 Monitor macro-market trends for key commodities and be aware of developments in key suppliers and customers through effective supplier and customer relationship management
 Vendor management and budget control through TRAX (Aircraft Inventory Control Management System).
 Oversee CPI projects; liaise with cross functional teams at a company-wide level, formulated SOPs, Business process maps of all critical processes and designed relevant team-training materials.
 Reviewed Materials Requirements Plans (MRP) for all critical & AOG (Aircraft on Ground) items, and scheduled maintenance needs under coordinated centralize ERP environment.

Director of Logistics & Warehouse Operations February 2004 – February 2007
 Devised strategies for efficient warehouse management (Targeted Inventory Control) for all company store stock (over $50M) throughout USA/Canada & US Islands to increase overall team performance and productivity.
 Manage all International Shipment/Custom requirements, pioneered the use of RFIDs.
 Developed “Job Assignment Catalog” for various job assignments throughout the company.
 Designed and implemented reporting & feedback forms, which resulted in data archiving and improved team productivity and performance standards.
 Restructured & managed all company business processes, using lean management tools and techniques.
Experienced in elevate customer issues appropriately and maintain high standards of services.
Analyst and Personnel Recruiter December 2002 – January 2004
 Spend analysis on labor contracting for Tenet Health Care; reviewing annual labor expense.
 Designed a project to address shortage of nursing staff in USA through foreign immigration.
 Formulated RFI (Request for Information) questioner to shortlist recruiters & vendors for labor contracts.
 Carried out negotiation with the selected recruiters / vendors; short-listing for spend analysis on labor contracting and RFQ for the final contract.
 Developed team plan for contract support, aimed at cutting nursing expense for per-diem contracts.
 Reached out, searched and select foreign nursing recruiters who are internationally qualified to participate in our RFI/RFQ, resulting net $7M costs annually

International- Work Experience July 1984 –December 2000
MILITARY SERVICE (PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES - NAVY) Lt. Commander Supply Chain & Logistics Branch
 Opted for honorable pre-mature retirement after 16 years of successful career and achievements.
Note: List of all appointments held & professional Logistics and Supply Chain training courses completed can be provided.

 Rotary International (Paul Harris member) • Project Management Institute (PMI) - Member

 Received a letter of commandment on “Honorable 16 years of successful Service”; upon retirement- from Navy.
 In recognition of team commitment and support performance, successful implementation of Project Management methodologies; promoted as “Deputy Programs Manager” for DoD SBIR/STTR Programs support – at Atlas Group Ltd.
 Received three spot bonuses in one year, for team commitment and project management success for inventory control and optimization/warehouse reorganization/pioneering lean management/ and quality assurance/ control, and organization safety culture at all Supply Chain and Materials department- at Micron Technology.
 Received multiple employees Recognitions and Rewards (R&Rs) from cross functional department team members- at Micron Technology.
 Received employee of the months (various times) and twice employee of the year, at BCP LTD
 Received Letter of Appreciation for drafting the “Materials Action Plan”- MAP and developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for process simplification and standardization for aircraft inventory optimization at all stores locations, successful Business Process Modelling – at Gemini Air Cargo

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