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Saudi Arabia


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35 to 44

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Arabic, English, Urdu


Experienced Contracts and Commercial Manager in the Construction Industry with strong leadership skills. Having worked in the contract and commercial roles in a wide variety of construction projects for the past 17 years I have gained invaluable experience working closely with Project Management, construction teams, planning and coordinating work on multiple contracts, quantifying and pricing, producing risk assessments, ensuring work is completed on time, on budget and to the correct specification, working to strict Health & Safety regulations.

Well experienced in preparing and managing Project Correspondences, Project Management, RFPs, Contract Documents, Claims, Variations, Extension of Time entitlements, Quantity Surveying, Tendering, Payment Certificates, Value Engineering, Proposal Evaluations, Budgeting, Costing, Project Control, and Subcontracting.

Extensive experience in projects such as Construction of Expressways/Highways, Bridges, Internal Roads, Storm Water Drainage Networks, TBM Tunnels, Marine Works, Utilities, High-Rise Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Residential and Special Buildings.

Bachelor of Technology (B.TECH) – CIVIL ENGINEERING (4 Years) From B.K. University, India – (From 1997 to 2001).

Over 17 years experience. I had worked in India (3 years), United Arab Emirates (9 years) & Saudi Arabia (5 years).

Member of Saudi Council of Engineers (Membership ID:336212) - Civil Engineer.

Certificate of Excellence from Government of Abu Dhabi – 2014.
Certificate of Appreciation from Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi – 2015.

• FIDIC & General Conditions of Contract.
• Ensuring project's execution in accordance with the contract agreement requirements.
• Formulation of project contractual claims and counterclaims.
• Tenders (preparing RFPs, clarifications, and negotiations).
• Leading contract and commercial department teams and activities.
• Analyzing the contract terms and identifying the areas of possible risks, and safeguarding contractual objectives.
• Negotiating the terms with compelling arguments.
• Establishing and maintaining projects variation control system in line with the contract requirements.
• Claims, variations, and extension of time requests.
• Payment certificates as per progress of work and contract agreement requirements.
• Valuation of the progress of works and quality standards.
• Cost control, value engineering and rate analysis.
• Managing multiple projects simultaneously.
• Feasibility studies, budget estimations, and cash flow.
• Alternative methods to reduce cost and construction expenses.
• Reporting higher management on contract and commercial issues.
• International construction codes and standards.
• Specifications and method of measurements.


B.K. University, India
Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

   Jun 1997
— Mar 2001

Civil Engineer


Pizzarotti Rizzani De Eccher Saudi Ltd.
Contract Manager

   Sep 2015
— Current

Construction of two Tunnels for the Waste Water conveyor from Manfouha Wastewater Treatment Plant to Al Haer Wastewater Treatment Plant in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project scope includes excavation of two tunnels using Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for a total length of 11.90-kilometer (North Tunnel 6.85km and South Tunnel 5.05km) of 3.75m diameter and installation of precast concrete segments with HDPE concrete protection lining embedded in the inner surface and all associated works.

Value of the Project SAR 244 Million.

• Negotiating Subcontract orders, monitoring Subcontractor's progress and planning critical dates. Contractual Correspondences and maintaining Contractual Records.
• Overseeing contractual administration of an overall contract.
• Coordination with site team, advising specific contractual requirements and ascertaining practical measures to ensure compliance with requirements.
• Preparation of Variation Orders and Claims.
• Management of Payment Certificates, Claims, Variations.
• Providing Project Director with reviews/analyses on the contract data.

Western Region Municipality - Abu Dhabi
Senior Quantity Surveyor / Senior Contract Administrator

   Apr 2009
— Jul 2015

Major Projects:
a) Design and Build Internal Roads and Infrastructure Facilities at sectors MZW18 and Bainouna in Madinat Zayed, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 170 Million.

b) Construction of Internal Roads and Parking at sectors MZW17 & MZW23 in Madinat Zayed, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 75 Million.

c) Rehabilitation of Camel Race at Madinat Zayed, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 54 Million.

d) Design and Construction of Low-Cost Housing in various cities of Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 380 Million.

e) Protection of Delma Airport Runway from Sea Erosion on Delma Island, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 23 Million.

f) Construction of Access Road and Parking for Tilal Liwa Hotel in Madinat Zayed, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 22 Million.

g) Development of Camel Race with Grandstand in Ghayathi, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 57 Million.

h) Design and Construction of Moreeb Dune Ring Road with Street Lighting in Liwa, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 61 Million.

i) Rehabilitation of Mugharraq Port in Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 34 Million.

j) Construction of North-West Perimeter Road in Sir Baniyas Island, Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of the Project AED 67 Million.

k) Miscellaneous Improvement, Upgrading, Development and Maintenance of the Infrastructure Facilities and Projects in 7 major cities of Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Value of Projects AED. 800 Million.

• Verification of Payment Certificates, Variations, and Claims.
• Valuation of Project Progress and Verification Quality.
• Verification of Materials to be utilized in Works against Specifications and Approvals.
• Implementation of Cost Control Procedures.
• Finalization of Project Scope and Value Engineering.
• Tender Documents, Contract Formations.
• Evaluation of Technical and Financial Proposals of Bidders.
• Preparation of Contractual Correspondences.
• Budget Estimations and Bill of Quantities.
• Feasibility Studies & Project Initiations.
• Preparation of Business Case Reports of Projects for Finance Department Approvals.
• Preparation of Progress Reports, Charts and Cash flows for Management reference.
• Creation of supplemental instruction Bidders/Tenderers based on the projects specific requirements to cover all areas are covered cost when applicable.

Al Shafar General Contracting Company - Abu Dhabi
Senior Quantity Surveyor

   Apr 2007
— Mar 2009

Major Projects:
a) Formula-1 Office Building in Abu Dhabi with associated Internal Roads, Parking, and Hard-landscape work. Value of the Project AED 68 Million.

b) TAMM Center Building in Abu Dhabi with associated Internal Roads, Parking and Hard-landscape work. Value of the Project AED 145 Million.

• Preparation of Payment Certification for Submission to Clients.
• Checking Materials delivered to site are in compliance with specifications.
• Preparing Variations, Claims & Extension of Time and negotiating with Client.
• Subcontract Administration.
• Calculation of Quantities for site works.
• Reviewing project Scope Requirements.
• Cost Control and Value Engineering.
• Assigning team members to projects.
• Contracts review and its Implementation in Projects
• Coordination with Sub Contractors and Client.
• Preparation of Reports and Presentations for clients.

Specialized Contracting Company - Jeddah
Quantity Surveyor

   Apr 2004
— Dec 2006

Preparation of payment certificates.
Calculating Quantities for Site Works and Payment Certificates.
Preparation of Variations and Claims.
Contractual Correspondences.
Coordination with Sub Contractors and Client.
Providing Technical Support to Project Management.

K.K. Associates - India

   May 2001
— Mar 2004

Estimation of Quantities.
Project Costing.
Prepared Architectural and Structural drawings for various commercial, educational and residential buildings from concept stage to construction stage.
Site visits and Collection of Actual / As built Quantities.
Technical Coordination and Authority Approvals.

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