Senior Design Manager / Engineering Manager / Chief Electrical Engineer / Commissioning Manager

Last Updated: 27th April 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia



Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


A proactive, result driven, & achievement oriented resource working as Senior Design Manager for power generation projects offers 30+ years engineering experience, including 25+ years international exposure, with proven track record in leveraging domain knowledge & expertise in engineering & design activities for power generation, transmission & HV distribution system & successfully commission coal & lignite fired steam power plants, wind farms, solar farms, gas & hydro plants up to 4000 MW combined cycle projects in challenging environment (Multi-billion EPC/EPCM/PMC projects).

Also experienced in Conceptual, FEED and Detail Engineering of Greenfield and Brownfield Projects (Combined Cycle Power Plants, HV & EHV Substations, oil & gas LNG projects and large Wind Farms)

• Engineering Management
• Design Management
• Testing & Commissioning Management
• People/Team Management
• Value Engineering
• Risk Management
• Protection Systems
• Power System Studies


Bradford University, UK

   Jul 1998
— Dec 2000

o B.Sc. Engg - (Electrical)
o MBA Distinction (UK)
o MIEAus - Member of the Institution Engineers, Australia
o CPEng - Chartered Professional Engineer, Australia
o RPEQ - Registered Professional Engineer, Queensland
o NPER - National Professional Engineers Register
o IEEE Senior Member (Member No. 80564646, QLD Division)
o Member of IICA (Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation), Australia
o Occupational Health and Safety Construction Induction White Card (No. 1181600) – QLD Govt


Leighton Contractors, Fluor, Worley Parsons, RCR Tomlinsons
Senior Design Manager, Chief Electrical Engineer, Lead Engineer

   Mar 2008
— Apr 2018

1. RCR Tomlinsons Pty Ltd., Australia Sr. Design Manager Jan 2018 to Present

Currently leading a team of endineers working for the detailed design of:
- 3 solar farms - up to 200MW with transmission grid connections up to 275kV
- 160MW Open cycle power plant with GE LM6000 + SPRINT machines
- 32MW Co-generation project for a Sugar Plant in Northern Queensland

2. WorleyParsons, Saudi Arabia Chief Electrical Engineer June 2015 to Nov 2017

WorleyParsons are the EPCM Contractor and the Consultant to Saudi Electric Company (SEC) for the engineering, procurement and construction management of two identical Combined Cycle Power Plants (PP13 & PP14) in Riyadh area each having an installed capacity of 1650-1950MW (Combined capacity: 3300-3900MW). Each power plant consists of six (6) GE 7001FA.05 Gas Turbine Generators (GTGs), six (6) Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and two (2) GE D11 Steam Turbine Generators (STGs). The power is exported to the SEC transmission system at 380kV via dedicated Gas Insulated (GIS) switchyard utilizing a breaker and a half scheme.

As the chief electrical engineer, Surendran was responsible for:
• Managing the electrical design of both power plants by leading a team of 50+ engineering staff (lead/principal/senior/junior engineers and designers)
• Delivery of all engineering deliverables on time to the construction contractor
• Interface with client for all technical clarifications and approval
• Procurement support
• Inter-discipline liaison and management including design and supports from remote/overseas offices (US/Australia/India/China)
• TQ (Technical Queries) management form both client, vendors and contractors
• Overseeing and managing the engineering activities done by WorleyParson’s global engineering teams (sub-offices) from Australia (Perth, Sydney, & Melbourne), India -Mumbai, China- Beijing, & USA- Reading.
• Preparing bid documents, technical specifications, basis of design and request for proposal (RFPs),
• Engaging in vendor management for procuring various LV/MV/HV/EHV equipment during the engineering & procurement phase of the project.
• Interface with client for all technical clarifications & approvals
• Conducting technical & model reviews using PDS-3D Model Software (Navisworks Freedon – 2014) and engaged in conflict resolutions.
• Provide expert guidance, recommendations and alternate solutions for improvement.
• Estimation of resources, man-hours and materia take-offs
• Technical bid evaluations/decision making/ post-award discussions and meetings
• Implement “Safety-in-design” in all engineering & design activities
• Managed inter-disciplinary team of lead engineers, principals, and other senior/junior engineers & designers and worked closely with them for the success of the project.
• Review & approval of design documents done from overseas sub-offices.
• Support the team for undertaking the following power system studies using ETAP, CDEG, PSS software and other engineering tools including reviews and approvals.
o Grounding/Earthing study
o Load flow & short circuit study
o Arc flash & harmonics study
o Protection coordination and relay settings
o Insulation coordination study
o Dynamic stability study
o Lightning protection study
o Illumination study
• Support construction and resolve interface issues with:
o DCS/SCADA I/O’s and communication
o Network connections – Protection trips/inter-trips/Alarms/Interlocks/Equipment statuses
o Telecom equipment
o Instrument & Telecom equipment grounding systems
o Emergency requirements and power supplies
o Fire water system/deluges/sprinklers
o Firefighting & alarm system
o Centralized Building management system (BMS) and its interlocks & interfaces with other systems like HVAC & Fire alarm
• Engage in risk analysis, maintaining risk registers and implementing value engineering in all phases of the project
• Manage Chinese contractor (SEPCO-III, main contractor of PP14 combined cycle power plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) with their technical queries and clarifications
• Offer consultancy services to client in engineering design, protection studies, preparation and review of HV equipment specifications, data sheets, SLDs, and protection schematics
• Mentoring young client engineers and provided technical training
• Function as technical expert/consultant to all stake holders of the project

• Applied financial skills and value engineering to track all project related financials and brought higher profitability to the organization.
• Operated in a multi-cultural global environment & lead multiple engineering teams & managed design activities in KSA
• Good team work ensuring client satisfaction and acceptance without rework
• Integrated a wide range of OEM Technologies into plant engineering to work them together. E.g. Technologies from GE, Alstom, HHI, ABB, AZZ, Siemens, Yokogawa, Emerson, STF etc.
• Made significant contribution to successfully save millions of dollars from project budget by effective value engineering, risk assessments, change mangement, design optimizations & opportunity assessments
• Managed a wide range of local vendors for MCCs, Switchboards, Lighting Transformers & Panels, Small Power & Process DBs, AC/DC DBs, UPS DBs, MV/LV Cables etc.
• Managed a wide range of overseas & local contractors – SEPCO-III, Al Khifa, Al-fanar, Archiroden, GAMA, SBM, REDA, RCDC etc.
• Successfully completed project with total commitment to implement health, safety, and environmental norms

3. Fluor Australia Pty Ltd Functional Lead (Electrical) 25 Sept. 2012 to 20 May 2015

The “Electrification Connect Project” as part of Santos GLNG (Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas) upstream gas supply project in Central Queensland, Australia requires detailed design, procurement of HV equipment and construction of three 132/33/0.4kV substations and several 33/11kV & 33/0.4kV substations connecting the Utility’s (Powerlink) National Power Transmission Grid at two areas at Fairview (Fairview-04 & Fairview-05) and at Roma. The 33/11kV and 11/0.4kV substations inside the GLNG Hub Compression Facilities supply power to:
o 33kV 14MW VSD driven centrifugal gas compressors
o 11kV 2.7MW Nodal gas compressors
o 33kV & 11kV Overhead lines to various gas well pads
o 33kV Capacitor banks for Power factor Control
o 0.4kV auxiliary power supply to:
- 132kV Live Tank Circuit Breakers
- 132kV Disconnectors and Earth Switches
- 100MVA Power Transformer OLTC drives, Cooler Banks, Marshaling Boxes, RTCC Panels & Protection Panels
- 132kV Line Differential Protection Panels
- 12MW Siemens Gas Turbine Alternators (GTAs)
- Lighting, HVAC, DC Chargers & AC UPS
- SCADA & Communication Panels
- Fire & Gas Detection Panels & VESDA
- Gas Detection & Gas Suppression Systems
- Emergency Lighting
- 250kVA Emergency Diesel Generator etc.

The Hub Compressor Facilities initially work on 11kV power produced by 4x12MW GTAs at FV-04, 2x12MW GTAs at FV-05 and 3x12MW GTAs at Roma. Once the grid power is connected to the hubs, these GTAs will be either stand-by or work in parallel with the grid supply depending on the power demands of the Hub.

As the ‘Functional Lead Electrical Engineer’ I was responsible for managing the FEED and overseeing and managing the detailed engineering & design done by AECOM - Brisbane, Fluor Manila Team (Philippines) and Fluor New Delhi Team in India. I held the overall technical responsibility of the project completion within the schedule and budget. This included HV & LV Equipment Procurement Support, FAT, IFAT, SAT, Construction Contract Scope Development, Tendering & Construction Support.

I successfully managed the following challenges faced during detailed engineering & design.

o High impedance bus zone protection for 33kV double bus bar bus zone protection with CT switching and check zone protection
o Use of 11kV Is Limiters (Short Circuit Current Limiters) in the 11kV switchgears
o Short circuit and power flow studies for Is Limiter settings, tripping and blocking criteria
o Motor starting studies for system voltage stability and Flicker limits
o ETAP/DIgSILENT power system modeling and analysis for power flow, short circuit, harmonics, motor starting, dynamic transient stability and power factor controls
o Use of Ultra Fast Earthing Switches (UFES) in the Modular Metal Enclosed PFC banks
o Interaction between power transformer OLTC voltage regulation and PFC bank switching for power factor control
o Protection studies, IED settings and protection coordination
o Synchronization of 11kV grid supply with a group of generators running in parallel
o Protection group (Group 1 & Group 2) settings in the same IED for different operation scenarios
o Earthing studies for the HV substation, hub compressor station, combined earth grid system studies for safe touch & step potentials, earth potential rise (EPR) and transferred potentials
o Optimization of substation footprints, HV/LV/Control/Communication cable quantities
o Underground and over ground (through structures) cable routing design
o Powerlink interfaces, interfaces with the hub facilities, communication over IEC61850 network and communication with the remote control Centre at Brisbane
o Loading systems when the hub compressions stations run on islanded operation (on GTAs alone) and when the GTAs are running synchronized with the grid supply using PML630 and COM600

4. Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd Design Manager/Principal Elec. Engineer 10 Mar 2008 to 20 Sept 2012
Worked as the Design Manager for 85MW Wind Farm Project at Geraldton (A$130M), Western Australia and Principal Electrical Engineer for 125MW Open Cycle Power Plant, Mt. Stuart Power Station, Townsville, QLD. I was Responsible for: (1) Managing the detailed design of the project - Electrical, I&C and SCADA systems, (2) Obtaining client approval, (3) Managing, reviewing and approving the design deliverables of engineering design consultants (Worley Parsons, PB Power, Motherwell Automation) and HV Equipment Vendors, (4) Technical liaison with all HV and LV Equipment Vendors for the timely delivery of all plants to site and (5) Providing effective construction and commissioning support.