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25 to 34

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English, Hindi


I have received my degree in BRT (Bachelor of Rehabilitation Therapy) from NIMH (GGSIPU), India. Currently, I work as an Inclusive Education Teacher/Special Education Needs Teacher for Pathways School Noida. I am trained in Play Therapy, Brain Gym and the HWT Pre-K through 5th grade curriculum.

Being a highly adaptable and versatile educator, I enjoy the opportunity to teach a diverse group of children, including those with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Speech & Language Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, and physical challenges. These experiences have helped me blossom into a well-rounded and compassionate individual, who takes each student’s unique goals, needs, and interest into account, and creates effective lesson plans and activities to accommodate them.

My greatest capability is facilitating all styles of learners. I develop multi-sensory lesson plans to meet the needs of auditory, visual, tactile, and kinaesthetic learners. Being a Microsoft Innovative Educator, I also incorporate various forms of technology, manipulatives, group work, and thematic units to teach new concepts and materials.

I have gained more than 6 years of experience in creating, designing, executing and maintaining Individualized Education Plans and I am well versed with the knowledge of conducting Workshops for a group of students, parents, professionals and doctors.


Bachelors in Rehabilitation Therapy

   Jun 2007
— Jun 2011


Pathways School Noida
Additional Learning Support Teacher

   Feb 2016
— Current

• Continually assesses student achievement and maintains appropriate assessment and evaluation documentation for institutional and individual reporting purposes

• Manages the behaviour of learners in an instructional setting to ensure that the environment is conducive to the learning process, and assists and participates in management of student behaviour in other parts of the school
• Stimulates children’s self-awareness & emotional and social abilities by creating activities using play therapy techniques to enable children to feel comfortable and relaxed
• Designs brain gym activities to integrate body & mind to bring about enhancements in concentration, memory, reading, writing, organising, listening, physical coordination and more
• Helps plan, coordinate and document the school's arrangements and strategies for supporting and identifying students who require Learning Support
• Engages in a wide variety of hands-on teaching and learning strategies from Handwriting Without Tears and Get Set for School to appeal to all senses, making them appropriate for addressing different styles of learning (visual, auditory, tactile, kinaesthetic) which makes learning both effective and enjoyable
• Determines appropriate kind and level of material, manages allotted learning time to maximize student achievement, and utilizes the available multi-media and computer technology to enhance learning

• Continually communicates with students on instructional expectations to keep them informed of their progress in meeting those expectations

• Communicate with parents through conferences and other means and collaborates with other professionals to carry out schoolwide instructional or related activities as needed
• Participates in in-service and professional development activities and staff meetings, as required or assigned and commits to an ongoing programme of professional development, both formally and informally

Pathways School Gurgaon
Additional Learning Support Teacher

   Jul 2014
— Feb 2016

Assessed children in the domains of education and behaviour to prioritise needs, goal setting and implementing need-based management plan. Worked closely with parents and guardians throughout the process, conducted a functional assessment that gives a clear picture of the child’s abilities and needs in the child’s natural, everyday settings, activities and routines. Organized learning outside the classroom in activities such as community visits, school outings or sporting event. Ensured that the child settles in the new environment and worked on transitions from home to school and vice-versa to provide positive support to the client regarding the condition of the child. Prepared lessons and resources for social-emotional skills and behaviour management. Developed and adapted teaching methods to meet the individual needs of students. Used special equipment and facilities, such as audio-visual materials and computers to stimulate interest in learning. Collaborated with the form room teacher to define appropriate activities for the students in relation to the curriculum.

Romasis Health Care
Pediatric Rehab. Therapist/ Lead Coordinator

   Jun 2011
— Apr 2014

Assessed and planned intervention of the various common disabilities viz. Loco-motor, Speech, Hearing, Visual, Intellectual Disability, Learning & Multiple disabilities to promote the ability of clients to perform everyday skills & regain skills lost due to medical condition, developmental disabilities, or accident. Provided speech, occupational and behavioural modification therapy along with special education to the children with delayed developmental milestones, autism, intellectual disability, and multiple disabilities. Supervised development of quarterly IEPs for students, monitoring and evaluating student’s educational and behavioural progress. Guided class teachers/therapist about classroom schedules, daily almanacs, weekly newsletter and timetable. Ensured regular communication of student’s progress to parents by coordinating and planning monthly PTMs with families/parents, developing progress reports on quarterly basis, working on parental feedback in sync with the multi-disciplinary team of professionals (Special educator, Speech therapist, Occupational therapist, Physiotherapist, and Psychologist). Planned annual event calendar, campaigns and parent-child activities to be incorporated into the customized programs of school/Intervention centre. Initiated professional guidance programs for the staff to secure good teaching for SEN students, through both written guidance and meetings and contributed to the performance management process of SEN teachers and Therapists.

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