Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Engineer

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Saudi Arabia


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25 to 34

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Arabic, English, Urdu


Seeking a designated post of Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Professional Engineer in a well-reputed company/organization, to utilize/apply more than 6 years of experience to take challenges and manage complex tasks to benefit the organization/company, in the field of Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls, SCADA, DCS, HVAC and BMS Systems.

INMA Utilities Contracting Co. Ltd. From: 18-Dec-2013 To: Present
Job Description: As Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Engineer

ZA Co. Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering PAKISTAN
From: 15-June-2012 To: 15-Oct-2013
As E&I, HVAC QA/QC Engineer

Instrumentation & Management Systems, Karachi, Pakistan.
From: June-2011 To: May-2012
As HVAC, BMS, I&C QA/QC Engineer


Hamdard Univertity (Hamdard Institute of Engineering & Technology)
Bachelor of Engineering Electronics Engineering

   Feb 2007
— Mar 2011

Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation & Measurements, Difgital Electronics, Microprocessor, Controls Systems, Communication Systems, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics


INMA Utilities Contracting Co. Ltd.
Instrumentation & Controls Engineer

   Dec 2013
— Current

As Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls Engineer
Responsible for:
▪ Supervision of Installation of Chiller Plant consists York® TitanTM Multistage Industrial Chiller Model OM-5090. (24 units x 5000 Tons)
Installation of Controls System including:
 Field instruments, Controls/Instruments/LV cables, Terminations, Testing & Commissioning.
▪ Installations of
➢ VFD Cooling Towers Controls System. (24 units)
➢ MV-VFD Secondary Pumps Controls System. (16 units)
➢ LV-Soft Starter Primary & Condenser Pump Controls System. (64 units)
➢ Firefighting Pumping station for Masjid ul Haram.
➢ Chilled Water Process Pipe Leakage Detection Systems for pre-insulated pipes (3Km).
➢ Gray Water Chemical Treatment & Filtration Plant Controls System.
➢ Solid Waste Management Plant Controls System.
➢ Weather Monitoring Station.
➢ Fuel Leakage Detection System for Generator Plant.
➢ Refrigerants Gas Leakage Detection Systems for Chiller Plant.
➢ Controls System for Utilities Tunnel. (1.6Km)
➢ DCS/SCADA System of complete Central Utilities Complex.
➢ BMS (HVAC, Lighting, Firefighting, Telecom, Elevators etc.) System.
➢ Field Instruments, Gauges and Flow meters on process lines.
➢ MOVs (Motorized Operated Valves), Process Control Valve, Flow Control Valve, IPCVs etc.
➢ Emergency Central Battery (ECB) System for complete plant.
▪ Coordination with all stakeholders i.e. Client, Consultant, Contractors, Subcontractors & Suppliers.
▪ Coordination with design team, planning, organizing and coordinating to develop solutions to complex problems during monitoring and controlling.
▪ Supervision of installation and execution work, implement the QA/QC standards during installation and execution phase.
▪ Issuing Inspection Requests for the approval of Material & Executed work by consultant.
▪ Comply the Consultant and Client requirements per the QA/QC specifications.
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▪ Coordination with the systems suppliers in preparing Inspection & Testing Plans (ITP) & Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manual.
▪ Implement and follow approved ITP for the completion of installations, testing, commissioning and handover to the client.
▪ Preparation of SCR, RFI, As-built and coordination drawings and taking approval.
▪ Coordination, Supervision and Witness the Testing (FAT & SAT), Commissioning & Startup of all
▪ systems related to Controls.
▪ Preparing Tests reports and taking satisfactory approval from main contractor, consultant and client.
▪ Periodical Walk-through for assurance and verification of the execution work according to the project quality, scope & specifications.
▪ Coordination to prepare actual consumed quantities of material and payment certificates.
▪ Maintaining up to date records of Inspection Requests (IRs), RFIs, SCRs, equipment installation status and field installation status etc. In the form of Logs and Database.
▪ Weekly meeting with project team to monitor and control the project progress.
▪ Follow all the issues and expedite them without affecting the project progress.
Coordination with other trades/services to avoid conflicts and resolve them immediately as possible.

ZA Co. Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering
Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer

   Jun 2012
— Oct 2013

Responsible for: ▪ Designing and supervising the preparation of System Design, Shop, As-built & P&ID drawings. ▪ Preparation of BOQs, Quotations, Delivery Notes etc. documentations. ▪ Supervise Installations, Testing and Commissioning activities. ▪ Preparation of Sequence of Operation (SOPs), Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual Documents. Hands on: - Programming of Siemens, Fatek, Omron and ABB PLCs & DDC Controllers. - Installations of Honeywell Equipment. - Installations of Standalone System, DCS System, BMS & SCADA System. - Installation of Heat Recovery System, Cooling Tower, Chillers and Boilers Automation. - Installation of Motor Control, VFD/Invertors.

Instrumentation & Management Systems
I&C Engineer

   Jun 2011
— May 2012

Responsible for:
▪ Designing, Selection & Procurement of the Material and Equipment for HVAC, BMS, Heat Recovery
System, Cooling Tower, Chillers and Boilers Systems under ASHRAE standards.
▪ Supervising the Preparation of System Design and Shop AutoCAD Drawings.
▪ Supervising the Installation & Commissioning the HVAC & BMS System.
Hands on:
➢ Programming of Schneider Electric I/A Series TAC controllers.
➢ Installation & Commissioning of Air Handling Units, VAVs, Automatic Control Valves,
Motorized Valves and Dampers, Building Energy Management, Motor Control & VFDs, Sensors
& Actuators, Field Instruments.
➢ Communications Protocols Lon Works, Modbus, BACNet, Field bus, Profibus.

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