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Last Updated: 26th October 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United Kingdom


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55 to 64

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Trade Qualification

Afrikaan, English, Portuguese


My educational background in Electrical/Mechanical (Qualified Millwright), along with my professional experience, i have 9 years experience as an Expatriate in various African countries.
1.) Electrical Reticulation :  Most recent employment I installed 79 Km of 33 000 Volt overhead lines with multiple transformers ranging from 17.5 MVA right down to 15 KVA. Installed power on estate to design 17.8 MW and factory 8.9 MW. National grid in Sierra Leone 161 000 Volt which we stepped down to 11 000 Volt for Factory Reticulation via 17.5 MVA transformers and back up to 33 000 Volt via 2 x 10 MVA transformers for Irrigation. Factory equipped with 32 MW Steam turbine which we Co Generate and exported to National grid. Back up power via Diesel generator bank (8 x 1.2 MVA). Synchronising / Installation / Maintenance / Switching I received training from ESCOM up to 275 000 Volt in South Africa. Extensive experience on HV / MV / LV reticulation, protection and switching
2.) Dewatering: Sugar estates are build on flood planes, at last employment a total of 25 pump stations with motors from 250 KW on barge down to 75 KW including 6 x 250 Hp mobile pumps (Hence 17.8 MW installed power) these pumps are for filling dams and booster pumps for Pivot irrigation. Motor are controlled with Variable speed drives (250Kw) Soft staters (180, 150, KW) 90 and 75 Kw on Star Delta. All pumps are interlock with low level switches and birmate valves on sudden pressure drop. Transformers (161 000 / 33 000 / 11 000 / 400 V), motors, pumps, and MCC installed and maintained. 
3.) Plant maintenance :  I am a Millwright with experience and knowledge in Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Nematics, Alignment and Industrial Electronics (PLC, VSD, Soft stators, Flow balances, Flow meters,Probes and Scales) I have extensive experience on installation / maintenance also in the British Standard and European codes of practice (Sierra Leone). Over head cranes, CNC, NC Machine (tools up to 5 Axis) installation, commissioning, repairs and maintenance. Motors up to 2.8 MW medium voltage (11 / 22 KV) and drives up to 1.2 MW (Programming drives, basic turning, programming of PLC and controllers) 
4.) Fleet maintenance : Being a Qualified Millwright with extensive experience in Africa on projects and Sugar estates exposed me to fleet management, Diesel Generator Maintenance and repair up to 1.2 MW (Electrical repairs, basic mechanical repairs / service; water pump, V belt, service, filter replacement etc)


Golden Mills SL
Electrical Manager

   Oct 2015
— Current

Ensure smooth daily running of the Electrical Department
• Meet targets and deadlines
• Job planning hands on supervision and inspection
• Power generation synchronizing diesel generators installation/maintenance and switching
• MCC installation inspectors and maintenance (VSD, Soft stators, Star/Delta and motors)
• Wiring, Underground cables and Reticulation
• Project work, planning, procurement, budget control and execution in time-frame
• Train local staff and develop training materials
• Budget control
• Procurement ensuring spares availability and stock control
• Deal with breakdowns, standby duties and implement maintenance programs
• Coach and manage the performance of team members
• Initiate daily checks, written work procedures and planning ahead
• Implementation planning and assessing technical requirements and resources for uplifting the locals
• Power generation (Diesel Generator sets)
• Fault finding on all electrical equipment, machinery and installation
• Maintenance and Programming PLC/VSD/Soft starters
• General electrical/Generator maintenance/installation/repair
• Motor Control Centers installation and maintenance
• Installation and maintenance motors up to 250 KW (DOL, Star/Delta, Soft Stator, VSD)
• Domestic, commercial, industrial installations and maintenance
• Installation and maintenance of new Rice Factory (Mill and Silos) mechanical, civil and electrical

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