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Aughnacliffe, Ireland


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I am a global Construction Manager with a proven track record in 13 different countries, including such locations as the UK, the Middle East, West Africa, China, South America and Eastern Europe.

I have over 30 years Experience within Civil Engineering/Major Infrastructure Projects, Construction of Roads, Large Scale Earthworks, Drainage, Major Civil Works for Railway Projects, Bridges, NATM & Drill and Blast Tunneling Methods, Concrete Lining Works to Tunnels, Shafts and Portals, Cofferdam Construction, Pipe Lines on Land and along the Foreshore, Rock Armour Sea Defense Works, Construction of Landfill Cells and various Cap Off Methods, PQ Concrete Works to Carriageways and Airport Taxi Ways.


Nass Contracting (Part of the Nass Corporation Group)
Construction Manager

   Aug 2017
— Current

Position: Construction Manager
Company: Nass Contracting (Part of the Nass Corporation Group)
Location: Bahrain
August 2017 - Present Day

Project: Alba Potline 6 - Extension to an existing Aluminium Smelter Plant. The Alba Plant is the biggest producer of Aluminium in the World.

Value 10 Million Bahrain Dinar (Approximately $27 Million US Dollars) Site Preparation Project only.

Nass Contracting are the biggest Sub Contractor on the Alba Potline 6 Project, we have 5 seperate Projects/Packages of Works and employ over 2500 people on the Project. I am responsible for the Site Preparation Project and i am part of a new project management team that has been brought in after Nass Contracting Directors decided to make changes to the origional site project management team.

Bechtel are the Main Contractors and we have a Sub Contract for the Site Preparation Project, this includes Loading and Hauling of over 1.2 Million Cubic Meters of Mined Rock from the Surface Miners, Crushing of this Material to produce Engineering Class Fill Material to supply the whole project requirements. Excavation of over 4km of Multiple Ducting Cable Banks, average excavation depth of 4.5 meters deep in Limestone Rock, Construction of 65 Reinforced Concrete Pull Pit Chambers along the Ductbanks, Construcion of over 3km of Reinforced Concrete U Drains/Channels, some of these Draiange Structures are over 5 meters high, Construction of Reinforced Concrete Drainage Culverts, Construction of Reinforced Concrete Retaing Walls, Stone Pitching Works for open Drains and Construction of over 4km 10meter wide carriageway internal Roads.

I report to a Senior Project Manager who is responsible for 3 out of the 5 Nass Projects on the Alba Potline 6 Project. I have a Site Team of over 540 people including Works Managers, Senior Superintendents, Senior QS, Engineers and Planners under my control

Earthworks Superintenedent

   Mar 2017
— Jul 2017

Project: New Data Center for Facebook - Earthworks Phase

Location: Odense Denmark

Value: 17 Million Euro.

Greenfield Site, Top Soil Stip, Excavation/Cut of over 700, 000m3 of Unsuitable Material that was taken of site for disposal and import of over 350, 000m3 of Dredged Sand and Crushed Stone Base to provide a improvement layer at formation level for the Construction of the 106, 000m2 Main Buildings and future Car Park and Landscaped areas. Project was completed ahead of Program and all financial forecast targets were achived. The Main Contractor for the Project was Mace a UK company and we were the Sub Contractor for the Earthworks Phase. We did also tender for the Main Civils Phase but came in 2nd to another Contractor.

PW Mining
Project Manager

   Aug 2015
— Jan 2017

Project : Ayanfuri Land Resettlement Project for Perseus Mining Company.

Location: Ghana West Africa

Value: $10 Million US Dollars – Phase 1 Infrastructure Works.

Site Bush Clearance off 44 Hectares of Lands, Approximately 1 Million Cubic Meters of a Cut To Fill Earthworks, Final Grading to Building Plots, Construction off over 8km of Roads, Construction of Boreholes, Reservoir and over 7km of Watermain Supply Pipeline. Construction of Over 10km of Drainage Works including Pipe Culverts, Box Culverts, U Drains and Trapezoidal Drains.

Constructora Coloso Consortium
Construction Manager

   Aug 2014
— Jul 2015

Current career level Senior Construction Manager / Supervisor of staff and resources.

Senior Construction Manager
Constructora Coloso Consortium – (Geocean, Soletanche Bachy, Bessac, - All part of the Vinici Group with Montec and Belfi being the local Chilean companies in the Consortium)
Antofagasta Chile South America.
August 2014 – Present Day.

Project – Escondida Water Supply Project for BHP Mining Company. Escondida Mine being the Biggest Copper Mine in the World.

Value - $3.5 Billion US Dollars over all Project.

Responsible for the following - Drilling and Grout Injection Works for Bottom Plugs and Parameter Curtains to form a water tight barrier for the MTBM Launch Shafts and associated Pumping Station. Drilling and Blasting Excavation and NATM Support Works to the MTBM Launch Shafts and Pumping Station.

Construction Manager
Consolidated Construction Company (CCC).
Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
March 2014 – August 2014

Project – Riyadh Metro Project Lines 1 & 2 – 63km of Transit Metro Line & Construction of 35 Stations
Value – $10.5 Billion US Dollars – Part of the over all $22.5 Billion US Dollar Transit Scheme.

I have been seconded to the Project Team for the NATM Tunneling Works. The Project is still in its infancy and to date my role has been the Planning of the NATM Works with regards to method, equipment requirements, reviewing Site Investigation Reports mainly concerning with the Riyadh Underground Aquifer that the Tunnel designed alignment runs along and the challenges this will create to drive a NATM Tunnel through such terrain that will produce such inflows of water estimated at 18 million liters of water per 24 hour cycle. Currently reviewing many options such as Slurry Curtains, Umbrella Grouting Techniques, De Watering Systems ect.
The NATM Works will be Self Performed and it is our intention to carry out the works with experience Tunnel Personnel Crews from Ireland and the UK. We have now in country imported such equipment has Leihbeher Compact 924 Miner Excavators for the Shaft Works, Atlas Copco L2D Boomer Rigs, Sandvihch and Vost Alpine Road Headers for the NATM Drives. Suprema Pumps, Oruga’s and Putamaza Robotic Jets will be deployed for the primary lining SRFS Works.

I have also been involved with the various material requirements that have involved going to the local market to source, for such materials that are not an off the shelf product in KSA and have had to develop the production of such materials with local suppliers to produce an end product that meets with BS & ASTM Specification Standards. In particular I have been heavily involved with designing of the Shotcrete Mix to which we have now established an acceptable Base and Sprayed Mix Design.

We have now reached our target goal and will be ready to commence the 1st NATM Shafts on the 1st of July with the 1st NATM Drives to commence 1 month thereafter. Site Set up and Primary Excavation Works are now almost complete for access to all the NATM Works.

Senior Bridge Engineer
IRD Consultants
Moldova, Republic of
Moldova - Eastern Europe.
October 2012 - December 2013 - IRD Consultants - Senior Bridge Engineer

Project - N2 Chisinau to Soroca Road Rehabilitation Project - Lots 1& 2.

45km Section of Road including 14 Bridges with Grade Separated Junctions.

Value $55, 000 000 - Funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation - A United States of America Federal International Funding Agency.

I Report to the Team Leader in my Role as the Senior Bridge Engineer for the Client. I am Responsible for the 14 Bridges on the Project, they include 7 Bridges for Major Rehabilitation Works to the Substructure and Superstructure, all include the Removal of the Existing Bridge Deck Beams for Major Rehabilitation Works. The Construction of 7 New Bridges, some do Replace Existing Bridges, Grade Separated Junctions and a Rail Bridge are also included in the Project. I am also Responsible for the Construction of 64 No Drainage Culverts ranging from 750mm to 2 meter in Diameter, Drainage Channel Works including Concrete Lined, Pre - Cast and Slip Form, Pre - Cast Kerbs for Carriageway and Footpath Construction, i will also be responsible for all the Crash Barrier Works. It is very much a Hands on Role and a Genuine good Working Relationship has Developed between the Contractor, Supervision Engineering Team and Client. The Clients particular requirements for this Project with regards to the Senior Bridge Engineers Position was that the successful candidate should have some experience of working for both Client Side and in particular past proven experience working for Contractors on major Projects. Due to my long time experience and proven record of working for Contractors was a major benefit to me in securing the SBE position within the selection process.

Construction Manager - Major Earthworks
Fluor Dainel
February 2012 – September 2012
Location - Guinea - West Africa
February 2012 - September 2012 - Fluor Dainel - Construction Manager Earthworks
(Project Suspended by Government of Guinea). 720km Rail Corridor.

Project - Simandou Iron Ore Mine For Rio Tinto - Rail Division.

Responsible initially for the Site Investigation Scope of Works along the 720km Rail Alignment, working closely with and supporting the Geotechnical Department with gaining access to Bore Hole and Trial Pit Locations. Many different types of terrain were encountered including from Dense Forest, Mountain Top, Valleys, Rock Crops to Wet Lands. Equipment's deployed to Transport the Drill Rigs included Unimogs and Helicopters.

All Technical Data will be compiled into a Comprehensive Bore Hole Log Report and from that a Mass Haul Cut to Fill and Disposal Material Quantity Diagrammed Plan will be devised for the Earthworks Program. Once this stage is completed it is planned that the Site Clearance Contract will have commenced and then Earthworks to follow along the Rail Alignment and Access Roads from the Existing Road Network to Strategic positions along the Rail Alignment Corridor. All of which is planned to fall under my responsibility and intern i will report to a designated Project Manager who in turn will report to the Senior in Country Project Manager for the Rail Contract. I will lead and Manage a Team of Superintendents and Lead Site Engineers, at this stage it is expected that a Team of 14 Expat Experienced Earthwork Superintendents and 14 Expat Experienced Lead Engineers will be required to manage section by section to cover the 720km over all Rail Project. They in turn will manage a network of Expat Supervisors, Engineers and Surveyors.
It is a Mega Project and anybody within the Industry would be proud to be part of and as always see out to completion. The Project is currently suffering from Insecurity World Market Forces and Red Tape Issues and the Guinea Government have now Suspended the Works on this Mine Concession Section has indeed they have on all Simandou Concessions.

Group Leader - Senior Resident Construction Manager
Parsons Brinckerhoff
March 2011 – February 2012
Employment Position - China - Guizhou Province

March 2011 - February 2012 - Parsons Brinckerhoff - Group Leader Senior
Resident Construction Manager
Project: Chang Kun Passenger Dedicated Rail Line, High Speed Rail Project Shanghai to Kunming. A distance of approx 2000km. Total Estimated Value of Project over 300 Billion Chinese CNY.

Description - Responsible for a 64km Section of the Works, that include 44km of Tunnels, Drill and Blast, NATM Tunneling and Major RC Tunnel Lining Works. 12km of Bridge Construction and 8km of Earthworks, Cut and Embankments. My main objectives as my Role of Group Leader was to implement a good solid working procedure with our local JV Partner to Supervise the Safety and Quality of the works carried out by the State owned Contractor were as per the Specification Requirements. All my communications with the Client, JV Partner and Contractor were done through a translator documentation and verbal communications.

Due to my previous experience as a Contractors Works Manager and at the request of the China Rail State Department I was instructed to Manage State Owned Contractors Resources and Increase Production Rates on all the Works and the Tunnel Lining Works in particular. Works to the RC Tunnel Lining increased by over 30% due to Proven Methods I had adopted over my years of experience on previous Projects.

Senior Construction Manager
Costain West Africa PLC
October 2009 – March 2011
Oct 2009 - March 2011 Costain West Africa PLC Senior Construction
Nigeria Civil Division
Project: Jebba to Kano Rail rehabilitation works - Value 12.2 billion Nira (approx $82 million
US Dollars)

Description - Responsible for the Akerri section of works - major Civils works comprising of 3Km of dredging works in the river Mariga, construction of 2Km of levee flood protection works along riverbank, construction of overflow spillway canal for 2.5Km raising the level of the existing railway embankment through the flood plain location for 3.3Km associated RC structures including a 360 meter span railway bridge and major culverts to increase the flow of water through the flood plain location. The overall value of the Akerri section of works for which I was responsible for was over 50% of the contract value.

Construction Manager
ULTRA Construction
September 2008 – September 2009
Doha , Qatar
Sept.2008 - Sept 2009 ULTRA Construction Construction Manager

Doha North Sewerage Treatment and associated works sewers civil project 682/3
Contract value - 1.3 billion Qatar Riyals

Description. 9km of deep open cut works to accommodate three 1600 diameter ductile
Iron pipes for rising main section. 7km of open cut works to accommodate 800 diameter TSE line. Associated chamber works and pipe jacking micro tunnel works to accommodate the wash out lines from the chambers. All excavated materials which are rock are being re-processed in our on site crushing plants to make bedding, surround and backfill materials.

Works Manager
Wade Adams Construction. (L.L.C
March 2008 – September 2008
Dubai , United Arab Emirates
March 08 - Sept 08 Wade Adams Construction. (L.L.C.)
United Arab Emirates.

Works Manager
Dubai Industrial City. Value - 1 billion Durham’s.

Description: Infrastructure package of works. Roads and utilities to service future industrial developments.

We employed a workforce of 1,200 men on site and a fleet of approximately 115 items of heavy equipment. Unfortunately due to the worldwide financial crisis this project was suspended in September 2008 with immediate effect.

Construction Manager
Noel Regan & Sons
November 2006 – March 2008
Nov 06 - March 08 Noel Regan & Sons Construction Manager Civil Engineering Contractors.

R161 Trim to Navan Road, R150 Duleek to Julianstown Road (Phase 2).

Description: Both contracts were carried out at the same time for Meath County Council, value of works €19 million. I was responsible for all planning, supervision and resourcing of the contract
accountable directly to the Managing Director. I was Leading Two Construction Teams from Two Site Agents, Two General Foremen, Two Senior Engineers, Eight Engineers, Four Section Foremen, plus a Direct Labour Force of Operatives, Trades and Skilled Operators plus associated Specialists Sub Contractors. Over 150 Workforce under my control.

Construction Manager
Wills Bros LTD
June 2003 – October 2006
June 03 to Oct 06 Wills Bros LTD Construction Manager
Civil Engineering

Landfill sites, pipe lines, muck shifting and road improvement schemes - North Kerry Landfill site, construction of 2 new cells and capping off 2 existing cells.

Punches Cross, Limerick City - install new sewage and drainage pipe lines within an existing urban road average depth 4 meters deep.

Moyvalley Golf Course, Co. Kildare. 900,000m³ of a muck shift contract.

Johnstown Road Improvement scheme for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. (Some typical examples of projects that were undertaken).

Description: I was responsible for all planning, resourcing, supervision and worked in close relation with the quantity surveyor. I was accountable to the General Manager. Approx value of works undertaken per annum for which I was responsible for would be €19 million.

Construction Manager
John Fleming
January 2002 – June 2003
Jan 02 to June 03 John Fleming Construction Manager
Construction LTD

Wexford Main Drainage Scheme - €22 million.

Description: Construction of treatment plant and inlet and outlet pipe lines along foreshore and out to sea, works also included Rock Armour Works for protection to certain sections of the Pipe Line. The main SBR holding concrete tanks in the plant had a capacity of 2 ½ million gallons. I was responsible for all operations on site and supervised five different sub contractors with a combined workforce of approx 100 operatives. I was accountable to the Project Manager.

Construction Manager
P.G. Hegarty
February 2001 – August 2001
Cork , Ireland
Feb 01 to Aug 01 P.G. Hegarty Construction Manager

Project: Cork Main Drainage (Mahon District) 22 million value of contract.

Description: Construction of multiple pipe lines within an existing urban road and a Pipe Jack under the Cork South Ring Road. All pipes were ductile iron and ranged in size from 450 to 1200 diameter.Construction Manager
Bec/Priority JV
March 2000 – February 2001
March 00 to Feb 01 BEC / Priority Construction Manager
Joint Venture

Project: N25 Kilmacthomas bypass Co. Waterford value £17 million (punt)

Description: Design and Build Contract 7km main line responsible for earthworks/drainage/production of materials from our on site quarry.

Construction Manager
Edmund Nuttal LTD/ Royal Bam Group
January 1999 – February 2000
United Kingdom
Jan 99 to Feb 00 Edmund Nuttal LTD Construction Manager
(Ascon sister company)
Project: Green Park Development and Moores Farm Burrow Pit. Value £5 million (sterling)

Description: Enabling Works - Major earthworks/drainage works. Building up flood plain for future development site, all materials sourced from burrow pit. Average production of gravels passing over weighbridge 9,800 tons per day. Bridge Construction and Tunneling Pipe Jacking Works were also undertaken.

Civils Superintendent
Christiani & Neilsen
October 1996 – January 1999
United Kingdom
Oct 96 to Jan 99 Christiani & Neilsen Civils Superintendent

Gillingham Northern Link Road £29 million / St. Bees Costal Sea Defence Contract £10 million / river works package oracle site £3 million /A4 Moors roundabout junction upgrade Heathrow £2 million.

General Foreman
Self Employed
June 1993 – October 1996
United Kingdom
June 93 to Oct 96 Self Employed General Foreman
Freelance Section Foreman
On Hire To-Road Management Group
Position-Muck Shifting GF
Contract-Swindon to Gloucester Bypass 79 MIILLION UK POUNDS.

On Hire To - John Mowlem Construction
Position - Section Foreman - Earthworks
Contracts - M.O.D Headquarters Bristol £100 million
A564 Foston to Hilton Bypass £21 million
Coventry North/South Bypass £12 million
M602 Reconstruction - Lane Rental Contract
M25 Junction 11 to 10 Widening

Sherlock Plant & Labour
July 1991 – June 1993
United Kingdom
July 91 to June 93 Sherlock Plant & Labour Director

Description: Supply of plant, labour and small drainage packages of works to main contractors. Companies that used our services were Tarmac Roadstone / Jim McArdle Contracts LTD / Amey Construction / William Stewards. We were nationwide and worked in the following locations M6 / M11 / A6 / A23 and Heathrow Airport.

Section Foreman
Transmanche Link
May 1988 – July 1991
United Kingdom
May 88 to July 91 Transmanche Link Section Foreman

Contract: Construction of the Channel Tunnel - Between England and France - Value £14 billion
Description: Promoted from Gangerman, responsible for 1st and 2nd stage concrete inverts, drainage works, widening and repair to temporary Shotcrete lining to tunnel. Earlier in the contract I operated a CAT 235 on earthworks and on dredging works in the English Channel.

Balfour Beatty
January 1986 – May 1988
United Kingdom
Contracts - Manchester Airport, RAF Honnington & Bell Marsh Prison.

Description - Supervisor responsible for Pavement Quality Concrete Train Works and Hand-lay Works - Manchester Airport and RAF Honnington.

Mass Concrete Foundation Base Pours - Bell Marsh Prision

Labourer / Pipe Layer/ Heavy Plant Operator
September 1979 – January 1986
United Kingdom
Woolwich Prison, RAF Honnington, M42 / M1 / M18 and Manchester Airport.

Description: P.Q. Concrete Works hand lay and paving train and road drainage works.

Sept 79 to Jan 86 Baltach Labourer / Pipe Layer/
Public Works Heavy Plant Operator

Contracts: M25 Chertsey to Wisley / M4 M25 Interchange / Kings North Power Station / M25 Brentwood.

Description: This company took on sub-contract packages of works from main contractors namely
Muck Shifting, Tunneling, Pipe Jacking and Drainage Works, companies sub contracted for included Balfour Beatty, Costain, Alfred McAlphine, R.M. Douglas.

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