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Age Range
55 to 64

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English, French, Greek, Italian


Skilled Project Manager and Chartered Professional Survey Engineer with: 40 years of working design and construction experience on many infrastructure fields of major projects, a broad general engineering background and polymorphic profile composed from: strong STEM background, Top Level Computer Literacy, Computer Programming skills, Economics and Accounting capabilities and Managerial exposure to many approaches.
Capable to work in almost all types of organization like pyramids, hierarchies, matrix etc. demonstrating good knowledge of internationally-accepted Project Management, construction industry principle and practices / safety / quality management systems, good understanding of Construction Law, high level knowledge of design processes and systems and good knowledge of current construction technology.
Embraced Aristotelian Philosophy, with high level of critical thinking, strong problem solving capabilities, numeracy and English literacy skills, good negotiation skills, clear verbal communication skills, using diplomacy and tact in discussions with other parties. Capable team builder, enhancing morale across the team / project.
Has behavior with strong Coaching characteristics, promoting, between the team members, equality and educational level, when recognizes the diversity between them. Understands local and international multi-cultural aspects.
Remains, accordingly to Aristotelian “pairing” standards faithful, dedicated and devoted to the company’s benefits and mirrors the team’s energy to this direction.


Hellenic Open University
Project Manager

   Oct 2015
— Current

Construction Project Management MSc Degree

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.TH.)
Survey and Geodetic Engineer

   Sep 1972
— Nov 1976

 Degree in Survey and Geodetic Engineering (ECTS 300 Equivalent to M.Sc. in Surveying Engineering), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.TH.), Rural and Survey Engineering Division


Construction Management

   Nov 2013
— Apr 2016

9/14-4/16  Project: Old Riyadh KKIA airport had 4 Terminals. The expansion project integrates and extends Terminals 3 and 4 as an infill development to accommodate 17.5 million passengers per year. The project also introduces a central processor building and three new piers with 24 gates, new APRONS, new Airplanes Fuel Unit (AFU), LC2 and LC3 buildings and new Headquarters Buildings. Sustainable strategies include replacing the existing terminals’ external cladding with a high-performance facade system and upgrading infrastructure with two new energy centres. An integrated BIM strategy allows the consultancy team to rationalize and coordinate the process throughout construction. The facilities are being refurbished in two phases to allow the existing airport operations to function at capacity during construction.
11/13-09/14  Project: JECPI (Jizan Economic City Project Initiative)
This huge program was developed in a 144 km2 area. Included areas for : 380kV Transmission Lines, Commercial area [waterfront], Desalination facilities, Education, Golf course, High tech park, Logistics hub, Photovoltaic plants, a very big Port, Private and public schools, Railway line, Recreational and Residential. Also included industries like : Agricultural, Automotive, Chemical, Construction Support, Copper Processing, Energy and Power Plants, Food packing, Metal Fabrication, Oil Refinery + Expansion provision, Pharmaceutical, Steel Cluster and Zinc Processing. All above were served by a huge (about 180km long) roadway network and a complex infrastructures networks for water, sewage, power etc.
o Project 1: JEC Port Dredging and Reclamation Project in Jizan. Contractor China Harbour, Sub-contractor: CHEC, Survey high accuracy CP network Establishment, Hydrographic Surveys for 6 dredging machines with capacity up to 4300 m3 dredging and dumping through pressure discharge by floating pipes /h. Totally 40 million m3 dredging within an area of 9 km2. Port's terminal and facilities for oil and gas pipes coming from the refinery.
o Project 2: 80 million m3 earthwork movements on an area of 16 km2 to prepare the basis of the refinery infrastructures. All surface area compacted with the dynamic compaction method, to afford the tensions of very heavy machinery.
o Project 3: 180km Central Roads (18 m wide typical cross-section) network of urban and industrial areas of the city

Director of Surveys and Infrastructures for the Mines and Plants

   Jul 1989
— May 2011

Surveys and Infrastructures Supporting Section, obviously is the only tool PPC has, for the functionality of the Mines/Power Plants and even more for promoting the company’s picture to the local society and gain social consensus for it’s activities.
To meet these obligations this section was structured in four departments: Land management & Surveying, Geological, Designing and Environmental and granted with more than 50 Engineers, Technicians and Administration employees, to manage a yearly budget of about 40% x 80 million =32 million €/y (prices 2010) for the maintenance and development of mines/plants fixed assets and to satisfy the societies needs, interfaced with.
 Acting Chairman of the steering plants and mines infrastructures departments committee. Responsible for planning, supervising, and managing the tender, designing, and construction activities. Liaised with the engineering team, design, contractors and various suppliers. Interfaced with the government, county, and area townships, many different local societies or individuals, the Operation Managers of Mines and Plants, the Mines Designing teams, the Mining Team, the Plants Operation team, public committees, and the relevant authorities. Monitored, prepared, and circulated monthly reports. Verified QA/QC procedures and the Health and Safety program. Recruited key staff and personnel. Liaised with PPC Central Counting House.
 On Plants construction projects, served as Plants General Manager's (GM) delegate, and accepted/rejected anything according to the contracts after the proper committee proposal and report to Plants GM or in the case of disputes submitted to the issue to GM along with his and committee's proposal.
 Reviewed and correlated the contracts, construction time plans, cost plans, procurements plan, site plan, resources distribution plan, production plan, risks assessment and change management plans. Correlated these plans to the Enterprise Annual Plan to assure the alignment and clarification of the targets. Liaised with the design team the design consultant, design and construction committees, the contractor, and the Plants General Manager. Supervised the project’s Quality and Safety. Supervised the commercial phase, prepared, and submitted all files to GM on the delivery of the project.
 Exploited the facilities of an old abandoned elementary school at Helliniko village, secured the budgeting, rehabilitated the building and the environment and founded the “PPC SA Technical School” which became the PPC’s technical staff nursery, for all PPC activity fields. Redacted the educational program for all schools and the teaching programs of many classes and lessons. This school, during his services, will feed PPC SA with more than 3000 foremen, surveyors, bucket wheel excavator operators, water plumbers, heavy machinery operators, electricians, and more disciplines technicians.
 Area: 10km x 20km = 200 km2; Mining Period: 1972 to 2034; 4 mine fields 5-6 cuts each, 15 bucket wheel excavators, 13 dumpers, 7 outside dumps, 3 stock piles (1 million m3 capacity each.)
 Mining: Monthly production of 3 million m3 of lignite. Excavation and movement of 9 million m3 overburden to the outside dumps up to 5 km far. Cost: 2.2 €/ton of lignite (2010), Cost on 1989 reduced on 2010 with 6% interest/y: 5.5 €/ton of lignite. Average yearly earth movements of all mines were 144 million m3 compared with Panama Canal excavations (252.352.000 m3) means that every 1.75 years a Panama channel was excavated or during my 22 years of services excavated enough material to bury Manhattan island to a depth of 65m!
Open pit mines with 5-7 cuts in depth more than 220m depth. Unstable slopes with big collapse risk. Bad weather conditions, humidity, fog, mud, winter below zero temperatures, dust and huge pumping facilities to avoid flood.
 Infrastructures - activities: Outside/inside dumps, high/medium power lines, mine facility buildings, mine offices, internal transportation network (150km heavy duty permanent roads with asphalt pavement and 100 km heavy duty gravel relocated roads at the fronts), external National Highway/Railway Network deviations, conveyor belts network (40 km conveyor belts 1.80m wide on metallic structured frames 10 m long), water supply pipes, Anti-Fire and irrigation system, sewage system with 3 biological treatment systems, complicated drainage system, mines and plants flood protection with more than 100km perimeter trenches with trapezoid cross section (b+B)xh=(2+8)x2m 20 km of them beton covered. More than 14000 m2 facility Buildings, more than 10000m2 offices, reclamation projects, real estate assets development projects, land acquisitions, Settlements expropriation and relocation (for the relocation of more than 5 settlements, with 100-500 houses each were constructed the houses, schools, markets, churches, roads water supply, electricity network, lighting network, sewage system, rainwater drainage, waste water, water treatment, anti-fire system, waste management, and other facilities). As the mines area is crossed by the Alfios river, the biggest river in Peloponnisos, this area included also river shore protective dams (with argillic core and heave stones covered gradient slopes) 15 m tall 2400m long, river bed cleaning projects, river bed formation and protection projects, 3 bridges 200m, 40m, 50m long, 2 parallel conveyor belt bridges 1070m long, over Alfios, culverts, streams clean-ups, river bed deviations and arrangement projects where a new 7.5 km 80m wide and >7 m deep was constructed where 3million m3 were moved to the outside dumps, with flow energy absorbers and river shore slopes protection. The area is of high earthquake risk and all bridges foundation was done with RC Piles method. All above constructed during his service.
 2 Lignite Steam Electric Stations (SES) 175 MW capacity each, 2 Lignite SES 300 MW capacity each (Units I, II, III delivered at 70's but IV constructed under his supervision (cost IV=650 million drachmas at 1991) and started at 2010 1 Gas combined cycle station (Unit V cost 56 million €) 800 MW which delivered at the end of 2014.
 6 Chimneys 2x150m and 2x200m tall and 2x80m tall; 6 boilers 2x80 m tall 2x70m tall and 2x40m tall; 7 Cooling towers; 2 desulphurization systems for units III and IV; 10 km of water pipes with 300 m3/h for cooling purposes; Anti-Fire system; conveyor belts feeding system; closed type conveyor belts for dumping toxic desulphurization pollutants; employee facilities building; South Gas Pipe Line (216 km); offices
 12 flying ash (product from the plants lignite burning consisting mainly from SiO2, Al2O3, CaO) transfer points to distribute 2.570.000 ton/year allocating these quantities by the following way :
o 15% was selling to various Cement Production Companies and
o The rest was use for construction of temporary mining roads, mines/plants internal permanent roads sub-base/base, flood protection small dams and big power production dams of PPC S.A.
 A 50MW Photovoltaic Park on a 2000 acres~8 million m2 area of a PPC S.A owned old outside dump. The budget of the project was € 140 million. This project gained and constructed by J&P AVAX company contributing with annual energy generation of about 65,000 MWh, with equivalent pollutant savings of 58,000 tons of CO2 emissions from conventional plants.

Technical Software and Consultancy
CEO and Founder

   Nov 1976
— Nov 2013

Additional experience gained as a Project Director, PPC Legal Representative with PPC SA (1987-1989); a Consultant Project Manager with PPC SA(1979-1987); CEO and Founder of Technical Software (a list of characteristic projects, oil & gas, piping, surveying, highways development, water and sewage, railways, 5 star hotels, individual solar power plants, Gas CCPP plants, buildings, e.t.c. developed this company along with certificates are available on demand); and Military service with the Greek Forces of Engineers, Special Forces, and Mining and Destruction Squads.

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