Senior Marine Electro/Electronics Control Systems Engineer

Last Updated: 27th March 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Kingdom


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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, Polish, Russian


Dear Sir.

I am writing to apply for a Job Title Senior Electrical/Electronics Control Automation Engineer position in your company.
Please consider my CV attached to the possible in UK employment on board of Offshore or Onshore job. I’m EU citizen, experienced Senior Automation Engineer with good references from previous employers, with skills.
Main activities and responsibilities:
- Identify electrical/electronic faults and carry out repairs including; motors, pumps, elements, solenoids, relays, PLC’s, switches, sensors etc.
- Knowledge of design tools and Product Data Management (PDM, SAP) - 3D CAD
- Understanding of Piping and Instrumentation diagrams and system schematics
I am having good experience in the field of Electrical, Electronic, Instrumentation, Automation (Electro - Pneumatic/ Hydraulic Actuators, 4-20mA Control Systems, Flow Measurement (Micro Motion, Turbine Type and Magnetic Type), Density Measurement), experience of programming pneumatically controlled special purpose machinery
Experience with Omron & Siemens programming.
PLC (Telemechanique, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron and Siemens), Hydraulic Controls, Pneumatic Controls and LAN. Also experienced in AC/DC Thruster controls, Hydro Aquatics Position Reference system, Taut wire, GPS, DGPS, Satellite communication system, TV System, Radar, Anemometer, MRU, High Capacity UPS (200KVA), Gyro, Planned Maintenance System (AMOS, ABS NS5 & TM Master), Electro Hydraulic cranes, Main propulsion and Remote control system, I am good in Electrical, Electronic, Pneumatic and Hydraulic fault finding and diagram reading
- Diesel with Engine Generators: synchronize , all safety devices checked and calibrated
- Safety-critical control systems
- Experience of complex IMA systems - High Voltage Electronics Control System
-Power system modelling, generators, switchgear, protection, power electronics or rotating machine design
- Water purification & treatment systems including RO and deionised water plant
-Sources of electrical energy and distribution on board
-Kongsberg Dynamic Position SDP21 & SDP32 ,Marine Technologies Bridge Mate & Rolls - Royce DP2 System on board.
-Electrical Power and Propulsion Systems will involve
-Power generation , main distribution & electronic automation system from ScanaVolda
-Propulsion: 2X CPP Type with Kort Nozzles, ScanaVolda & Rolls Royce
-Power generation, main distribution
- Power Electronics design and fire alarm design
- Converters, Low& High voltage specialist for electronics repair
-Thrusters AC drives (ABB / Siemens)
-PLC’ s - Siemens S7, ABB or A. Bradley -Advanced
-PLC / HMI or DCS based control systems - Test System Software
-PLS/Scada & Auto-CAD System
-Worked with SCADA Used PLC/SQL systems
-Ship electric devices operating and occupational safety
-Marine electrical, electronic and control engineering
-Ship automatic control system
-Electro-navigation and radio communication equipment
-Operation of marine power plant and auxiliary machinery
-Environmental protection

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Senior Marine Electrical/Electronics Control Systems Engineer, Senior ETO
Stanislaw Bednarek

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