Planning Engineer with 11 years experience in Oil & Gas and Power plant field.

Last Updated: 16th November 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


Project Planning & Control, Scheduling and Monitoring of Power plant projects and Oil & Gas projects.



   Jun 2004
— Aug 2007



   Dec 2014
— Current

 Preparation and Monitoring of L4 Construction Schedules for all New Wells, MSV & Header lines based on SAP drilling sequences.
 Updating the project schedule and project PMS (S-curve) based on daily progress report and submit the same to client.
 Monitoring and tracking the project schedule and report it to management for mobilizing the additional resources.
 Preparation of Well Monitoring Reports, Rig location Report, Overall Project Status Report & Bi Weekly Reports for Monitoring.
 Updating the KPI’s report and circulate the report to team members for Management review meeting.
 Preparation of 90 Days plan and Monthly plan through SAP for New Wells, Hookup, Flow line and maintenance job.
 Coordinating with site team on daily basis for execution and updating of daily activities & Plan.
 Follow up of daily activities and attending daily operations meeting with client (PDO).
 Getting SAP notifications and Work Order from client (PDO) for the maintenance job.
 Getting estimation from QS and submit the estimation to client (PDO) through SAP for approve the work order, to generate the PR/PO for executing the maintenance job and claim the money without any disputes.
 Attending 90days/14days plan meeting with client (PDO) to discuss regarding the activities to be executed for upcoming frozen 90days/14days execution plan.
 Preparation of Invoice and getting approved from client and forward to QS for claiming money.

Lanco Infratech Limited
Senior Planning Engineer

   Dec 2010
— Oct 2014

 Preparation and Monitoring of L4 schedules for all Civil & Mechanical Packages based on Overall Project L2 schedule.
 Preparation of 3 Months Look ahead schedule with the details of Engineering, Materials and construction.
 Monthly schedule will prepare depend upon availability and delivery of the materials and work fronts.
 Follow up the work progress by coordinating with contractors and Erection team.
 Prepare the Daily progress report, Pictorial views and communicate with all respective persons.
 Schedule and conducting the regular, weekly & monthly meeting with corresponding contractors of various packages.
 Preparation of Monthly Progress Report with critical areas, constrains & S-Curve,
 Keep close monitoring on the critical path and ensure timely mobilization of all the resources required to complete the critical activities on time
 Coordinate with project team to release the required drawings at time and maintained documentation of various packages.
 Preparation of Manpower schedule and equipment schedule to execute the work.
 Prepare the organization chart for the site management.
 Coordination with site executors, site contractors & project management team.
 WBS based PR’s has generated and approve through SAP.
 Preparation of BOQ for all various packages and finalized the quantity.


   Jan 2007
— Nov 2010

 Detailed plan preparation as each activity wise (L4) based on Overall Project schedule for Boiler Structure & Pressure Parts, APH, Cyclone, Rotary parts, ESP.
 Monthly schedule shall be prepared depend upon the delivery schedule of customer supplied product and work fronts
 Schedule and conduct the review meetings with in the project team and contractor.
 Follow up the work progress by coordinating with Erection Engineer.
 Preparation of Daily progress report it is contains progress, plan vs actual, joint details, pictorial views, equipment plan, manpower, and tools & tackles.
 Arrange the necessary tools and tackles to smooth execution of job.
 Preparation of Manpower schedule and equipment schedule to execute the work.
 Prepare the organization chart for the site management.
 Preparation of Monthly progress report which includes progress, Expenditure, quality, safety and availability of tools and tackles, etc,
 Review the progress on monthly basis with respect to month schedule, last month schedule with actual and the Corrective action to be taken for the slippage of progress.
 Mobilization and Demobilization plan for resources.
 Find out the BOQ, Making Invoice, and Submitted to Client and Follow ups.

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