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25 to 34

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Result-oriented Mechanical-Piping Engineer with over 11 years’ experience; leveraging a strong technical background with practical hands-on approach to tackling projects and accomplishing goals with a demonstrated capability to work with multidisciplinary team and having track record of successfully meeting projects standards and deadlines.


University of Benin
MEng. Production Industrial Engineer

   Jan 2016
— Jul 2017

Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management
University of Benin-Benin, Nigeria
Relevant Courses: Reliability and Maintenance Engineering, Operations Analysis, Facility Layout and Location, Production and Logistics Planning, Statistical Quality Control, Scheduling and Inventory Control, Construction Management etc.

Rivers State University
B.eng. Mechanical Engineering

   Jan 2005
— Oct 2010

5 years Mechanical and production engineering under graduate program.


Shutdown Engineer

   Dec 2016
— Current

• Coordinate and follow-up with a multidisciplinary team of operation, maintenance, engineering, inspection, project, shops and support services, etc., to achieve the milestones for the turnaround planning and execution phases.
• Set the turnaround planning milestones target dates on the assigned plants/units and follow-up to achieve the target.
• Kick-start the planning process by requesting scope input from the operation, inspection, engineering and maintenance.
• Develop, challenge and finalize the approved scope of work. Identify the long lead materials and lead/guide the planners to order the materials.
• Support the planners with material specification in coordination with engineering support unit. Identify the resources, contracts required to execute the approved final scope of work.
• Draw out an execution plan following the best practices. Prepare the realistic turnaround budget based on the final scope of work and execution plan.
• Initiate and finalize the technical scope of the contracts for contract procurement.
• Lead the team of materials/contract planners to ensure that all the resources are available on or before time.
• Lead the primavera planner/scheduler to prepare the activity schedule, review and finalize the schedule based on the critical path method.
• Challenge and optimize the schedule submitted by the contractors. Develop a risk mitigation plan. Prepare the execution organization chart for approval.
• Finalize and requisition the shops and support facilities.
• Oversee the field preparations by the planners for pre-turnaround activities. Perform assigned duties and responsibilities as part of the approved turnaround execution chart.
• Monitor and track the deviation between the plan and actual. Record the areas of improvement for future, prepare the post-turnaround report, and organize the critique meeting.

Mechanical-Piping Engineer

   Jun 2013
— Dec 2016

• Implement the re-route the source of seal gas for compressor system unit and report progress report based on installation and construction works
• Developed valve list and material requirement for valves to combine new and old scope and monitor installation progress
• Designed pipe support to align with stress analysis report and piping system for CCP/CPF and NBFS
• Developed the requisite shell test pressure and seal test pressure works for valves based on ASME B16.34 and API6D.
• Identified pipe lines that require PWHT based on ASME B31.3 requirements
• Supervised fit up and welding of spool to spool or spool to field run pipe together and welding supports
• Generated technical drawings, Work method statements, schematics and computer-generated reports.
• Installation of valves, pipe supports and piping spools.
• Refurbish of Turbine Exhaust Duct & flange, Rain stack Dog Leg, Silencer and Test Ports
• Installation of New Gas Turbine Fuel Gas Filters, Flame Arrestors, Lube Oil pumps etc
• Introduction of Nitrogen gas to adjoining piping of Gas Turbine package for preservation purpose
• Installed new Air Inlet System with filter, Silencer and louver for Gas Turbine
• Investigated equipment failures to diagnose faulty operation and made appropriate repairs and maintenance
• Reviewed design deliverables and ensured Manufacturers Data Sheet meets requirement for equipment’s
• Tracked construction and Installation Project Management System(PMS) to efficiently complete large scale projects
• Installation and Maintenance of pumps, compressors and similar rotating equipment
• Studied scope of piping lines from the layout, P & ID, and isometric drawings
• Created Bills of Materials for piping works and valves based on drawing
• Prepare equipment specifications and datasheets and develop procurement deliverables for equipment packages
• Refurbished reciprocating pumps and centrifugal pumps hence saving company cost of external contract charge.
• Installation of Mechanical equipment e.g. Export Compressor Train Package, Screw Compressor Package, NAG Scrubber vessel, Compressor Train, Water Treatment plant, Instrument Air compression skid etc.
• Coordinated hydro test works for piping spools and valves. Provided mechanical equipment support for static and rotating machinery
• Followed- up the status of spools and field run pipes through reports from fabrication workshop and painting yard and coordinating for transportation these materials to site.
• Implemented preservation schedule for rotating equipment and valves
• Aid Process and I&E Engineers of Design Contractor on facility modifications

Mechanical Supervisor

   Jun 2008
— May 2012

Steel Structure Stage
• Reviewed Steel Erection drawings and Checked civil foundations elevation before steel columns / frames Erection.
• Supervised ground assembly for main columns with beams to compose frames can be lifted and erected one time.
• Coordinated erection of main steel girders and bracings between frames (with consideration of erection sequence).
• Supervised alignment and bolt tightening for main members of the structure on the main Aligns and Axis before offering for inspection.
• Supervised erection of Dressing (erection of small beams, bracings, angles, C-Channels and other medium & light steel items).
• Coordinated Erection steel handrails and gratings and Inspected balance bolt tightening

Piping stage
• Reviewed Method of statement, specifications, and standards of materials (pipes, fittings, flanges, gaskets… etc.)
• Coordinated with QC department to cover any required NDT or Heat treatment (preferably before lifting to avoid difficult accessibility).
• Coordinated with scaffolding groups to make access for assembly of the whole lines at any elevation (fit up and welding by taking level and alignment into consideration).
• Supervised welding of vents/drains, pipe supports which to be erected in position at structure.
• Coordinated with engineering department to divide piping scope into test packages.
• Closed punch items and release test packages for hydro, service, and visual test.)
• Reinstatement for piping test packages after applying tests and closing punch lists with the main contractor and client.

Rotating Equipment stage
• Installation of new Turbine Package and new DLE burner to existing Turbine package
• Implementation of Turbine maintenance plan based on the recommended EOH
• Utilization of the standard replacement intervals for Turbine hot gas path components e.g. blades, vanes and combustor.
• Supervised shaft alignment for pumps, compressors and turbine and gear systems

TSKJ (Technip-Snamprogetti-Kellogg-Japanese Gas) Joint Venture
Material Controller

   Jan 2006
— Apr 2008

• Supervised cable yard operations and ensured compliance to MSDS
• Carried out reception of consignment from jetty and Quality Check
• Coordinated House Keeping of warehouse and managed inventory.
• Raised requisition and procurement follow-up ·
• Supervised issuance of material to relevant department
• Carried out preservation and maintenance of warehouse and plant material and perform other job-related duties as assigned

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