Factory Manager with 18 years experience in Feed Mills, Poultry processing, Rendering and Meat Processing

Last Updated: 11th July 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Chennai, India


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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Hindi


Extensively skilled, competent and result-driven professional putting forth over 21 years of experience in Poultry Feed Mills, Animal Feed Mills, Aqua Feed Mills, Poultry Processing Plants, Meat Plants, Solid Waste handling - Rendering Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Refrigeration Plants with an exceptional understanding of Agro Industries, expertise in SOP, SSOP, HACCP and OSHA safety act. Proven ability in maintenance and production with the skills of preventive, corrective, scheduled, predictive & breakdown maintenances of both Mechanical and Electrical problems. Proficient in machineries like Meyn and stork - G.P, Scalder, Plucker, Overhead Conveyor, TRDE, PNT, VOC, Giblet m/c's, FIM, Chiller, Cookers, Driers, Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Fat Press, Decanter, Horizontal ribbon & Paddle Mixer machines, Pelleting machines, Coolers, Grumblers, Compressors, Boilers, Elevators, Screw/Chain Conveyors, Hammer mill machines, Bins, Silo's, Forklifts, Automatic bagging machines, Stitching machines, Generators, Blowers, Air Jet Filters, F.R.L., PLC’s, Invertors and Magnetic Contractors, Load Cell, Geared Motors and Alignment etc., Able to work on own initiative and as lead, delivering strategic direction for improved maintenance and efficiency. Expert at establishing operational excellence within cross-cultural environments thereby building cohesive team structures that drive company’s vision to viable realizable goals. Adept at moving into new environments and extrapolate from the existing experience to quickly adapt to new ways fluently.


Bangalore University
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

   Jun 1990
— Aug 1994

B.E. Mechanical


Akseker Allana, Ethiopia, Africa
Factory Manager

   Nov 2014
— Mar 2016

• Heading entire factory responsible for operations,
Maintenance, Production, Administration, Purchasing, With Laisoning with Government authorities, Quality & Yields, Finance.
• Responsible for casing operations of sheep /goat,
• Responsible for chilled meat operations of sheep/
Goat and cattle.
• Handling various projects of expansion like casing
Production building, blast freezers and cold stores
• Responsible for team building, performance evaluation,
• Trainings etc.,
• Exporting meat to UAE
• Accreditation of ISO & HACCP
• Got Approvals from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ajerbeiza

Frigorifico Allana
Factory Manager

   Jan 2013
— Nov 2014

• Responsible for Production, Engineering Management, Purchase Management, Store Management, Waste Management , Rendering plants and Waste water treatment plants.
• Handling buffalo meat processing plants, Frozen fruit processing plants, Aseptic Plant, Carton manufacturing plant, Processed Food Plant.
• Responsible for operational cost of boilers, refrigeration plants, Electrical consumption, Water management and Waste water treatment plants.
• Reporting to Director – Operations.
• Ensures factory safety and environment friendly.
• Continual improvement of operational efficiencies.
• Responsible for team building, planning budget and forecast.
• Responsible for expansion new projects including civil , Mechanical, Electrical and Refrigeration works.
• Responsible for inventory of Engineering Stores as well as Packaging material stores.
• Responsible for statutory compliance of Pollution control board, Inspector of Factories.
• Projects completed Solid waste ingesta dryer project, Effluent treatment plants, Dry rendering plants, Digestor etc.,
• Transferred to Ethiopia on international stint. (From Nov 2014)

Godrej Tyson Foods
Factory Manager

   Apr 2012
— Jan 2013

• Accountable for the operations poultry (Chicken) processing plant including production, human resources, maintenance, quality, procurement, supply chain, financial, food safety and quality goals.
• Reporting to CEO.
• Responsible for cost of production, productivity of the plant, Labor man hours and product yield.
• Conducting meetings with all of the departmental heads daily for production and plant issues, improvements and bench markings.
• Responsible for all statutory compliances.
• Continual Improvement in production and Operational Efficiency of the plant.
• Fixing KPI’s for each of the departments to achieve the goal of the organization.
• Responsible for motivating, training and team building.
• Ensures factory safety and environment friendly.
• Coordinating with marketing team for the new product developments
• Handling SOP, SSOP and GMP’s.
• Responsible for ISO & HACCP and developing the factory operations.
• Responsible for team building.
• Planning budgeting and forecasting.
• Responsible to reduce the production cost.

Avanti Thai Aqua Feed Mills
Assistant General Manager - Operations

   Jun 2011
— Apr 2012

• Managing operations of the factory and quality related activities, efficiency, man management to derive the productive results.
• Reporting to MD.
• Responsible for Producing with high quality, Feed mill maintenance, dispatches and raw materials storage.
• Planning, organizing, team work spirit for all the departments.
• Continual Improvement in Operational Efficiency of the plant.
• Responsible for cost of production, productivity of the plant, Labor man hours and product yield.
• Coordinating with warehouse and planning for raw materials for production.
• Reducing the wastages and continuous improvements.
• Handling SOP, SSOP and GMP’s.
• Coordinating with marketing team for the new product developments.
• Ensures factory safety and environment friendly.
• Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports.
• Conducting meetings with the concerned departmental heads for improvements and bench markings.
• Fixing KPI’s for each of the departments to achieve the goal of the organization.
• Supervising, motivating the team and evaluate by every month.
• Improving the factory performance and efficiency.
• Responsible for ISO & HACCP and developing the factory operations.
• Coordinating with quality manager to improve the quality

Almarai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Senior Engineering Manager

   Mar 2010
— Jun 2011

 Planning maintenance and ensure all machines are available for production at any time.
• Follow up the works dedicated to complete the projects according to the specified time frame.
• Handled 1L birds / day Poultry processing plant, Rendering plant, Waste water treatment plant and Refrigeration plant maintenance.
• Planning spares for the plant and follow up purchasing the spares.
• Working closely with Factory Manager for continuous improvements and productivity of the plant.
• Planning budgeting and forecasting.
• Coordinating with quality and production to solve the engineering problems.
• Analyze trouble shoot and rectify any technical problems.
• Studying the drawings and specifications according to the project plan.
• Supervising, motivating, training, disciplining and benchmarking to the team.
• Analyze the existing plants to improve productivity, renovation works and save cost.
• Responsible for team building.
• Responsible for structure, systems and procedures.
• Timely conducting energy audits and decreased the plant downtime.
• Planning and executing daily, weekly maintenance with the maintenance team.
• Implementing systems in the plant like preventive maintenance program.
• Monitor to follow the safety standards in the plant.
• Travelling to the equipment manufacturing sites to ensure according to the specifications and standards.
• Providing required trainings for maintenance personnel.
• Allocating personals to the specified works with bench marking.

Fujairah Feed Factory, UAE
Production Manager

   Nov 2008
— Jan 2010

 Efficiently using time management in utilizing the machines and labors to improve production.
 Producing all kinds of animal feeds like Cattle feed, Dairy feed, Quail feeds, Camel feed, Chicken feed, Gazal feed, Ostrich feed, Zebra feed, Fish feed, Sheep feed, Rodent feed, Duck feed, Mash feed etc., with effective cost of production.
 Reporting to the Owner of the company.
• Analyze trouble shoot and rectify any production problems.
• Weakly drawing shift programs and allocating personals.
• Supervising, motivating, training, disciplining and benchmarking to the factory staff.
• Plan and Direct Maintenance staff and schedule preventive maintenance.
• Preparing production reports like daily, weekly and monthly.
• Responsible for production, feed mill plant maintenance, receiving of raw materials, Product Quality, HR, delivery of products to the customers, fleet maintenance, storage of raw materials, planning and procurement of spare parts etc.,
• Handling SOP, SSOP, OSHA safety act, GMP.
• Responsible for the plant sanitation and scheduling the weekly programs to clean the machineries and warehouses.
• Responsible to reduce the wastages and mill performance.
• Responsible for motivating, training and team building.
• Implemented the quality management systems in the factory (I.S.O – 9001:2008 & HACCP).
• Ensures factory safety & environment friendly.
• Coordinate with marketing manager to develop new products.
• Coordinate with raw material purchasing manager and arrangement of logistics.
• Working with accounts manager and finance manager to decrease the cost of feed and improve the productivity.
• Responsible to workout continual improvements in the products and factory.
• Responsible for expansion or new projects like machinery installation, new warehouses, including civil works etc.,
• Procuring all spare parts and equipments needed for plant operations.

Al Watania Poultry, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mechanical Engineer

   Feb 2007
— Nov 2008

 Strategically planned and execute daily preventive and corrective maintenance for reduction the breakdowns and scheduled, predictive maintenance.
 Handled two poultry processing plants with capacity 2.5 lakh birds per day for three lines.
 Handled two rendering plants include production, maintenance and plant management.
 Handled both Meyn and storke equipments.
 Completed project for feet processing plant.
 Improved the machinery efficiencies in rendering plant.
 Responsible to reduce the production cost.
 Follow up HACCP, GMP's, SOP and SSOP.
 Preparing the performance evaluation for the entire tem.
 Coordinating with quality to resolve any quality issues.
 Motivate the team to derive productive results.
 Responsible for any new projects.
 Effectively Planned and Prepared Purchase orders for spares
 Analyzing the problems and resolve them accordingly for smoother operations.
 Enhance the efficiency of the machines and improve the productivity
 Motivate the team to derive productive results.

Cheroen Pokphand India Pvt Ltd
Production cum Maintenance Manager

   Dec 1999
— Jan 2007

• Managing all kind of poultry feed Production and improving the efficiency of the machineries.
• Strategically planning preventive maintenance, corrective, scheduled predictive, breakdown and weekly maintenance.
• Responsible to produce feed with low cost with high quality, safety and engineering aspects.
• Analyzing the mill performance and productivity.
• Reporting to Assistant Vice President.
• Producing all kind of poultry feeds like broiler starter feed, broiler grower feed, broiler finisher feed, Layer feed, breeder starter feed, breeder grower feed, breeder finisher feed, swine feed etc., with good quality.
• Responsible for plant sanitation includes raw material receiving are, production area and finished goods warehouse, etc.,
• Controlling minimum level of ingredients in the bins both raw materials and feed.
• Carried out weekly program to clean the machineries, bins, warehouses and entire areas.
• Checking the mixing process and ingredients according to the formula and inventory of raw materials.
• Responsible for motivating, training and team building.
• Discuss with the quality department and taking decisions of off grade feeds.
• Responsible of efficiency and improvements in the plant.
• Solving the customer complaints

• Handled sub-contractors and vendors.
• Responsible for safety and minimize the wastages.
• Worked as responsibilities equal to assistant factory manager.
• Allocating personals and responsible to improve the productivity.
• Handled Production, Maintenance, Spare Parts Purchasing and HR.
• inventory control
• Handled government officer’s like boiler inspector, pollution control board, inspector of factories, weighment and measuring department etc.,
• Handling new projects like R.O. Plant etc.,

Vahini Industries
Production Engineer

   Jan 1997
— Jan 1999

 Strategically Planning production and monitoring the products
 Responsible for preparing drawings.
 Checking and testing the product and the machining time
 Responsible for quality and preparing the relevant documents like check sheets, Testing reports, Inspection reports etc.,
 Reporting to Managing Director.
 Motivate the production staff.
 Reduced the rejection and breakdowns.
 Visiting to the customer sites.
 Preparing the bill of materials to procure the raw materials.
 Follow-up the sub-contractors.
 Responsible to develop new products.
 Responsible for on time delivery of products to the customers.

SJES Polytechnic

   Jan 1996
— Jan 1997

• Thought the students theoretical topic of Heat & Mass transfers and Thermal Engineering.
• Responsible for handling practical on Mechanical testing lab, heat Engines and Hydraulics and pneumatics lab.

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