Senior Drilling Engineer (Offshore-Onshore)

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25 to 34

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Accomplished and performance-driven professional with 13 years of experience in overseeing drilling operations within high-profile organizations. Well-versed in managing drilling operations, identifying productive opportunities, developing offshore-onshore projects. Highly skilled engineer with expertise in leading drilling operational routine activities prominently, executing drilling as well as intervention operations, and drilling high pressured; sour gas (H2S) and thermal wells.


MIT Pune
Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum Engineer)

   Jun 2002
— May 2006

Bachelor degree (BE) in "Petroleum Engineering"


Petroleum Development Oman
Senior Drilling Engineer

   Apr 2015
— Current

Key Contributions:
o Rewarded by “PDO Shell" for saving around $12 Million within 2.5 years while delivering the various project within the agreed timeframe and set numerous important milestones.
o Delivered around 120 wells in within span of 3 1/2" year with strict adherence to safety measures without any LTI, including miscellaneous profiles as well as high and low risk level. (120 wells includes 51 directional, 17 vertical FAT & 53 infill wells under urban planning PAD drilling projects by using TWO Rig units)
o Introduced Oman’s first trial for a hybrid of TCI and set new field record as the fastest well in Bahja.
o HAIMA-2018 Campaign: Delivered four wells with 2 field records by saving $1.5 million.
o ANZUAZ-2017 Campaign: Secured $ 1.5 Million by delivering two wells within the agreed timeframe.
o Marmul-2016 campaign: Saved $ 2.5 Million over well AFE by delivering four wells with optical fibre provision around the production casing as a second trial in PDO.
o Bahja Campaign: Delivered three wells in 2018, five wells in 2017, and three wells in 2016 by saving $ 2.2 Million, $ 0.8 Million, and around $ 1.5 Million.
o ALSE – 2016 Campaign: Saved around $2 Million by providing six wells with four filed records.
o Improved the well deliveries by improving the gross connection time, BOP and WH installation time, eliminated GYRO surveys time making it from online to offline.
o Implemented EM tools replacing pulse telemetry systems resulted in reduction of connection time from 14-15 min to 9 min as an effect of which saved around $ 2.5 million per year per Rig (over 25 wells)

Kuwait Oil Company
Drilling & Work-over Engineer

   Mar 2014
— Mar 2015

Key Contributions:
- Commended by management for implementing the unhindered process for executing cemented liner jobs consistently without any issues as well as new cementation practice of displacing the cement with brine, which resulted in saving 1.5 days per wells and hence 27 to 30 days per year.

British Gas – Mumbai, India
Senior Drilling Engineer

   Feb 2013
— Feb 2014

Key Contributions:
- Developed a strategy to minimize frequently occurring stick-slips tendency/hole spiralling effect contributing excessive drags.
- Implemented one trip BHA with long gauge drill bit to improve the delivery of 8 1/2" horizontal sections from ERD profiles from "11 days" to "4.5 to 6 days", resulting in reduced stick slips and vibration issues.
- Implemented cost effective drilling applications such as RSS; Heavy Motors; Bits; NRDPP; shock subs; PBL subs; reamers etc

Jubilant Energy – Delhi, India
Senior Drilling Engineer

   Oct 2008
— Jan 2013

Key Contributions:
- Appraised by the management for timely completing projects such as "drafting and implementing SOPs, well head installation, and mentorship for training various new recruits, which resulted in awarded as a two times as GEM of the organization.
- Deliver project mitigating well control or stuck pipe risks by implementing MPD technology for Tripura project.

Transocean International & Hardy Oil
Trainee Well Site Well Engineer

   Jun 2006
— Aug 2008

Additional experience as a Trainee Well Site Well Engineer at Transocean International from June 2006 to Sept 2008 and Trainee Drilling Engineer (Offshore Projects) at Hardy oil.

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