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My name is Shashank Bailady, a mechanical engineering graduate with 6 years of experience in machine design, finite element analysis and solid mechanics.

I am a great fan of technology and have special love for machines. Currently working in Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS is a Subsidiary of Herman Miller Inc.) as a Product Development Engineer for 3+ years, working on providing engineering solutions for one of the best in class office products like monitor arms, CPU holders etc.

Before joining CBS, I was working in Tantra Info solutions for 2 and ½ years on hand calculations, value engineering, FEA, CAD and manufacturing drawings. Worked closely with chief technical officer to build some of the interesting machinery which I loved the most in my professional career as got an opportunity to work on core technical like selection of materials, understanding of different types of forces and boundary conditions, calculations behind beams, columns, selection of components like bearings, gears, motors, couplings, pulleys, drives, springs etc.

• Good at machine design and solid mechanics.
• Good knowledge of ANSYS workbench V18, working experience in ANSYS APDL, Solidworks 2016, MS office products, Inventor and PTC Creo.

Please have look at the attached CV for more details.

Looking forward for your call to discuss about my capabilities and how it will help you in future.

Many thanks,
Shashank B


East West Institute of Technology, Bangalore
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

   Aug 2005
— Sep 2009

In the four years of engineering coursework, we had these as major subjects along with project work and lab, they are Machine Design, Finite Element Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Material Science, Mechanics of Machines (Statics and Dynamics), Theory of Machines, Basic and Advanced Thermo Dynamics, Manufacturing Process, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, Heat and mass Transfer, Total Quality Management, Process and Planning etc.


Herman Miller Inc.
Product Development Engineer

   Jun 2014
— Current

• Monitor Arm Spring Rod - Spring Nut Plate analysis, hand calculations and value engineering
(Key works are around: Changing the material of the nut plate from machined high strength steel to the molded glass filled nylon material)
• Medical Arm Joint failure analysis
(Key works are around: Nonlinear analysis of nylon 66 material to investigate unknown failure of arm joint)
• Height adjustable work top development
(Key works are around: Spring force, material selection, frictional contact analysis, polymers, glass filled nylon, section modulus, bending equation and design modification)
• Investigation of a steel jaw plate failure observed at customer place (It is a part of Slatwall mount, which is used to hold accessories and attached to grooved side panels on the work tables.
(Key works are around: deformation and strength analysis of existing plate, based on the result modifications are made on the CAD model, new part is run again to see the improvement. Part is manually tested and proved the FEA results.
• Vibration analysis of arms to see its frequency response.

Tantra Infosolutions PVT LT
Engineer - Design and Analysis

   Oct 2011
— Jun 2014

Worked on projects related to Linear Static structural analysis, Non-linear analysis, Modal analysis, cyclic symmetric analysis.
• Experienced in static equipment design and stress analysis, design includes hand calculations & preparation of technical reports.
• Carried out the Static Structural Analysis of rail track maintenance machine for different loading conditions like turntable lift loading, ballast wing loading, front plow loading, tie insertion and removal process.
• Executed Nonlinear analysis projects considering different parameters like material, geometry, contact, load and structural behaviors.
• Knowledge of fatigue life prediction using stress-life and strain-life assessment.
• Executed wafer lift mechanism design with VA-VE methodology implementation to achieve the required life cycle and ease of assembly with hand calculations for a client in Semiconductor domain.
• Responsible for preparing design concepts and necessary hand calculations for New Product Development projects.
• Remarkable knowledge in machine design calculations involved in the selection of different types of bearings, couplings, gears, working of multiple gear mechanisms, gear reducers, motors, etc.
• Proposed innovative solutions and cost saving alternatives to meet clients’ objectives and expectations.
• Understand and implement various standards compliance into Design as per customer requirement with the usage of tools like DFMA & Tolerances stack up Analysis.
• Communication with client regarding project status & progress on a regular basis.