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45 to 54

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Senior Executive with over 30 years of professional working experience. Successfully held various roles such as Chief Director (in various portfolios), Head of Ministry, Director, Deputy Director of Education, Deputy Chief Education Specialist, Principal and Deputy Principal, Senior Life Sciences, English, Maths, General Science & Natural Sciences Educator.

Leverage commercial awareness to oversee all aspects within an organization, manage profit and loss, and subsequently increase company profitability. Well known for my ability to strengthen operations, maximize performance across highly competitive markets, develop and manage staff performance through the implementation and development of effective strategies.


University of Durban Westville (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Master of Education (Management)

   Feb 2001
— Dec 2002

1. Discourses in Education
2. Discourse in Research
3. Education and the Law
4. Research Methodologies in Education

MANCOSA (Management College of South Africa)
Diploma in Human Resource Management

   Jan 1999
— Dec 1999

Human Resource Development
Human Resource Management

University of Natal (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Bachelor of Education (Hons) - Science Leadership

   Feb 1998
— Dec 1999

1. Curriculum Development
2. Teaching and Learning
3. Foundations of Science Education
4. Assessment in Science Education
5. Teaching and Learning in Science
6, Leadership and Professional Development

Rand Afrikaan University
Further Diploma in Education Management

   Feb 1995
— Dec 1996

Education Leadership
Education Law
Education of Professional Development

Transvaal College of Education
Higher Education Diploma (M+4)

   Feb 1985
— Nov 1988



iTutor Group
English Consultant

   Mar 2019
— Current

1. Teach English online to Foreign students (both children and adults).
2. Conduct demonstration classes for prospective English students.

Adriya Sports and Fencing
Finance and Operations Manager

   Aug 2015
— Mar 2020

1. Oversee the management of all debtors and creditors
2. Liaise with bank and accountants
3. Prepare weekly expenditure reports and projections
4. Supervise the payroll management and payments to creditors
5. Set the day to day operations of the business
6. Liaise with clients; meet with prospective clients at request of the CEO
7. Conduct Quality Control at various building and sports facilities sites when required
8. Make site inspections; snag building and fencing work when directed by the CEO
9. Price BOQs and prepare quotations as directed by the CEO
10. Prepare presentations for prospective clients and investors
11. Oversee the management of the website and social media

Department of Sport and Recreation
Chief Director: Corporate Governance

   Jan 2009
— Jul 2015

In charge of the following directorates:
1. Infrastructure & Facilities
2. Communication
3. Security Services
4. Strategic Management and Monitoring & Evaluation
5. Head of the 11 District Heads and their offices of the KZN Dept. of Sport and Recreation.
6. Represent the Department on the Social Sector Cluster of the KZN Cabinet.
7. Advise on ALL governance issues.

Department of Sport and Recreation
Chief Director: Strategic Management and Executive Support Services

   Jan 2008
— Dec 2008

1. Prepare the Annual Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan of the Department.
2. Supervise the Monitoring & Evaluation, Transformation, Security Services, Research & Information, and Facilities Directorates.
3. Supervise all Monitoring & Evaluation in the Department as per the Annual Performance Plan.
4. Prepare operational plans as per budgets and desired outcomes.

Department of Sport and Recreation
Chief Financial Officer

   Jul 2007
— Mar 2010

• As Acting CFO drafted the final budget for 2009/10 and 2008/9 as well as the motivations for additional funding
• Obtained unqualified reports from the Auditor General – took over and handled this matter upon resignation of the CFO in both 2006/7 and 2007/8 financial years
• Made Budget presentations to the Sport and Recreations Portfolio Committee and Finance Portfolio Committee
• Represent the Department at the National Portfolio Committee on Conditional Grants
• Member of the Department’s Bid Adjudication, previously Chaired this Committee on a number of occasions
• As CFO and Head of Ministry analysed and advised the Head of Department and MEC on the overall trends of the expenditure of the department
• Liaise with Provincial Treasury and the Office of the Auditor General
• Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports for the MTEF period
• Manage personnel
• Co-ordinate the budgetary process of the business units
• Compilation and coordination of budget inputs
• Meet with MEC for Finance and the DG of the Treasury to discuss the department’s request for additional funds in the Appropriation Budget

Department of Sport and Recreation
Chief Director: Corporate Services

   Jan 2006
— Dec 2007

1. Ensure effective management and co-ordination of Corporate Services which includes the Directorate Administration responsible for all offices, vehicles, and logistic requirements of the department, Human Resources Management, Legal Services Information Technology Directorates.
2. Managing resources of the Chief Directorate efficiently, effectively, economically, and in accordance with the principles of fairness and equality as outlined in Government Policy.
3. Provide advisory services to the HOD, MEC, and the Department at large.
4. Ensure constant review of policies programmes and processes in order to achieve optimal performance of the Chief Directorate and the Department.
5. Participate in policy and management structures which are Departmental, Provincial, and National.
6. Establish and maintain a conducive environment through the promotion of sound labour relations.
7. Delegate powers without lessening the responsibility for the actions taken.
8. Ensure effective implementation of any additional function related to Corporate Services in the best interest of the Department

Ministry of Sport and Recreation
Head of Ministry (Chief of Staff)

   May 2004
— Dec 2005

• Directed and managed the Minister’s Private Office
• Day-to-day management of the Ministry, including management of staff
• Managed the budget and other resources of the Minister’s Office
• Defined the strategic direction of the Office of the Minister based on the vision, mission and values of the department
• Ensured efficient and effective communication between the Office of the Minister and the Department of Sport & Recreation, stakeholders, its Head of Department as well as liaison between the Premier’s Office, other Minister’s Offices and the Cabinet secretariat
• Addressed submissions and briefings on policy, service delivery and administrative issues referred to the Minister
• Provide advice to the MEC on the interpretation, development and impact of provincial and department policies
• Monitor on behalf of the MEC adherence to both National and provincial policies
• Assist and provide advice and input in the determination of departmental policies
• Assist in the compilation of the monthly, quarterly and annual reports
• Responsibility manager for all Subsistence and Travelling & Accommodation bookings to date
• Interrogate the programmes and monitor the spending of the Department’s budget - meet with the CFO on a daily basis and report to the Minister twice a week, this includes monitoring expenditure patterns and meeting with Management to implement intervention strategies where necessary
• Manage all programmes and projects assigned to the Office of the Minister
• Monitor on behalf of the Minister adherence to policy directives and targets by the Department
• Interrogated the appointment of all new staff in the Ministry and Department and monitor the adherence to the applicable Public Service prescripts – report to the Minister on a weekly basis
• Received and monitored the itineraries of the Head of Department, Chief Director and all Directors on behalf of the Minister
• Ensure effective and efficient management / utilisation of all resources
• Ensure that the professional image of the Department is maintained
• Liaise with other Ministers, departments, MPs, MPLs and managers within the Department as directed by the Minister
• Member of the Department’s Senior Management assist in the formulation and co-ordination of the Department’s strategic plan and operational plan - monitor the application of the strategic plan at the request of the Hon. Minister
• Monitor and provide advice on all activities, including line function to the Head of Department and the Minister
• Provide the Minister with all required information regarding all Public Service Acts, Regulations and prescripts
• Conduct research on HR matters, finance, strategic planning and other information directly related to sport and report to the Minister on same
• When necessary represent the Department at Job Evaluation hearings, e.g. hearing on the positions of Head of Department, Chief Directors, etc.
• Check and verify all memoranda submitted to the Minister
• Vet all outgoing correspondence as well as press releases and Portfolio Committee reports before they are approved by the Minister
• Advise the Minister on all matters, including parliamentary activity, HR matters, Finance and line function duties
• Monitor the attainment and sustainability of performance standards as per the organisational goals
• Accompany the Minister on all major visits
• Oversee, directing and manage the rendering of efficient and professional support services to the Minister
• Provide induction / training and briefing to newly appointed members of the Ministry
• Provide input into and preparing the Minister’s Budget Vote 16 Speech and portfolio hearings
• Co-ordinate the Department’s Budget Presentation and hearings
• Co-operate with Cabinet Secretariat, Head of Department, Director-General’s office, etc with regard to signature of documentation, Cabinet Memoranda and Parliamentary questions
• Prepare and check all documentation for the Minister’s signature, comment and information

Department of Education
Deputy Director Education / Deputy Chief Education Specialist

   Jan 2002
— May 2004

• Managed a staff of nine members which includes the Head of Regional Communications and the sub-component Education & Culture Management Information Systems as well as administrative staff in the Office of the Regional Chief Director – Department of Education
• Responsible for the professional development and training / skill needs of all members of staff in the Office of the Regional Chief Director
• Arranged and co-ordinated all major meetings, indaba’s and public addresses by the Regional Chief Director
• Member of the Selection Committees for all vacancies in the Office of the Regional Chief Director
• Ensure that my leave arrangements do not coincide with those of the Regional Chief Director – ensuring that the Office of the Regional Director continues to function effectively and in-line with Regional & Provincial Policies
• Monitor the Performance Development of all members of the ESS sub-directorate
• Monitor the operation of the Region’s Help Desk (a Batho Pele initiative)
• Draft all major correspondence as well as special documentation for the Region on behalf of the Regional Chief Director
• Sub-responsibility manager for the Office of the Regional Chief Director; responsible for the budget of the Office of the Regional Chief Director
• Part of the monthly pre-cash flow meetings, monitoring expenditure in the Region
• Provide ‘one-stop’ information to the Province, National Departments, MEC’s office, Premier’s Office as well as external agencies such as the British Council, etc
• Monitor expenditure and budgetary control for all Budget Programmes as well as the Educational Conditional Grant; included providing advice to the respective Responsibility Managers
• Member of the eThekwini Region Matric Intervention Programme – in charge of monitoring all activities from the Office of the Regional Senior Manager
• Project co-ordinator of Project 2 of the Regional Mayihlome Campaign aimed at including stakeholders in improving the quality of senior certificate results
• Provide Executive Support, which includes the handling of sensitive information to the CEO, Minister and Premier, to the Regional Senior Manager
• Managed and provided Secretariat support for all meetings convened by the Regional Chief Director
• Draft urgent correspondence to the Minister and the Premier on behalf of the Regional Chief Director
• Ensured that decisions and directives of the Regional Chief Director including those to Directors, Deputy Directors and Chief Education Specialists are implemented at all levels
• Monitor, collate and co-ordinate all projects initiated by outside agencies within the Region, includes liaising with foreign governments for the donation of container loads of educational material etc.
• Facilitated donations from the United Kingdom and Operation Booksmart
• Collate and compile the region’s Quarterly Report on the achievement of targets in terms of the KZNDECs strategic objectives for SMM
• Actively involved in aligning and formulating the Region’s Strategic Objectives in line with the Province’s Strategic Plan
• Convenor of the Regional Performance Evaluation Indaba’s as well responsible for designing the instruments used to assess Performance Evaluation in all the Region’s offices
• Conduct on site investigations, incident reports and school visits for the Office of the Regional Senior Manager
• Facilitate the processing of urgent repair work / new work at schools within the ER which are urgent with the ER and the Dept. of Works
• Investigated and prepared a report on the Status of Unpaid educators in the region for onward transmission to the CEOs committee investigating this issue
• Co-ordinate the statistics and handle queries for the Primary Schools Nutrition Programme (PSNP) for the region
• Investigated the number of officials who have not assumed duty as a result of restructuring and or have not received notification of their appeals for the region – onward transmission to Head Office HRM
• Collate and compile information on the location and duties of all officials in all the ERs various offices
• Co-ordinate the activities of the various Teachers’ Centres in the region
• Head of Communications, Public Relations & Languages of the Durban South Region – Kwazulu Natal Dept. of Education (2001-2002)
• Secretary of the Executive & Management Committees of the Durban South Region
• Handle correspondence of the Regional Senior Manager (Chief Director)
• Attend and provide input at all Finance Committee Meetings as well as serving as Secretary
• Provide logistical support to the Regional Senior Manager
• Interpret and provide guidance on policies and legislation
• Interpret and analyse documentation and prepare executive summaries on same
• Conduct and handle investigations queries from ex-employees concerning the processing of their pensions and other matters
• Handle liaison with outside agencies such as the media, other government departments, NGOs, embassies and stakeholders
• Involved in Action Planning for the 2002 and 2003 years – includes finalisation of programmes with requisite budgets
• Advise the Regional Senior Manager on all urgent queries regarding operational matters
• Liaise across all directorates with officials from level 5 and below on all urgent problems and issues
• Liaise with all directors on the implementation of policy and practices
• Provide advise on school governance issues and labour related queries to the Regional Senior Manager
• Liaise with School Governing Bodies on behalf of the Regional Senior Manager
• Handle all urgent queries from the National Ministry, Head Office, Parliamentarians
• Collate and prepare monthly reports for the CEO
• Handle all incident reports/crisis management from all the Districts
• Accompany the Regional Senior Manager to all official functions and assist the Regional Senior Manager with his representative obligations, including taking care of enquiries from members of the public and media
• Co-ordinate official information required from the Regional Chief Director’s office by Head Office, MEC’s office and the National Minister’s Office

University of KwaZulu-Natal
Tutor / Consultant

   Sep 2000
— Aug 2003

Lecture to in-service educators in the Advanced Certificate in Education.

Department of Education

   Jul 1997
— Dec 2001

• Served as a member of the School Governing Body Sub-Committees for expertise on Fund-raising, organisational ability, academic control, discipline, welfare
• Head of Academic Programmes at the school included both curricular and co-curricular Convenor of the Subject Heads Committee which was introduced by me in response to there being no Heads of Department and lack of expertise in all subject fields by a single educator at the school
• Responsible for all construction, repairs, and renovations to the entire school plant.
• Convenor: Staff Developmental Appraisal Team
• In charge of appraising all Senior Primary educators
• Chairman: Staff Meetings; Served ex-officio on all school committees
• Signatory to the school cheque account
• Paymaster;
• In charge of resolving all conflict and grievances between educators, the office, and parents
• Responsible for recruiting educators to satisfy the school’s specific subject needs.
• Convenor: School Curriculum and Pedagogy Committees - chooses textbooks
• Co-ordinated work of Learning Area Committees, timetabling, allocations, arranged INSET, and other Developmental Programmes for educators.
• All duties and functions are carried out by me in a participative management style; wherever possible ensuring consensus between all stakeholders.
• In charge of General Discipline, Attendance, General Welfare of educators, learners.

Department of Education
Senior Teacher

   Jan 1989
— Jun 1997

• Learning mediator of Biology and General Science.
• Designer of learning programmes and materials for Biology and General Science.
• Leader, administrator, and manager in the class and year group.
• Scholar, researcher, and a lifelong learner.
• Community, citizenship, and pastoral role.
• Assessor in Biology and General Science.
• Learning area/subject discipline/phase specialist – Biology and General Science.

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