Procurement & Material Manager

Last Updated: 26th January 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

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An entrepreneurial, focused and results-oriented Materials and Procurement Professional who has considerable experience with business operations and management in a range of organisations and locations. I am a skilled negotiator who can perform extensive product research and negotiate contracts to purchase large quantities of materials and services at the best price. I am proficient in building strong relationships with suppliers and creating joint innovative solutions with them as well as maintaining positive relationships with my team and colleagues to develop solutions with them and create a positive working environment. My communication skills are excellent and I have the innate ability to successfully work in critical and difficult environments and situations. My entrepreneurial abilities are evident in the fact that I successfully ran a business for twenty years which was sold for a profit as a going concern in 2006.
I am adept at preparing, maintaining and reviewing purchasing files, reporting, price lists, status tracking, sourcing, payment approvals, monitoring contractor performance, calculating costs, monitoring in-house inventory. My areas of expertise include but are not limited to:
 Purchasing
 Strategic Analysis
 Billing & Price Negotiation
 Establishing Fundamental Requirement
 Budgeting
 Market Research
 Vendor Management


Westford School of Business
Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

   Jan 2014
— Sep 2014


PMC Material & Procurement Manager

   Mar 2013
— Nov 2016

Key Responsibilities

• Lead the PMC material management, procurement, and logistics disciplines at Ras Al Khair (RAK) project site.
• Oversight management, supervision and support of the EPC material management, procurement and logistics teams from packages 1, 2 and 8.
• Facilitate procurement package status meetings with client and EPCs, on a weekly basis, discussing current and pending project statuses and packages completed.
• Collaborate with the PMC contract manager to resolve various issues providing input and analysis.
• Visit Middle Eastern vendors to inspect progress and expedite urgently needed material to project site to meet schedules.
• Actively participate in audits and status actuality reviews in European EPC head offices.

Key Achievements

• Create and implement safety, logistics, storage, and compliance processes, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy.
• Successfully managed PMC Procurement scope on all mentioned packages as an additional task.
• Presented the program for Logistics and Material Management to the board of Ma'aden in Riyadh.
• Mentoring of both Fluor and Ma'aden young local Saudis in material management, procurement and logistics.