Electrical Engineer / Project Engineer

Last Updated: 22nd April 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu


Over all Eleven (11) years professional experience in Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Power Substations, up to 500KV level nationally.


Quaid e Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology Nawabshah
B. E Electrical Engineering

   Mar 2002
— Jun 2006

Passed B.E Electrical Engineering with specialized in Power in 2006 with A grade.


Al Othman Consultant KHOBAR KSA
Site Electrical Engineer

   Jun 2015
— Current

Job Description:
 Working with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) Al Hassa (Eastern Region) KSA on Different projects.
Substation Projects:
 Witnessed the Reinforcement of existing Al Masoudi 115 KV/13.8 KV substation installed major equipment.
 Installation of 50/67 MVA, ONAN/ONAF Transformer 115/13.8 KV oil immersed transformer with -20% to +12.5 % OLTC,HV out door bushing and LV cable boxes,108 KV Surge arrester complete with bushing CTs, outdoor metal oxide surge arrester. 795 Kcmil ACSR/AW conductor along necessary hardware of the connection between existing SF6 bushings, installation of 3600 A breaker for incoming circuit from power transformer with three single phase PTs.
 Installation of one 3600 A breaker for bus tie circuit. Installation of 16 Nos 630A Breaker for outgoing feeder circuit bushing side, Bus-2 side 3 feeder, Bus-3 side 10 feeders.
 Installation of one 1250A Breaker for capacitor bank feeder.
 Prioritisation of designated project in accordance with available resources
 Review and approval of project estimates to achieve given scope of work
 Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports of the project.
 Direct line responsibility to the Engineering Manager during engineering design and procurement period of the projects and functional responsibility to the Engineering Manager during the implementation of the projects.
 Keep a strict eye on Procurement and Construction progress of the project.
 Liaise with supervision, inspector, surveying, planning, QC and safety teams and provide them information .as required.
 Check the work standard at the site and ensures that work done is according to the drawing and specification.
 Help to create a culture of best practice regarding safety, housekeeping, workmanship and waste management adopt and enforce a don’t walk policy so all safety and quality issues are dealt with immediately.

Project Name : Power Factor Correction Phase-II Project
Contractor : Alfanar contracting
 Installation of 3 phase, 13.8 KV, 5.0 MVAR outdoor, shunt capacitor filter bank in undergrounded double Why configuration .Installation of 15 KV, 4.88mH,300A,25KA rms for 1 sec, single phase de-tunning reactor. Installation of surge Arrester along with surge counters discharge class 3 (min).
 Installation of 13.8 KV, 25 KA for 1 sec free standing outdoor oil filled neutral current transformer.
 Installation of single phase Voltage transformer at the neutral.
 Installation of ACSR conductor, jumper, clamps and connectors required to connect the various outdoor equipment.
 Installation of 1.8 KV, 1250A, Vacuum Circuit breaker for two capacitor bank feeders with provision for accommodating min. single core 630 mm2 XLPE cu cable.
 Installation of CT for 13.8 KV Circuit breaker rates 1250 A for relaying and metering.
 Laying of MV cable including termination kits for outgoing MV distribution feeder circuit.
 Installation of 3 phase bus bar adaptor panel for interconnection of new feeder panel with existing 13.8 KV switch gear.

Under Ground Power cable Project:
 Preliminary route survey, Trial Holes, Cable Route Design, Power cable installation including trench Excavation, Cable laying, Construction and Installation of joints bays, Main hole and communication hand hole, Link boxes and Earth pit as per SEC standard.
 Inspection of Jointing and termination, Road crossing by open cut, Concrete Duct Bank (CDB), Sand Duct Bank (SDB) and Horizontal Direct Drilling (HDD).
 Preparation of Project related reports such as: Work schedule, Daily Progress report (DPR), Preparation of submittals and transmittals, Inspection Report (RFI), Material inspection report (MIR) as per SEC standard.
 Supervision of activities on daily basis at site, coordinate with client and contractor for smooth execution and operation of work and for all the technical issues and documents submission prior to execution of site work.
 Provision of Bi-weekly and monthly look-ahead schedule to Project Manager for execution and follow up of activities as per SOW.
 To ensure implementation of SEC 5-Star Safety at site.
 Ensure that all site works are being carried out according to approved drawing (IFC) and SEC standard.
 Liaise with all the project team to ensure proper understanding and running of the project plan.
1- Construction of Underground Power cable of 115KV Double Circuit between NADA 115 /13.8 KV S/S to JAWATHA BSP Al-Hassa. (9.4 Km Length).
2- Conversion of OHTL to UGTL 115/13.8 KV Single Circuit Between North Mubarraz to Masoudi S/S Al-Hassa (11 Km Length).

K-Electric Company Karachi Pakistan
Assistant Manager

   May 2013
— May 2015

Job Description:
 Responsible for managing overall project activities along with project site planning, organize, coordinate the execution of technical, fiscal and administrative functions for assigned project elements, determine the sequence of activity and Lead site engineering staff and relevant parties to ensure project completion within the allocated time and budget.
 Responsible for installation and commissioning of Auto /power transformer,HT/LT switchgear, Protection relays, Current transformers(CT),Potential Transformer(PT),Substation incoming and outgoing feeder metering, voltage stabilizer, synchronizer and automation system, Firefighting system, Overhead and underground line construction.
 Fully involved in Preparation of Electrical pre-commissioning-packages for pre- commissioning tests of switchgears and Scheme such as Short Circuit & open circuit test, Turn ratio test (TTR), winding resistance test, Capacitance & dissipation factor Test (C & DF), Saturation Test (magnetization Curve), Polarity test, Ratio test, Insulation resistance test, Contact resistance test, functional Tests of scheme and troubling shooting etc.
 Responsible for Preparation of project completion schedules and EPC sheets for the assigned projects.
 Daily/Weekly site visits to check the progress of work and also supervise the installation & erection work of electrical equipment.
 Correspondence with consultant (NESPAK) and Client NTDC (WAPDA) on the issues of the projects.
 Coordination between consultants (NESPAK), Client (NTDC) and sub contractor’s engineering disciplines during all stages of design review for the assigned project.
 Monitor field work, including contract work, to ensure compliance with company standards, procedures, Contract Specifications and codes (IEC, IEEE, ASTM, ANSI etc.)
Correspondence with the Manufacturer/Vendor of the Equipment for supporting documents (type test reports, reference list, sales record etc.)
Following projects successfully executed and energized under my supervision:
1- 132/11 kV GIS Grid Station Project along with automation at Korangi Town
2- 132/11 kV AIS Grid Stations Bahria Town Karachi

Netracon Technologies Lahore Pakistan
Electrical Engineer

   Feb 2011
— Apr 2013

Job Descriptions
 Fully involved in Erection & Installation of all Electrical Equipment such as, Auto Transformer Banks, Power Transformers, Circuit Breakers (C.B), Current Transformers (C.T), Potential Transformers (P.T), Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CCVTs), Disconnector with or without Earthing switches, Lightning Arresters (L.A), Station Batteries, Battery Chargers, protection panels, control panels, Outdoor Cubical, AC/DC Auxiliary Supply panels, 11kv Switchgears, Pad mounted Transformers, Gantries & Steel Supporting Structures.
 Responsible for cable laying and their termination at their required equipment/panels as per given Cabling Schedule and Schematic diagrams.
 Fully involved in Preparation of Electrical pre-commissioning-packages for pre-commissioning tests of switchgears and Scheme such as Short Circuit & open circuit test, Turn ratio test , winding resistance test, Capacitance & dissipation factor Test (C&DF), Saturation Test (magnetization Curve), Polarity test, Ratio test, Insulation resistance test, Contact resistance test, functional Tests of scheme and troubling shooting etc.
 Preparation of B.O.Q & cost estimation for variation orders/modifications etc. and also estimating engineering manpower requirements
1-132kV GIS Hybrid Grid Station Gulistan-e-Johar (Hospital) Karachi
2-132/11.5kV Grid Station Plandri (Conversion from 33kV to 132kV) Lot-III

Maple Leaf Cement Company
Assistant Manager

   Aug 2007
— Jan 2011

Job Description:
 Operation and maintenance of 132/11 KV substation.
 Troubleshooting of 20/26 MVA Power Transformers, 132KV Circuit Breakers and Disconnector switches.
 Testing of 20/26 MVA Power transformers and 132KV Circuit Breakers.
 Performed De-Hydration process of transformers oil along with oil testing to confirm the dielectric strength of the oil according to IEC standards.
 Responsible for the preparation of six monthly maintenance schedules.
 Responsible for Power Distribution throughout the plant.
 Plant Lighting maintenance and installation.
 Modification and installation of new switchgears, if required at Grid station.
 Dealing with WAPDA regarding load management and energy bill.
 LV power distribution.
 Energy audit with internal auditors and external auditors.
 Operation and maintenance of 1000 KVA Siemens Diesel generator (Cummins engine) with 1500 RPM and Dc excitation system.

Wapda Genco-II Guddu

   Jul 2006
— Jul 2007

Job Description
 Operation of 600 MW Combined Cycle power plants.
 Comprises of 04 Gas Turbines (100 MW) each of frame 9E & two Steam Turbines (100MW) each Mark-VI e Control System.
 Maintenance of Generators, 122MVA, 100 MW each, 06 Units and protections.
 Transformer Routine Checks (Oil Level, Temp: Surge Arrestor)
 Switching of HV/MV/LV Breakers
 Hi – Pot test of transformer & Cables.
 Dehydration of transformer.
 Fault Detection experience of control Cables.
 Monitoring of running plant and logging parameters.
 Regular and detailed inspection of automation room and switchgear.
 Regular and detailed inspection of rotating equipment and stationary equipment.