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Last Updated: 22nd June 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Cherthala, India


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English, Hindi, Russian


• Project management, Contract Performance management, Site Management and Coordination of Construction, Installation, Commissioning ,Operation and Maintenance of Power Plants and Gas Compressor stations
• Act as a focal point between supplier and customer for various site issues
• Installation, pre commissioning , commissioning, Start up, Performance test, Operation and Maintenance of Frame 9, 7,6, 5,GE PGT – 25+ DLE and PCL 803 / 802/807 and BCL 806 Gas Compressors.
• Installation of associated systems, packages and commissioning activities like Start up, Cranking, oil flushing, Hydro testing, Pneumatic testing & air blowing etc.
• Associated with Combustion Inspection, Hot Gas path Inspection and Major Inspections of GE Frame 5 twin shat, Frame 6, Frame 7 and Frame 9 Gas Turbines.
• Experience in procurement, Inspection, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Gas Turbines of Eastern origin, GE Lm 6000, GE Frame 5, Frame 6 , Frame 6FA and frame 9E
• Dismantling, Repairing, Overhauling, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Gas Turbines and compressors
• Operation of Mark II, Mark IV, Mark V and Mark VI GT control systems.
• Identification and procurement of Correct Spares and Inventory of spares. Utilization of Men and Material. Preparation of time sheets for contract peoples
• Coordination with Vendors(OEM) for repair, procurement and supply of spares
• Initiate actions for Replenishment of warranty/defective/used spares during installation and commissioning.
• Preparation of Time Schedule for various activities in consultation with customer
• Coordinate EHS training and set safe working practices for all personnel.
• Achievement of target schedules on or before target date without compromising any safety
• Preparation of commissioning documents, signature verification and final hand over to the client.


GE Energy Learning Centre, Belfort, France
GE FSE Training /Direct Hire course - GT Installation/Service

   Dec 2007
— Mar 2008

GE Field Service Enginee training programme

DSC, Russia
Graduate in Ship’s armaments –Gas Turbine Power Plant

   Oct 1986
— Mar 1988

SN Polytechnic College, Quilon, Kerala
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

   Jun 1980
— Jul 1983


ECL Global/ EWI for Granite Services/ GE Oil & Gas
Site Manager /FSE

   Feb 2016
— Current

During my tenure, I was involved in following duties:
NPCC, Abu Dhabi
Installation of PGT25+ Gas Turbines, BCL 458/358 Compressors and Power generators on different platforms
Mar’2016 to Sep 2017: ECL Global for Granite Services/ GE Oil & Gas
QAPCO, Doha, Qatar.
Project consists of installation, pre- commissioning, commissioning and startup of 03 MS 5001 DLN Gas turbines and revamp of 02 old frame gas turbines.
KOC, Kuwait for BS -160
ODM and Ejector filter modification of PGT 25+ Gas turbine.
Saudi Aramco, MGSE, Riyadh.
The project consists of 12 nos. PGT25+ Gas Turbines and PCL 603 Compressors. The various duties involved is reception, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, startup and operation of GTs,

M Mech Engineers Pvt. Ltd, India
Maintenenance Manager

   Sep 2015
— Feb 2016

It is an Engineering Maintenance contracting firm of a Power Plant operating GE’s Lm 6000 Gas Turbines , Steam Turbines and associated systems and equipment. I was responsible for following activities:
• Attend the morning meeting with the customer .
• Day-to-day maintenance of the power plant.
• Maintenance of the Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and allied equipment as per the CMM
• Shutdown maintenance as per the schedule
• Brake down maintenance of engines and equipment.
• Inform the concerned about the availability of spares in advance

Granite /GE Energy/GE Oil & Gas.
FE/ Site Manager

   Nov 2006
— Dec 2013

The various position/roles assigned to me as follows:

Position: Project Manager
Perform Major Inspection, modification and commissioning of four GE Frame 9E Gas Turbines located at National Thermal Power Corporation site at Kawas, Gujrat.

Hyundai - Kuwait Oil National Thermal Power Corporation, Kawas, Surat, India.
Company - Compressor Booster station- 180
Position: Site Manager (GENP):
Installation and pre commissioning of the compressor station consists of 04 MS5002C and 04 BCL804 compressors. In addition site is having 02 Fuel Gas Booster Reciprocating compressors.

Qatar petroleum, Doha, Qatar
Position: Site Manager (GE Oil &Gas)
This project is for overhauling twin shaft GE Frame 5 GT for Qatar Petroleum. I was responsible and involved in the following:
Initiate work scope for the project, spare requirements, tools list and manpower in advance.
Prepare schedule for the activities including working hours and manpower requirement for each activity
Initiate daily and weekly progress reports , participate in customer meeting, act as a point of contact between customer and OEM
Contact the vendor for spare parts requirements
Coordinate different department of the QP for timely completion of the project.
Overall supervision of manpower, EHS and other customer requirements.
Initiate right decision at right time for the issues and problems happens during overhaul.

Panduranga Energy Systems Ltd, Rajahmundry, India
Position: Site Manager (Installation & Commissioning)
This project is a 110 MW combined cycle power plant and it consists of GE Frame 6FA Gas Turbines, HRSGs and steam turbines. I was responsible and involved in the following:
Overall project management and execution from contract signing to project completion.
Manage project quality, budget and schedule, compliance with contract scope as well as expected profitability of the project itself
Ensure that the EHS and PQMS quality procedures and processes are strictly implemented throughout the project execution.
Manage resources and Coordinate different departments involved in the project.
Main interface between the Customer and OEM with great visibility inside and outside the Company.
Plays a proactive role in problems identification and resolution during the project by highlighting potential areas of concern and promptly driving other departments in solving issues that affect project execution

Dhuvaran Gas based Combined Cycle power plant, Dhuvaran, Gujrat, India.
Position: GE Contract Performance Manager
It is a combined cycle power plant operating two GE Frame 6FA Gas Turbines and Steam Turbines

Saipem-Kuwait Oil Company - Burgan Oil Field, Compressor Booster station- 160
Position: Site Manager (GENP)
The compressor station consists of 04 PGT 25+ Gas Generators, 02 BCL- 607 and 02 BCL- 806 compressors.
In addition site is having 03 Fuel Gas Booster Reciprocating compressors.

Asia Gas Pipeline LLP – Compressor Station -1 & 4, Kazakhstan
Position: Site Manager (GE NP)
The compressor station consists of 03 PGT 25+ Gas Generators and 03 PCL 802 Compressors. I was involved and responsible for following activities:
Site Management and Coordination of Construction, Installation and Commissioning Activities
Cranking and Sequence Cranking of units
N2 Leak test of Compressor barrel and Flanges
Start up and running of units in various modes of operations
Coordinate with remote team for DLE Mapping of Turbine.
Rectification of defects during commissioning of units
Coordinate with GE / Vendor for problem resolution during commissioning
Ensure the timely delivery of original spares and reissue of Non Conformity of Material during installation.
Preparation of Time Schedule for various commissioning activities in consultation with customer
Preparation of commissioning documents and hand over units to customer at the end of commissioning.
Completion of activities within stipulated time with proper utilization of material.

Reliance Gas Transport Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) / East –West Gas Pipe Line, India.
This pipeline was the longest in India, around 1400 km, connecting KGD basin in east shore to western part of the India. It consists of 10 Compressor stations and each station consists of 03 trains of GE PGT 25+ DLE, HSPT and PCL 803/802 Compressors.

RGTIL Compressor Stations 04, 07 & 01: Position: GENP Site Manager
This station consists of 03 Gas Turbine Compressor Trains and each Train consists of Lm 2500 Gas Generator, High Speed Power Turbine and PCL 803 Compressor. I was involved:
Site Management for installation and Coordination of Commissioning Activities
Installation of PGT 25+ GT, HSPT and PCL 802 Compressors
Installation of Associated systems and piping as per the approved drawings of OEM
Co-ordination of activities like oil flushing, Hydro testing, Pneumatic testing & air blowing etc.
Verification of system pipe lines and connections as per P&ID of OEM
Trail run of various machineries, equipment and associated systems before commissioning
Coordinating with GE, Vendors and Customer for timely resolution of various issues generated during the installation.
Ensure the timely delivery of original spares and reissue of Non Conformity of Material during installation.
Proper utilization of men and material at site.

CTJV / Rasgas, Raslaffan, Doha, Qatar - Position: Field Service Engineer (Mechanical)
Installation of 02 No Frame VI Gas Turbines.Combustion Inspection and Hot Gas Path Inspection of Frame VII Gas Turbine (on Outage)

: Wadi Al Jizzi Power Station, Sohar, Oman
Shift Charge Engineer (Operations)

   Aug 2004
— Sep 2006

Wadi Al Jizzi Power Station is a 335 Mw single cycle power station consists of 13 Frame Machines i.e., 03 in nos. Frame 5 and 10 in nos. Frame 6 Gas Turbines operated on Gas fuel supplied by an external agency. The Frame 5 GT ’s of GE make, 05 Frame 6 GT’ s of Thomassen make, 04 Frame 6 GT’s of Alstom make and 01 Frame GT is BHEL make. The GT control systems are Mark II, Mark IV and Mark V. The power generated is supplied to the main grid through 05 feeders. The plant is owned by Ministry of Housing, Water and Electricity of Sultanate of Oman and Operation and Maintenance contractor is M/s. WJ Towell & Co. LLC Here I employed as Shift Charge Engineer to cater the operational needs of the power plant. In addition to above, involved in maintenance activities. I was responsible for the followings:
• Take charge the Main Control Room Operators and Field Operators during the shift duties.
• Ensure smooth operation, safe start up / shutdown of plant during the shift.
• Initiate corrective action to various operational problems arising during the shift.
• Carry out trials and commissioning of Gas Turbines after the maintenance and keep record.
• Carry out performance evaluation test on gas turbines as and when required.
• Coordinate with maintenance department for timely rectification of defects to keep maximum availability
• Issue work permits and test permits to maintenance department and keep record of it.
• Coordinate with external Load Dispatch Centre for various load demands.
• Fulfilling the responsibilities of the Operation Superintendent in his absence.

Assistant Plant Manager (O & M)

   Nov 1999
— May 2001

It is a captive Cogeneration Power Plant consists of Lm 6000 Gas Turbine Generators and Steam Turbine Generators and HRSG of Deltak make. In addition to the above 02 units of Demineralization plants of Eco-Tech make, 02 units of VAHP air Chillers, Cooling towers, 02 units of Centrifuges of Westphalia make and various pumps of different capacities of multiple uses. The plant is being operated under the contract of GENERAL ELECTRIC CONTRACTUAL SERVICES. Here I employed and actively participated in various roll as Apm and responsible to Plant Manager for day-to-day Operation and Maintenance of the power plant. I was actively involved, hands on, with representatives of GE in major repair and brake down jobs performed in Gas Turbine Generators like Changing of Low Pressure Turbine Blades, repair and installation of HPC blades, change of Combustor, High Pressure Turbine I and II, blades, air seals, and other problems as and when required. Also involved in major repairs of Steam Turbine Generators i.e. Disassembly, Repair and assembly of Turbine rotors, Generator rotors, Bearing, Thrust pads, sealing rings and other Auxiliary equipment.
I was responsible for following:
Coordinate morning meeting with all power plant staff for discussion of various problems and resolutions.
• Verify the material supply indent before issuing to supplier and expedite the date of deliveries.
• Coordinate and schedule all shut down jobs in advance for men and material.
• Coordinate EHS training and set safe working practices for all personnel.
• Carry out all breakdown maintenance jobs at odd working hours.
• Carry out Boroscopic inspection and report to Plant Manager.
• Coordinate and update all reports of operation, outages, and accidents
• Update and maintain all monthly and yearly reports.
• Installation of New machineries and equipment when procured.
• Carry out the alignment of Engines and equipment as and when required.
• Involve in design and modification of the existing systems for better output and modifications as suggested by the OEM.
• Carry out the Acceptance trails and make report of New Machineries during installation.

Master Chief Engineering Artificer I

   Oct 1984
— Oct 1999

Marine Gas Turbine Overhaul Centre is one and first of its kind in Asia. I has extensive experiences in Overhauling and Repairs of Twin spool Combustion Gas turbines and Gas Turbine Generators. Devised defect survey methods on the basis of specific operating conditions of separate parts and sub-assemblies of Gas Turbine and Generators. Also been closely associated with performance evaluation, Vibration analysis and Commissioning of Gas Turbines. Actively involved in Trouble shooting of Gas Turbines fitted in various fields and ships. Undertaken design modifications of Gas Turbines to improve reliability of operation as advised by Original Equipment Manufacturer. Also involved in design and development of various special tools, jigs and fixtures required for repair and over haul Gas Turbine components as per the drawings. Besides above, my tenure at Marine Gas Turbine Overhaul Centre had honed my abilities in the multifarious aspects of Planning, Scheduling and controlling of jobs and effective employment of skilled and semiskilled staff. The tenure also enabled me the confidence to repair and overhaul of Gas Turbines of different makes. I was actively associated with NDT, Machine shop, chemical cleaning, Metal coating, Fuel section, balancing, preservation and documentation. I was involved and gained hands on experiences in following activities:
• Part of project team to identify equipment and infrastructure required for the Overhaul, repair, Installation, trial and commissioning.
• Dismantling Gas Turbines into sub units, accessing work package and critical repair.
• Repair of sub units including defect rectification, reclamation of worn out parts/bearing journals by electroplating/welding and metal spray coating.
• Determine and check the dimensions of Air seals during machining.
• Technological/dummy Assembly and resetting of subassemblies/spools.
• Assembly of subunits and their coupling after maintaining the required accuracy.
• Alignment of Gas Turbines on the base frame.
• Performance evaluation of the Gas Turbine on test bed and various fields.
• Carry out preservation of Gas Turbine prior to dispatch to fields/store.

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