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Last Updated: 4th July 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
35 to 44

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Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu


Having 17+Years professional experience Health, Safety and Environment control. Implement Safety Procedure HSE Management, Develop and implement an operational risk management program during Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries / Major Highway & Fly Over Construction / High Rise Buildings Construction & Facility Maintenance projects in different Companies. Attend all required site safety management meeting, Monitoring of Health, Hygiene & Environmental safety, keeping all records of files. Prepare Accident & Incident reports. Prepare Risk assessment / Safe System of work & Job Safety Analysis, Conduct Audit Plans and Personnel Trainings and Orientation as required, Prepare daily plant inspection, Weekly and monthly statistic HSE reports, Conduct audit labours site / camp and office, clinic and emergency response and drill facilities, Attend seminar and trainings, Familiar with through Knowledge on various safety regulations, standards, procedures etc.


Calcutta University
Bachelor of Science

   Jul 1995
— Sep 1998


Emaar Jazan Co Ltd
Safety Manager

   Sep 2017
— Current

 Ensure that the Company's Health and Safety policies and procedures are communicated to the employees.
 To ensure compliance with company's objectives, requirements, priorities, policies, procedures, standards, rules, regulations and guidelines provided by EJCO from time to time.
 Performed daily TBM to all operation and maintenance personnel prior to work.
 Facilitate the development and execution of the Site HSE Plan.
 Advising employees about safe & healthy work practices & management systems.
 Provide training and awareness to operation and maintenance personnel.
 Creating effective procedures for the preparation and implementation of programs within the area of Construction safety, and the environment in process.
 HSE Inspections, Accident/Incident reporting & Investigation, analysis of incident
 Statistics in order to identify trends and propose the necessary corrective measures & follow-up.
 Identifying potential hazards and document the same.
 Carrying out weekly HSE inspections with client & consultant
 Monitoring all safety issues on site, to prevent and stop dangerous work practices.
 Watches out for the safety of all workers and works to protect them from entering hazardous situations and responds to employees' safety concerns.
 Provide (HOTWORK, LIFTNG PLAN, etc.) as per client needs.
 Performed inspection and color coding of lifting gear (sling, shackle, tackle, hook, wire rope) prior to start of work.
 Prepare (JSA) Job safety analysis in all various activities especially in critical condition /situation.
 Preparing monthly accident status report & incident analysis for submittal to the operation manager.
 Performed monthly inspection of firefighting equipment such as Fire extinguisher, Fire hydrant & hoses, fire alarm, smoke detector to maintain good condition of each firefighting equipment.
 Render instructions to correct any unsafe condition/action in order to eliminate the possible hazard in the workplace.
 Obtain walkthrough from construction contractors & sub-contractors, in the conjunction with the site manager satisfactory cleanliness / housekeeping of the site. Issue the accident first aid cases and near-misses statistic.
 Prepare monthly safety statistic report.
 Prepared risk assessment /job safety analysis for various activities.
 Impose warning notice/recommended disciplinary action.
 Implementation of Safety Policy to correct unsafe condition/act.
 Comply EJCO Safety Rules and Regulations.
 Inspects the site to ensure it is a hazard-free environment and verifies that all tools and equipment are adequate and safe for use.
 Promotes safe practices at the job site and enforces safety guidelines.
 Conducts investigations of all accidents and near-misses. Conducts job hazard -analyses and establishes safety standards and policies as needed.

 Coordinates registration and removal of hazardous waste.
 Serves as the link between EJCO, Royal Commission (Client) and local agencies and contractors.
 Receives reports from and responds to orders issued by RC inspectors.

Saudi Oger Ltd
HSE Incharge

   Jun 2014
— Sep 2017

Develop site specific HSE Plan & Procedures, HSE Policies, provide training & communication to affected / relevant employees to ensure compliance with Corporate HSE.
• Manage HSE activities like Training Matrix, Fire system, Management of change, Safety observation system, contractor’s safety, HSE Induction, Mock Drills, Event Tracking System, HSE Council etc
• Responsible for implementing and improving General HSE, Environment, Safety, Loss Prevention, Industrial Hygiene, Health, Management System modules.
• Ensure all HSE related legal/statutory licenses, compliances; returns are in place as per government & Organization requirements.
• Works with Site operations leader to Improve leading HSE Metrics to sustain and further improve the Safety culture at the site.
• Audits programs for compliance with Client’s standards, government regulations, and adequacy relative to local conditions.
• Identifies common health and safety hazards inherent in the organization's operations and facilities and establishes controls for protection from hazards and maintenance of employee wellbeing.
• Generates and monitors periodic performance reports for trends and conditions and alerts line management to problems.
• Investigates accidents or problem areas and recommends future preventive measures.
• Manages safety committees and other employee consultation on H&S.
• Participating in Weekly Safety Meetings with Client.
• Ensuring emergency preparedness as per Emergency management plan Reviewing Emergency management plan.
• Conducting regular operation tests & maintenance fire water system, fire fighting protection equipment, fire alarm system etc.

Sung Chang Abdullah Al Sheikh Contracting Company Ltd
Safety Engineer

   Aug 2013
— Jan 2014

• Leading all Safety Team.
• Attending Client’s meeting.
• Implementation of action plans as advised by HSE Manager.

• Co-ordination for the implementation of work permits system.
• Maintaining all safety-related documents.
• Proper feedback to the management.
Monitoring of safety management plan.
• Preparing for weekly, monthly and annual reports.
• Preparing job safety analysis for all critical activities.
• Performing weekly HSE walkabouts Conduct safety committee meeting
& minute proceeding for circulation & follow up the action.
• Advice and guide site supervisors on safety matter.
• Monitoring Health and Hygiene condition on the site.
• Creating safety awareness through the Tool Box Talk.
• Conduct safety training and Mock Drills.
• Facilitate screening of workmen and conduct safety induction.

Qatar Kentz W.L.L Company
Senior Safety Officer

   Jun 2008
— Dec 2012

• Revising Company Manual.

• Developing the Risk Assessment and producing control Measures.

• Ensure all operational /construction activities on work site are carried out in a safe manner and in adherence to company HSE Policies, statutory regulations, and guidelines.
• Attending Client meetings, Preparing Weekly and Monthly Reports.
• Provide support and Guidance to ensure compliance with national and international regulations.
• Assist in the Induction and familiarization process of new personnel.
• Assist in identifying and fulfilling Training requirements for all work-site people to achieve necessary HSE competency requirements.
• Participate investigation into Undesired Events at the work-site.
• Produce and maintain work-site HSE Documentation including Reports, Plans, Procedures, Instructions and guidelines.
• Facilitate the identification and evaluation of work-site activities.
• Monitor UERs and safety observation to ensure accuracy and to analyze and report on HSE trends in work-site activities.

AL-Jaber Grinakar-LTA
Safety Supervisor

   Feb 2004
— Mar 2005

• Leading Team of Safety Officers.
• Providing Tool Box Topics and Communicating Safe Work Techniques.
• Creating specific course for newcomers.
• Developing the Risk Assessment and producing Control measures.
• Advising management and issuing guidelines to Supervisors on Occupational Safety & health-related matters.
• Recommending remedial actions on all accidents, incidents, and near misses to prevent recurrence.

Fouad Abdulla Fouad Co Ltd
Safety Officer

   Feb 2001
— Dec 2003

 Frequently Tool Box meeting, HSE meeting with various topics as per requirement for the different location.
 Frequently Tool Box meeting, HSE meeting with various topics as per requirement for the different location.
 Safety inspections of work sites for work permits, Personal Protective Equipment, electrical
Machinery’s environmental, safety inspection.
 Inspection and periodic calibration verification of Fire extinguishers.

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