Marine Mechanical Engineer

Last Updated: 19th September 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian


Marine Mechanical Engineer with 36 years experience in marine, oil and gas industry: marine technical advisor, marine assurance, quality analysis and control expert, Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) / Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) inspector, Dynamic Positioning Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DP FMEA) engineer, marine offshore logistic coordination specialist, experienced in commissioning and repair of all kind of mechanical, electrical equipment and vessel’s dry docking, developing and review of all technical, operational documentation and certification, marine incident technical investigation and developing of reports, risk management, development of marine operations procedures.


Odessa National Maritime University
Marine Engineer

   Sep 1984
— Jun 1990

Marine Mechanical Engineering


Marine Consultancy
Marine and Dynamic Positioning Engineer

   Nov 2016
— Current

• DP Control System: DP FMEA, DP Operations Manuals, all kind of DP trials, DP incident investigations
• Vessel’s Inspections: OVID, CMID, vessel’s suitability survey, on / off hire survey
• Company Representative on board of Offshore Installations / Offshore Support Vessels
• Commissioning from shipyards of newly built vessels, mechanical and electrical equipment, review of documentation and certification

Marine Technical Advisor

   May 2013
— Sep 2016

• Improved safety of marine operations of vessels chartered by BP and offshore installations in Angola region
• Supported offshore drilling, FPSO / oil terminal, subsea construction, logistic operations
• Verified compliance of operated vessels and offshore installations in accordance to requirements of BP Angola Marine Operations Manual, BP Operating Management System, recommendations of IMO and IMCA, local and international maritime legalisation including Classification Society and Flag State requirements
• Developed marine operating procedures and enhanced risk management of marine operations
• Conducted marine verification of operated vessels and offshore installations. Carried out: OVID, CMID inspections, vessel’s suitability surveys, DP control system assurance, review of key marine personnel qualification and training, Vessel’s Operators audits, marine incident investigation and reporting.

GL Noble Denton
Senior Marine and Dynamic Positioning Engineer

   Jun 2011
— May 2013

• Worked as Company Representative on board of Offshore Installations / Offshore Support Vessels
• Executed DP FMEA, DP Operations Manual documentation
• Supervised DP FMEA proving trials and developed trials program
• Conducted DP system assurances
• Assessed DP personnel experience and qualification
• Analysed root cause of DP incident
• Managed CMID inspections and suitability surveys

SMIT International, URS, Maersk
Chief, Second Engineer

   Jul 1997
— Jun 2011

• Worked as Chief Engineer, Second Engineer, Third Engineer Officer on board of Jack Up Barges, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels, Platform Supply Vessels, Offshore Support Vessels, Subsea Construction Vessels and Terminal Support Tugs (DP Class 1, 2), container and dry cargo vessels.
• Contributed to major oil and gas projects in different worldwide locations: West Africa, India, Singapore, North Sea, Caspian Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean
• Conducted rig moves, deep water installations, anchor handling, platform supply, towing, salvage, diving support, ROV support, FPSO support / marine oil terminal / static towing operations, maintenance of SPM, mooring points, practical deployment of oil dispersant equipment
• Experienced in building, commissioning and delivery of new vessels from shipyards in Abu Dhabi, Singapore, India and China as Chief Engineering Officer. Improved the quality of product and increased future safety and operational productivity of the new built vessels due to supervision and tracking of outcome observations
• Carried out scheduled and unscheduled dry docking repairs, generated controlled of dry docking repair lists

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company
Marine Electrician

   Sep 1980
— Jul 1997

• 1986-1997 - Chief Electrician on passenger and dry cargo container ships
• 1980-1986 - Electrician in the electrical department of Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company ship repairing yard.

Commissioning of new installed electrical equipment such as: power generation systems, power distribution systems, diesel generators, safety systems, fire fighting pumps, waste water systems, domestic water systems, various compressors.