Engineer Senior Radio Planning Expert

Last Updated: 21st August 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

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Arabic, English, French


An experienced Signal Military officer & Sr. Telecoms Engineer with significant experience in design, support, administration and implementation of many military equipments, recently hired by OOREDOO as Radio planning senior Expert. Over 12 years of IT experience with full life cycle Telecom/Radio systems and computer projects Responsibilities included overseeing the maintenance and operations. Responsibilities for identifying, performing and projecting cost analyses for future telecommunication requirements. And advanced skills in intelligence, surveillance and recognition (ISR) system.


Tunisian Military Academy Ministry of Defense, Tunisia
Telecommunication Engineer Study

   Aug 2003
— Jun 2006

National Telecommunication Engineering Diploma

Preparatory School for Engineering study, Ministry of defense, Tunisia.
Preparatory school for engineering study (Math, Physics, Computer...)

   Aug 2001
— Jun 2003

Math, Physics, Computer.

Feriana secondary school.
contest entry of National Baccalaureate (Specialty Math).

   Aug 1994
— Jun 2001

Math, Physics, Computer....


Ooredoo Tunisia
Senior Radio Expert (2G, UMTS, LTE)

   Apr 2018
— Current

- Planning and sizing of the Radio network (theoretical plan, Survey, draft visits, coverage simulation).
- The choice of site configuration and radio settings (candidate validation, draft visits, frequency planning, design session).
- Site Integration (Drive Test analysis, statistics tracking).
- The treatment of spontaneous candidatures (study and validation candidatures by field visits).
- Validation of design actions.
- The treatment of the results of the internal measurement campaigns (ex: Benchmarck) & Externes (ex: INT) of the Ooredoo network.
- Deployment of dedicated solutions for resolving customer complaints (Survey, Measurement, Reporting and Deployment Monitoring).
- Analyses of the various problems encountered (statistics, drive test, captures) and take the necessary actions for their resolutions.
- Implementation of network optimization and design optimization campaigns.
- Redaction of QoS tracking reports.

Torchlight Group (A global counter threat company), Tunisia
Radio/Signal Expert

   Dec 2017
— Mar 2018

- Learn to maintain and repair a whole range of IT and communications equipment for use on the battlefield and on operations.
- Deliver training in industry technology and company-developed products (Such us Harris, Alcatel ASELSAN, THALES, IP communications protocols, CCTV...).
- Putting new hires and existing staff through many current company products training lineup.
- Work on further development to the training lineup to include advancements and changes to products and the industry (IP-PBX, Radios, SATCOM, LAN /WAN, and Fiber optic design set-up and maintenance…).
- Updating training materials, involve recording videos or sound files, creating slides, info-graphics or diagrams as needed.

Tunisian army (Wed Ellil military Base). Ministry of Defense
Signal Company Commander (Senior Telecom Engineer).

   Mar 2015
— Dec 2017

- Design and realization of several networks based on radio equipment; VHF (PR4G, ASELSAN, Alcatel, Harris ...) and HF (Harris RF-5000/5800/7800 ...), expert; from the installation of the antennas to the configuration of the transceivers.
- Expert optical fiber (access network / access level);
• Technologies, equipment (welding machine, cleaver, OTDR, optical pencil, optical clamp, micro-tube control accessory, blowing equipment, OLT, ONT, ...),
• Architectures and dimensioning (from PA to PR) at the access network level, with experience in civil engineering work control, laying slices, traditional sliced and micro-sliced, room, street cabinets, technical rooms.
- Prepare and maintain critical and technical documents required for signal officers..
- Applies strong leadership skills to the direction and supervision of telecommunications teams and projects.

United Nations Organization (UNO).
Military observer, UNITED NATION ORGANIZATION, Ivory Coast peace keeping mission

   Feb 2014
— Feb 2015

- A Radio/Signal officer who designs the installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment for the transmission of VHF / HF Radio, Satellite Phone, Cable and FH data, mobile, tabs.
- Ensure the quality of the connections in order to allow a continuous transmission of the data and the voice.
- Specialized in precise troubleshooting to quickly solve problems.
- Provide analytical, technical and problem-solving advice to internal UN users.
LAN / WAN Network Manager, familiar with IP communication and routing protocols.

Southern Military base(Mednine, Benguerden, Dhiba), Ministry of Defense, Tunisia.
Signal Company Commander (Senior Telecom Engineer),

   Aug 2007
— Feb 2014

-Design and implementation of new systems; VHF (PR4G) and HF (RF500-5800) Thales...
-Expert fiber optic (service / access network level).
- Organization of the flow of information between the various services of the army or between the army and the outside.
-Adapting hardware and software to the needs of the military and studying solutions for new uses.
(Ex: Ground surveillance RADAR; SRHAWK)
-Ensure the protection of the national border and the main important sites in Tunisian southern zone.

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