Infrastructures Engineer

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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, French, Spanish


Motived and interested by broad capacities in construction, water system and management in foreign countries.
Commited to building a strong relationship with a compagny able to offer motivating projects and interesting perspectives.

More than 7 years of experience in groundwork, road construction, and underground facilities, piping and wiring system, in various environments, primarily in French Guyana :
o Design of drinking water system : treatment, conveyance and distribution system and water tower tank
o Wastewater system design : watewater treatment, pumping station, piping
o Rainwater system design : hydraulic study, retention pond, piping
o Electrical and public lighting networks design : high and low tension electric networks
o Television and telephone networks design
o Earthwork design for roadway or allotment
o Roadway design : asphalted, concrete road and laterite tracks
o Project management from inception to commissioning
o Technical and financial project studies
o Works supervisor : conducting meeting, technical and financial management
o French public works contract management
o Ability to effectively resolve contractual dispute.
Personal profile : self-sufficient, involved, trustworthy, enthusiastic, enjoy working in a team, great adaptation capacity, wish to progress by working and undertaking traning courses.


English courses

   May 2018
— Jun 2018

LV Consultant
Mangement trainning

   Jun 2016
— Jul 2016

154 hours of training period

AUTOCAD training

   Aug 2010
— Oct 2010

CFPPA Auterive
Development and maintenance of river, fluvial hydraulic

   Jan 2004
— Nov 2004

Lyçée G. Desclaude
Management and Mastery of water

   Sep 1998
— Jun 2000


Eau Dyssée
Infrastructures Engineer

   Oct 2010
— Jul 2017

Key responsabilities :
- Planning, design of civil and infrastructures engineering
- Establishment of project files, with technical and financial studies
- Establishment of written and graphical documentation for public contrat
- Works supervisor :
• Finance management : management of up to 6 projects concurrently, more than 12M € in cumulative
• Relationship with stakeholders (customers and companies)
• Technical and financials decisions-making
• Completed work handover.
- Direct mamagement : design follow-up and provide works for technician and apprentice.

Key achievements/projects :
- AEP Ecarts Nord project : water treatment system, conveyance, water tower tank and water supply – about 3M € for all project and 1M € first phase of works
- Pôle Epuratoire Sud project : 8 wastewater pumping stations up to 630 m3/h – 10 kms of pressure piping – many stakeholders – 5M €
- Réhabilitation de l’Habitat Insalubre Bourg Apatou : Water supply, wastewater and storm water piping, electrical and telephone wiring, earthworks, parking road, and retaining wall up to 500m lenght and 3m hight – in a context of spontaneous housing – 2,5M€
- ZAC St Maurice : Concerted land planning – 250 Ha – earthworks, roads and all underground facilities – 2 projects up to 25 M €
- EU 2011 : More than 2 kms of Wastewater gravity piping – 2 pumpings stations – In context of spontaneous housing included eathworks required for the project – 1,5M €
- Lagune : Watewater treatment lagoon for 400 population equivalent – in a remote areas (only waterway) – 800K €
- Many real estate operations.

Infrastructures technician

   Jan 2007
— Dec 2008

Key Responsabilities
o Planning, design of infrastructures engineering
o Establishment of project files, with technical and financial studies.
o Surface hydraulic studies

Key Acheviements
o Champ captant : Water catchment area, Drill hole
o Real estate operations

Water system technician

   Jan 2005
— Dec 2006

Water, wastewater and rainwater diagnostics

Masse forage

   Jan 2002
— Dec 2004

Water drilling
drill hole with top hammer drilling, rotary drilling and other tools
drill hole with top hammer drilling up to 600m depth

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