Operation Supervisor

Last Updated: 20th October 2020 (about 1 year ago)

United Kingdom


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Age Range
25 to 34

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To make it to a challenging position in an Organisation; permitting me to be flexible and innovative while working towards to a greater success.


Saveetha Engineering College, Anna University Chennai, India
B.E Electrical and Electronics Engineering

   Aug 2009
— May 2013


TSK Electronica y Electricidad

   Oct 2020
— Current

Working for 50MW CSP project with TES capacity of 9 hours at full load, is the first commercial CSP plant in Kuwait, developed by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), the project signed EPC contract with the Spanish company TSK.
Responsible for start-up of the plant assisting/ coordinating with control room operators and for Thermal Energy System loading and unloading. Ensuring the startup is done wrt startup checklist.
Checking all the parameters of the plant including steam parameters like conductivity and pH by coordinating with the Plant chemist.
Calculating daily performance of the plant and necessary corrections will be taken for improvement by coordinating with Operation Manger.
Checking the day-to-day anomalies of the plant and make sure to solve as soon as possible.
Issuing the PTW’s for maintenance team.
Checking the electrical system time to time and ensuring all the system is healthy and available.
Time to time checking the TES electrical tracing and making sure all are healthy.
Issuing the permit to work through CMMS for maintenance and making strict LOTO of the equipment (electrical side and mechanical side as per requirement).
Making all the works and operation of the plant within the site EHS policy.
Taking the solar field rounds time to time and coordinating with the Solar field operator that all the loops are in healthy condition.
Scheduling the mirror cleaning on regular basis.
Taking the corrective actions in the time of emergencies (Black-out, Electrical failure and any running equipment’s trip). Making the root cause analysis and if it is from operation point of view, ensuring that it should not repeat again.

TSK Electronica y Electricidad

   Jun 2019
— Sep 2020

Operation of Solar field, SGS, BOP and HTF auxiliaries for safe start up and shutdown.
Observe the DNI for solar field and adjust the HTF flow according to DNI.
Loading and Unloading of Thermal Energy Storage system.
Monitor the various parameters temperature gradient, temperature, pressure, flow, vibration, DP in DCS.
Preparing shift reports and daily generation reports.
Operate and monitor of the water treatment operation and ensuring all the equipment’s are in running and parameters are within the limits.
Checking the weather conditions and maintaining the parameters as per situation.
Routine and safe change over for running equipment’s.

Alkhorayef Petroleum Company
Facility Operator

   Nov 2017
— Mar 2019

Commissioning and Operation of High pressure 1700psi, 650-degree F OTSG Diesel/Gas Fired boilers. 5*27.5 MMBTU (2000 BBL/DAY)
Commissioning and Operation of Water Treatment Plant for producing boiler feed.
Keep monitoring boilers feed water key parameters and co-ordinate with lab to stabilize standard parameters.
Operated high-pressure boilers and other auxiliary equipment that provide the required flow of steam to crude wells and facilities on a continuous around the clock basis.
Analyzed and tested water samples from boiler, chiller, cooling tower, and supply water systems such as (pH, hardness, TDS, conductivity, Turbidity, silica)
Shift wise update crude well injection steam pressure and temperature as per schedules. Observed pressure, temperature, feed water regulators and burners.
Keep monitoring all chemical dosing systems i.e. (Antiscale, oxygen scavenger, De-chlorination and caustic)

Lanco Tanjore Power Company Limited

   Aug 2013
— Jul 2017

Worked for Lanco Tanjore Power Company Limited is a 120 MW Gas based Combined Cycle Power Plant.
Responsible for safe start-up and shutdown of Gas Turbine in simple cycle and combined cycle mode, Make: GE Model: 6FA.70 MW GE Gas turbine with DLN-2 and Mark V control system. 50 MW Siemens Steam Turbine.
Sufficient experience in handling emergencies, troubleshooting through control sequence program logics in MARK-V speedtronic system.
Adjust controls to generate specified electrical power or to regulate the flow of power between generating stations and substations.
Carried out the Gas Turbine compressor washing for improving the performance of the system -OFF line compressor washing and ON line washing.
Carried out mechanical and electrical isolation for CI and MI and HGPI.
Routine Trial run for checking Healthiness for ELOP and all auxiliaries. Routine change over for the equipment like OVEF and TK, BT fan, And Exhaust fan.
Calculating the Compressor performance and efficiency in Simple cycle/combined cycle.