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I am a Mechanical Engineer who has about ten years of experience with the Master's qualifications in Sustainable energy engineering.
I have served to the number of large scale projects including Puttalam Coal Power Project-phase II, Urban Regeneration Project (Colombo City) - Phase II and Supply, Installation and testing of Package type air conditioners to the century jubilee of Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka.

I have served to local manufacturing companies of uPVC pipe manufacturing.

Also I have served to Sri Lankan higher education providing Institute in Degree and Diploma levels.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Master's in Mechanical Engineering

   Aug 2008
— May 2018

I have completed the Master's in Mechanical Engineering in Sustainable Energy Engineering specialized area

Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna
Bachelor of Science of Engineering

   Sep 2001
— Aug 2007

I have followed and completed the Bachelor of Science of Engineering with the specialization of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.


Sri Lanka National Design Centre
Assistant Director (Mechanical)

   May 2017
— Current

• Supervision of Conversion of Design Prototypes into the Samples within the Handicraft Workshop.
• Providing Technical consultations and guidelines in Mechanical stream purchasing.
• Providing Technical consultations and guidelines in handicraft industry to the craft persons.
• Conducting research for the development of handicraft industry and development of new machines for the enhancement and easiness of the operation of the workshop sections viz. Pottery, Wood, Cane/Bamboo, Coir, Textile, Rush & Reed and Jewelry.
• Maintenance of the workshop machineries for the trouble-free operation.
• Reporting the progress of the workshop to the Chairman/Director/Administration Board and Ministry

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

   Jul 2015
— Apr 2017

• Conducting Practical sessions to the students, who are reading for the B. Sc. Engineering degree in Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical streams under the areas of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing Engineering, CAD, Workshop Technology and Material Engineering and grading of the Lab Reports.
• Providing the proposals to the development of the Engineering Laboratories
• Supporting to the senior staff members in development of Office Building and premises for efficient and convenient environment to the students.

Urban Development Authority
Service Engineer (Mechanical)

   Sep 2014
— Sep 2018

• Reviewing the drawings from the Project Managers/Consultants prior to the real installations. Commenting the drawbacks of the drawings and suggesting the suitable amendments for such kinds of drawbacks with the discussion of architectural team.
• Participating to the progress meeting for discussing the physical problems in Piling, Waste water disposal, Storm water disposal, Sewer lines, Cold water supply, etc., participating to the onsite inspections of the Fire protection system commissioning in all the sites of the project and coordinating with the Fire Department to receive the Fire Conformity Report (FCR) for the Fire Protection System.
• Participation to the onsite inspection as per Inspection Test Plan (ITP) of the Elevator Commissioning and filling the test record sheets of Load Tests, Safety Gear Test of the Elevator.
• Checking the ITP of other systems of the different sites for the completion of Inspections, that the sites are urgent to complete.
• Reporting to the contractor about the non-compliance of the installations points where need rectifications as per the standards of engineering principles.

Ceylon Electricity Board
Mechanical Engineer

   Mar 2013
— Aug 2014

• Design review, erection inspection, testing and commissioning of Coal handling system, Steam Generation system, Steam Turbine, Generator, Ash Handling System, Water Treatment and Flue Gas Desulphurization Systems
• Identify where Design Modifications are needed on mechanical systems: Forced Draft Fan (FDF), Induced Draft Fans (IDF), Primary Air Fan (PAF), and Seal Air Fans (SAF). Then, propose modifications where they must be applied.
• Refer to the “Method statements” of the systems/subsystems prior to the test run of the Mechanical systems of the Boiler, Turbine, Coal Handling, Ash handling and Balance of Plant.
• Carry out the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) for equipment and confirm correct functionality as specified on project technical manual and according to the relevant international standards.
• Prepare Inspection and Test Plans (ITP) for the mechanical systems of the power plant covering all necessary tests and inspection to control the quality of mechanical installations.
• Carry out Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) for the equipment to confirm that the equipment has correct functionality and quality as specified on project technical manual and according to the relevant international standards. Supervision and Inspection of the Chemical Cleaning of the Boiler water walls to clean the internal surfaces of the water walls for efficient heat transferring when the operation of the power plant is commenced. Also, after the “chemical cleaning”, the piece of the water wall is cut from main water walls for the eye inspection whether the internal surface has been cleaned properly.
• Supervision and Inspection of the “Steam Blowing” of the Boiler prior to the Reliability Test Run (RTR). The purpose of the Steam blowing whether the system has correctly functionality for the operation of the power plant.
• Inspection of the operation of the boiler performance supportive devices such as “Soot Blower system”. Preparing the drawback report of the mechanical installation of the flue gas exhaust system such as two chimneys (Stack) and presenting the report in the meeting which participates client (CEB), Consultant and the main Contractor and Sub-contractor.

Co-Energi (Pvt.) Ltd
Mechanical Engineer

   Apr 2012
— Jul 2012

• Development of Spaces for air Conditioning and other building service applications by using Revit MEP software, analyzing the developed spaces for effective air flow circulations, by using Ansys software.
• Site inspection of undeveloped systems/spaces for proper and suitable design submissions, analytical calculations for air-duct sizing, chimney sizing for flue gas, fans selections, etc.
• Review of Drawings of project proposals for air conditioning and other mechanical building services applications, providing suitable proposals for the undertaken projects and discussion with the clients.

Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education
Assistant Lecturer (Engineering)

   Aug 2010
— Apr 2012

• Preparation and conduction the lectures according to the syllabi of Higher National Diploma in Engineering (HNDE) subjects; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Year 1, 2 and 3.
• Supervising the Project works of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning following students of HNDE in the Year 2 and 3.
• Preparation of the examination papers of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for the year 1, 2 and 3 at the end of each Semester.
• Marking of the answer scripts of the above subjects in examination of HNDE course in Year 1, 2 and 3.
• Representing of the Evaluation Committee of Industrial Training reports of students in Mechanical Engineering Stream.
• Participating to the grading process of the Industrial Training reports of students in Mechanical Engineering stream.
• Supervision of the laboratory classes of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Year 1, 2 and 3.
• Participation and getting exposure the practical experience of the apparatus in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Frigi Engineering Services (Pvt.) Ltd

   Mar 2008
— Jan 2009

• Cost Estimation of the Tenders of Building Services Engineering: Air Conditioning, Fire Protection and Detection systems, Plumbing systems, Electrical (LV) systems.
• Inspection of the locations where were requested and required to be air conditioned.
• Supervising of the on – going Air Conditioning projects, which I was assigned as Project Engineer.
• Negotiating with the clients for design modification of the air conditioning systems installations of the projects prior to the commencement.
• Investigating of the fault/modifications of existing air conditioning equipment for either replacement or rectification.
• Representing to the meeting with the Managing Director of the Company for business development negotiations.

Kamal PVC Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
Management Trainee

   May 2006
— Sep 2006

• Supervising the Production plan, which prepared by Production Manager with the discussion of Management Trainees of different disciplines.
• Supervising the Quality of the raw materials and additives; fillers, stabilizers, colorants, within the Quality Assurance Department of the Company.
• Instructing the machine operators for waste reduction from the extruders, which was produced uPVC pipes.
• Supervising the recycling process was equipped with pulverizer, of the waste production.
• Inspecting of the pulverized materials prior to reuse for the conventional production process.
• Inspecting of quality of solvent cement (uPVC glue) of the factory.
• Fault detection of the Extruders, Cooling Chamber, Vacuum chamber, Haul-off machine, Printer and Cutter and supporting to the maintenance department for rectification of the faults.
• Identifying the future technological aspects, which should be introduced to the factory and discussing with higher management.

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