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English, Urdu


I am an Electrical Engineer by Profession having 09 years of Professional experience in the facets of Electrical Engineering working with reputed consultants and contracting companies. I have extensive hands on experience in project implementation and Result oriented nine years of experience in Middle East and Pakistan region in several aspects of GIS substations, Electrical works, Equipment layouts and inspection of Power equipment.


Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

   Jan 2006
— Dec 2009


Middle East Technical Solutions
Project Electrical Engineer

   Aug 2015
— Current

PROJECT TITLE: Conversion of 115 KV OHTL between "Masoudi/Andalus/Khalidiyah" to Underground Cables And "Hameediyah/Uyun/HIE" to Underground Cables in Al-Hassa Area.
CLIENT: Saudi Electricity Company.


• Installation/Modification at Masoudi 115/13.8 KV Sub-station, Andalus 115/13.8 KV sub-station and Khalidiyah 115/13.8 KV sub-station by National grid Saudi Arabia.
• Design, Supply and installation of 1*96 cores underground fiber optic cable along the new 115 KV power cables from Andalus up to existing area.
• Design, supply and installation of cable support/structures, terminations, splices, grounding and link boxes.
• Construction of concrete encased duct banks and sand duct banks.
• Pressure-Testing the Cables, Switchgears by testing the insulation using high-voltage sets.
• Review of Base/Detail Design.
• Testing and Jointing of underground cables.
• Installation and Modification of equipment at Sub-station.
• Arranging weekly & bi-weekly meetings with concerned divisions in order to solve problems incurred during the base/detail design, construction, testing & commissioning.
• Inspection of materials and equipment arriving on site i.e. earthing material, Cable, Link boxes.
• To be constantly aware of all continuing operations on the site by means of regular site visits, inspections etc. To keep a personal daily diary of site events.
• To Assist Project Manager in managing, monitoring and interpreting the contract design documents supplied by the Client.
• Preparation of fortnight and monthly progress report of all construction activities.
• Ensure civil work, welding and maintenance work is all done in accordance the safety procedures is compiled.
• Providing Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment.
• Preparing revised bill of quantities, scope of work, and quantities backup preparation for Interim payment certificate review.
• Undertake daily surveillance of the construction activities to ensure works in compliance with the given approvals, contract specifications and drawings.
• Carried out Rate Analysis on item basis and approvals of variation of works, at site.
• Reporting and discuss work technicalities with the Project Manager.
• Correspondence regarding the site problems & forward to Project Manager.
• Assist the Project Manager with the preparation of weekly and monthly progress reports on the status of the project.
• Keep, monitor and follow up as necessary and complete records concerning the execution of the works as required and directed by the Project Manager.
• Inspection of materials and equipments arriving on site i.e. earthing material, GIS, switchgear, Power transformer, battery and battery charger, Auxiliary Transformer, RMU, Relay & control Panels, RTU, Tele-protection equipment, Communication equipment, HVAC, fire fighting and safety equipment.

K-Electric ltd
Assistant Manager Technical

   Apr 2013
— Jul 2015


• Design of Electrical Substation including site and equipment layouts.
• Short circuit calculations, Load flow studies, Cable Scheduling, Cable sizing, Equipment grounding, Transformer and Breaker sizing using ETAP.
• Load assessment, Load calculation and Load balancing studies for new schemes.
• Preparation of system improvement schemes in order to release to overloading and providing the maximum flexibility on 11 KV network.
• Preparation of LT mains and rehabilitation of ROW schemes.
• Ensure the Substation Maintenance / re-placement / reinforcement of Distribution Transformers and Installation of switchgear and ring main unit as per standards.
• Ensure shutdown in coordination with operation via Manager Sub Station for routine maintenance and installation of transformers.
• Learned basic Engineering drawings and documents such as single diagrams, area classification drawings, Schematic diagrams, load lists, Equipment layout, Cable routing layouts, interconnection drawings, Specifications and data sheets for equipment as required.
• Ability to carry out detailed feasibility studies for the projects to ensure the most effective and efficient utilisation of materials, equipments and labour, troubleshoot and resolve problems relating to quality control aspects, follow proper inspection techniques to examine workmanship and materials, and detect deviations from plans, regulations and standard construction practices, advise on standard construction methods and requirements, organising effective road and structural elements safety measures at site etc.
• Installation of MV/LV equipment, AC/DC charger, Batteries, 11 K.V incoming & outgoing panels along with Bus coupler, laying of 11 KV cables, wiring work for protection & control.
• Testing & commissioning of sub-station up to 132 kV including testing of protection control & metering.

Jamshoro Power Company ltd
Junior Electrical Engineer

   Jan 2010
— Mar 2013

Maintenance and trouble shooting of following equipments and systems

• Water Cooled Hydrogen Filled 250 MW, 210 MW Turbo Generators.
• Installation/ Commissioning, charging, testing and maintenance of 1600AH dry cell battery bank consisting 130 cells.
• DC control and protection system
• Current Transformers(CTs) and Potential Transformers(PTs)
• Excitation & Auto Voltage Regulation System of 250 MW & 210 MW Generators
• 220V DC System.
• Uninterrupted Power Supply System UPS (30 KVA &10 KVA)
• CVCF System (30 KVA).
• High Voltage (6.6 KV) Switch Gears.
• High Voltage (6.6 KV) Motors
• Low Voltage (0.4 KV) Motors
• Control and Protection of Generators, Transformers, Switch Gears, Motors.
• 220 KV Oil Filled Cables, 6.6 KV Xlpe Cables
• Control & Protection of Emergency Diesel Generator 1250KVA & 750 KVA. Power Station Colony Residential Electrical Distribution Network (11 KV & 0.4 KV).


• Different types of distance relay testing sets like XS92a, ZFB (GEC), and Universal test set TZ2, QZW415 (BBC).
• Different types of distance relays like 7SA612 (Siemens) LZ96, L8b, LZ32, L6KT, L3WYs (made by BBC), Micromho, Quadramho, PYTS (made by GEC), and 7SA513 (made by Siemens).
• Different types of differential relays made by BBC, GEC, Siemens (7UT613).
• Different type of over-current and earth fault relays made by BBC, GEC, Siemens (7SJ series) and GE (MIF).
• Different types of primary and secondary current injection sets.
• Megger set, CNDF test set, oil testing set, DC hi-pot, AC hi-pot test sets.

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