Experienced IB/ IGCSE A level Physics teacher

Last Updated: 6th April 2019 (over 3 years ago)



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25 to 34

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I have over 4 years of experience teaching Mathematics, Physics and Science for students from 11-18 years of age studying IB, A-level, IGCSE and CBSE curricula.
I am a British citizen and received my training in my home country, where I taught GCSE and A-level science for 2 years. More recently, for the past 18 months, I have been employed as a Mathematics lecturer at a college in Bangalore, India as well as tutoring Physics and Mathematics for South east Asian expats. This has given me extensive experience working with students from various different cultures and backgrounds. As such I think I would be very well suited to the role advertised.
On top of my teaching experience I have also had the opportunity to fill several leadership roles in the institutions that I have worked. Most notably this includes responsibilities such as; acting principal in college, behaviour management coordinator and ensuring the quality of education through observations in 4 schools. In these roles I have reduced the number of students suspended from college to zero whilst improving the standard of behaviour, ensured 100% results in mathematics for students in my class and improved the quality of education given by teachers who have received feedback from my observations.
Recently I have been increasingly interested in the teaching opportunities available in China, where some of the highest standards of education are maintained, as well as competitive salaries. I would therefore relish the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the role advertised.

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