DCS Engineer/Deputy Maintenanace Manager

Last Updated: 22nd January 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
HNC/HND/City & Guilds

Arabic, English, French


As the experience of working with international companies as NETCODIETSMANN, SPDC, ABB, Ansaldo, Enel and Siemens, it gave me a new frontiers and perspectives in Power plant industries.
The professionalism of preparing, coordinating, correcting and implementing the job upon the planning done by the management that is used by international companies gave me a great idea of the jobs and tasks that must be done by individuals.
The implementation of SAP in order to ensure the compliance of maintenance activities enhanced my aspects regarding maintenance integrity and execution adopted by many international companies as the client that was SPDC
During my work with Ansaldo O&M (1998-2001), I’ve took many jobs (freelancer) with Ansaldo energia concerning putting in preservation the third set of generation ( 2 Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Turbine, Generator and all the auxiliaries related to this set). The preservation of this set was done on Instrumentation, Electrical and mechanical equipments as well as the chemical preservation.
Before starting these tasks, I was involved, under a local subcontractor to Ansaldo energia, in the completion of outstanding items that were not done during the erection and commissioning of Deir Aamar Power Plant.
During my work with Enel produzione (2001 – 2004), I was transferred by my company to the EDL client Ansaldo energia in order to start up the 3rd set ( 2 HRSG’S AND STEAM TURBINE). My job was in re-commissioning of all systems related to this set. The job was from DCS, line up of system, start-up till the operation act under normal conditions.
During my previous work with BCC Services, I manage several activities indirectly, starting from biding, procurement, training, managing and several minor activities.
One of the major achievements was the reverse engineering for ZOUK thermal power plant, where we had to convert a very old Control System ELSAG BAILEY to the new ABB Harmony-Composer DCS. We had to prepare all documentation from instrument lists, electrical loads, all I/O signals. The second stage was to convert all the logic to compatible logic with the new DCS system. Then it was all loaded in Italy, ABB Genova. I had the honor to be involved in Italy with the FAT.
ABB Genova planned the commissioning of ZOUK thermal power plant, and I was the DCS Engineer for installation, commissioning & start up, under the supervision of ABB Commissioning manager. After the completion of the commissioning phase, I was the DCS Engineer in Zouk for 9 months to support during O&M of the plant, than I played the role of main instructor to the I&C Engineers, I&C Technicians & Operation Department in order to handover all the activities for them.
From my point of view, this professional experiences in Power plant industries, Water treatment or Fuel treatment could assist in choosing several sectors in industry, jumping from Power plant and auxiliaries till Oil & Gas industry.
The experience of working with NETCO DIETSMANN & SPDC developed too many managerial and engineering skills. The power plant contains most of the important process in industry, from power generation , gas stations, condition emissions & water treatment.

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