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45 to 54

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Arabic, English


Contact: +97336103307 || Email: sam_gammoh@yahoo.com

The Director Human Resources

Dear Sir,

I look forward to bringing my sound knowledge and experience of 21+years to a reputed organization, which will assist in exploring my capabilities in full. I possess proven skills & expertise in Water and waste water treatment project management, commissioning, Facility maintenance, Reverse Osmoses plants operation and maintenance , Process engineering & Design, technical wastewater operations experience, Client Networking, Customer Relationship Management, Leadership Acumen, Technical Support Services, Liaising & Coordination, Client Relationship and Networking, Team Building, Training & Development, Issues Resolutions and Project Management

I am currently associated with Reef island facility management as water treatment plant manager, where I’m in charge of the maintenance and the operation of the WWTP. I was working with VEOLIA Water systems Jordan as Resident Project Manager of Mafraq waste water treatment plant where I am responsible for the upgrade of the existing plant and the construction of a trunk line to serve the plant; this is to achieve accelerated growth in alignment with the overall vision of the company. I also increased client network and partnership.

Over the years, I have gained a strong foothold in building & sustaining the long-term working business relationships between the organization and clients by providing high standards services to clients from diverse sectors.

Academically, I have completed Bachelors of Science of Engineering from California State University Long Beach, USA

Not forgetting the organization of work schedules, I come across as a highly competent professional inclined towards meeting desired goals. I have an outstanding ability to work independently as well as within a team under challenging, deadline driven environment. I have been highly appreciated by the management for my exemplary performance.

Further details of my experience and skill sets can be obtained from my resume. I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience and look forward to a positive response. You can reach me on my telephone or by e-mail (For details kindly refer to the top of this letter).

Yours Sincerely,

Salem Gammoh


California State University Long Beach
Bachelors degree

   Jul 1990
— Jul 1997

Engineering Technology Manufacturing


Reef Island
Wastewater treatment plant manager

   May 2018
— Current

Responsible for the overall operations and maintenance for the water treatment plant, and the sewage vacuum system.
Oversee the treatment, distribution and daily operations of water treatment facilities. Supervise teams of operators, institute plant policies and procedures, direct training programs and complete employee performance reviews. Ensure that the plant and its operators comply with safety and health standards by regularly testing the water supply and keeping meticulous records. Also responsible for maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring all equipment is in proper working condition.
 Preparation of reports for submission to General Manager
 Oversees the work of others contracted to work on plant components.
 Confers with general Manager on plant operational problems.
 Oversees the preventive maintenance program of the plant.
 Oversees emergency and unscheduled work to assure appropriate follow through.
 Implements, directs and enforces plant safety and risk management programs.
 Coordinates equipment repair or replacement such that plant effluent quality limits are maintained.
 Oversees preparation of work orders.
 Oversees the requisition process for tools, materials, equipment, and services.
 Responsible for inventory of stored material for use in the plant.
 Reviews and comments on all plans for construction, repair, or replacement of any plant components.
 Responsible for all section personnel issues including hiring, evaluating, disciplining, and terminating.
 Assists District Manager in preparation of budget by providing input relative to plant O & M fiscal needs.

Veolia Water Systems
Resident Project Manager

   Nov 2014
— Mar 2017

 Managing and completing the construction of Mafraq waste water treatment plant. (USAID Funded project) 28 million USD
 Monitoring progress of construction against the program, and takes steps to ensure the program is achieved.
 Managed the operation and maintenance of the plant from Jan 2015 until the handover date Jan 2017
 Knowledge of all operation stages for the primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment, and sludge handling.
 Evaluating current projects and provide plans for improvement.
 Coordination and monitoring of contract progress including the preparation of the contract program, monitoring of progress and submission of monthly progress reports.
 Reviewing and approve RFP for upcoming pipe line project.
 Effectively convey work product and project results in technical documents, interviews, and oral presentations.
 Responsible for managing the financial aspects of assigned engineering projects; coordinating and adjusting the work effort within the project team to ensure project work is completed on schedule and within allocated budget.
 Issued payment certificates to USAID and Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ).
 Managing the construction of the design of new VO pump stations, odor control systems, Bar screen, SCADA systems, and new trunk line 5.6 Km (HDPE) to existing plant.
 Managing committee meeting involving the Employers Rep and the consultant.
 Build a trusted relationship with the management team and with the client’s counterpart staff.

Project Manager

   Jul 2010
— Nov 2013

 Achieved the successful delivery of TUBLI Waste water treatment plant upgrade Project 20 Million dollars to brief and to cost.
 Ensured the effective progression of a project from initial contact with the client to final account in order to achieve the company's objectives in relation to service, profitability and development with a functional authority over all aspects of the progression of designated projects.
 Management of all Electro mechanical works for Upgrading of Secondary Treatment Using HYBACS Technology (Smart Units) to eliminate or minimize impact on the existing plant and operations as much as possible. Total upgraded plant production is 100,000 m3/day.
 Ensured that all information is available to planners and detailed plan is drawn up. Set up procedures to ensure information is channeled to planning department and monitor such procedures and reports.
 Managed to formulate and issue a detailed construction, installation and commissioning program.
 Developed a proposed sequencing of activities to allow for timely completion of the project whilst at the same time ensuring that any existing process units are out of operation for minimum period of time.
 Financial duties; as such preparing of monthly invoices, management of cash flow, and claim preparation.
 Involved in civil works design and construction, excavation, re-grading, feed connection chamber, distributing chamber, installation of large diameter pipe work, and refurbishment of existing aeration tanks, includes coating, cracks repair. Construction of new recycle/ surplus sludge pumps stations, and valve chambers.
 Supervised all Mechanical works in term of design specification & regulatory framework, which is undertaken in accordance with the relevant British Standards.
 Involved of the supply and installation of all mechanical equipment, pen-stocks, isolation valves, flow meters, inlet and discharge pipes (stainless steel & GRP). Air blowers, mixers, Diffuser grids, fabricated bell mouth assemblies.
 Hold on site meetings to establish any deviations and problems and take action to solve such

Ministry Of Water (water Authority of Jordan)
Operation Manager

   Jan 2005
— Jun 2010

Wadi Ma’in, Zara, & Mujib. Water Desalination Treatment and Conveyance Project. 120milloin dollars

 Overall responsibility of delivering and handing over the project successfully and safely to the client in accordance with the contract requirements.
 Managing the construction of the design of the RO plant& 6 pump stations, and conveyance pipe line 41 Km (DI pipe).
 Identified the resource requirements for the effective supervision of the project and manages the supervision team.
 Managed the performance of the RO Plant to produce 105,000 m3/day of drinking water as per world standards.
 Preparing monthly payment certificates with the engineer, and comparing electrical consumption related to water production.
 Managed the operation and maintenance of all pump stations, and all mechanical aspects, electronics, instrumentation.
 Took responsibility of any special engineering, design, location or scale factors affecting the project, by monitoring projects and solving problems proactively.
 Ensure that a system for the recording and reporting of work is compiled and material and equipment movements are adhered to.
 Established an appropriate schedules and methods for maintenance, and preventive maintenance.

Ministry’s domestic water desalination plants: Maintenance & Operation

Key Deliverables

 Responsible for the operation & maintenance of water Treatment plants (Reverse Osmosis) in Jordan. Plants capacities between 1,200—35,000 m3/day. Estimated plants values 15 millions JD.
 Acted as expert in the areas of water and wastewater system and treatment plant evaluation, modeling and design, rehabilitation and expansion, and master planning.
 Able to manage facility projects, starting with development of the initial project design concept, development of a project plan (including identification of staffing requirements and preparation of project schedule), execution of project design (management of resources within constraints of project budget and schedule), and culminating with management of bid and construction phase engineering service support.
 Design reports; and production of plans, specifications, and estimates for construction of conveyance, storage and treatment facilities
 Liaise with contractor’s teams involved in the maintenance of water treatment plant assets to ensure that the maintenance requirements are being adequately delivered.
 Technically involved in the analysis and resolution of challenges that may include overseeing field investigation or inspections and detailed design work

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