Head of trade goods procurement and customs department team

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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, German, Spanish


Strong knowledge of foreign trade-related issues in import, export, and challenging customs matters. Currently, I am the head of a procurement and customs team in the industrial bakery sector. Experience in lubricants, machine parts, and food industry with a fundamental knowledge of the different sectors. Distinct ability to apply academic knowledge to concrete business situations based on over 10 years work experience and 4 years academic studies. Various international experiences during my studies including visiting EU institutions and NATO, Central and Eastern Europe, Shadowing Experience in Vietnam (IT sector) and being part of the delegation for Focus India (2018)


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Bachelor of Applied Science in International Management (part-time, English)

   Sep 2014
— Sep 2018

International Management graduates are professionally competent to take on management tasks in organisations operating in global contexts. Built on a solid generalist foundation, graduates acquire specialist knowledge in Marketing, Human Resource Management, Corporate Communication or Accounting. The degree is also a stepping stone towards entry to Master programmes at distinguished universities around the world.

Every possible communication regarding the degree course – lectures, assignments, administration – is conducted in English. Students gain advanced understanding of operating in the international business world. The close contact with exchange students from all over the world, who study alongside home students, consolidates intercultural, social and communication compence.


Activities and Societies:
Focus India 2018:
Focus India is a flagship project within the bachelor degree program of the FHNW.

Shadowing Experience at Axon Active Vietnam:
Blog: http://shadowingvietnam.blogspot.ch/

Intensive Program Abroad Central and Eastern Europe:
Visiting various companies in Warsaw and its surroundings.

Intensive Programme Abroad (in collaboration with University of Latvia):
EU Institutions and International Organisations

El Proyecto Lingüístico Quezalteco (P.L.Q.), Xela, Guatemala
P.L.Q. Spanish Course

   Jan 2013
— Mar 2013

PLQ was established with the goal of helping address some of the harsh conditions that affect the Guatemalan people. In addition to providing jobs for local teachers and families at a reasonable wage, which includes payment of employee benefits, including maternity leave and paid vacation leave, PLQ and La Escuela de la Montaña use their profits to support groups and projects working toward solutions for Guatemala’s social and economic problems. The schools are managed by a collective of teachers, and the profits do not go into the pocket of a single owner – as is the case with many other language schools.

PLQ also has a long history of doing direct solidarity work with human rights groups and social justice organizations. We have accompanied returned refugee communities, been present at exhumations of clandestine cemeteries of civilians killed by state forces during the war, and supported strikes by workers at coffee fincas, among other work.
This engagement means that PLQ students have the opportunity to meet with union leaders, former combatants, ex-refugees, political and human rights activists, journalists, health workers, educators and others while they learn about the political and social realities of Guatemala during daily language lessons.


Cambridge ESOL, Sydney, Australia
Cambridge Advanced Course (English)

   Jan 2010
— Mar 2010

More than 9,000 educational institutions, businesses and government departments around the world accept C1 Advanced as proof of high-level achievement in learning English.

Preparing for C1 Advanced helps learners develop the skills to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking countries.


Wirtschaftsschule KV Wetzikon
Professional Baccalaureate

   Jan 2008
— Jun 2009

The BM 2 course prepares professionals who have completed their apprenticeship for the commercial vocational baccalaureate. With the commercial vocational baccalaureate you can start studying at a university of applied sciences without an examination, acquire the grammar school baccalaureate in a shortened way at baccalaureate schools for adults or use other further education possibilities. Although the commercial vocational baccalaureate primarily opens up access to studies at universities of applied sciences in the economic field, it also allows entry into technical and social universities of applied sciences.

The BM 2 course deepens and broadens the already existing basic knowledge and broadens the general education. It opens up new perspectives for professional advancement.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Wirtschaftsschule KV Wetzikon
Commercial Apprenticeship

   Aug 2004
— Aug 2007

Graduates are prepared in detail for the constantly changing requirements in a dynamic professional environment. This creates the conditions for a high degree of professional mobility and numerous opportunities for further education: Insurance specialist, sales manager, banker, assistant to the director, computer scientist, marketing manager, business economist FH (formerly HWV) or business economist HF (formerly HKG), accountant / controller - they and many other specialists have mostly completed a commercial apprenticeship and then specialised through targeted further training.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Head of Trade Goods Procurement and Customs

   Jul 2019
— Current

Leading a small team of purchasers of trade goods and a customs specialist.

- Sourcing of trade goods / finished goods
- Negotiations
- Close collaboration with product managers and marketing
- Product Manager role for certain product groups incl. negotiations with clients
- Price calculations
- Continious improvement of processes

Strategic purchaser for trade goods

   Jan 2018
— Jun 2019

Responsible for the strategic sourcing of trade goods (bakery and confectionery products) in close collaboration with project managers, marketing, and the planning department. Timely, economic, and reliable sourcing under the conditions set by the project members. Business expert for “Project ONE”.
• Negotiations with suppliers and building up long-term strategic partnerships
• Supplier assessment based on defined KPIs
• Project based sourcing of trade goods and contact point for sourcing and market environment related questions
• Troubleshooter for trade goods related sourcing issues (e.g. out of stock situations)
• Excellent team player across all hierarchical levels

Customs specialist in import and export

   Mar 2016
— Dec 2017

Contact person for all customs related issues for 11 production sites. Business expert for “Project ONE”.
• Optimization of import control processes which led to cost savings of > CHF 70’000 in customs duties within the first year
• Strategic evaluation of potential customs cost saving measures regarding product ingredients, processes and regulations
• SAP implementation of new customs interfaces in collaboration with IT

- Proper declaration of goods for both, import and export purposes
- Customs tariffing for bakery and confectionery goods and raw materials
- Identification of customs duties and other charges
- Reimbursements
- Optimization of import and export processes

Export & Sales coordinator / Marketing assistant

   Sep 2010
— Feb 2016

Working in a team of two under the Sales Manager. Coordination of order processing for various international customers including India, China, Argentina, Libya, and numerous European countries. Due to good performance, I was also able to work on various marketing related issues.
• Order processing and customs preparation for global trading partners and customers
• Exhibition organization and participation
• Development of the exhibition process
• Contract handling with international business partners

Export Coordinator and Exhibition Administrator / Assistant to Business Development Manager

   Aug 2009
— Dec 2010

PANOLIN retained me after my apprenticeship due to my good performance and high motivation. I was responsible for the order processing including all customs related issues and was additionally appointed the assistant of the Business Development Manager.

• Order and export processing
• Exhibition and event organization and participation
• Analysis of legal texts for sales promotions and creating various presentations for sales and marketing purposes

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