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45 to 54

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Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu


Dear respected Sir/Madam,

I am glad to inform that I had worked as a shift Incharge with my previous employer Dry docks world-Dubai (Dubai World Company) for Eighteen years, where more than Nine thousand, 24 different nationality personnel works and lives in accommodation with different cultures and mentality.

Secondly, I worked as Executive - Security (Security In Charge) with Nakilat Keppel Offshore Marine - QATAR for one and half year and was taking care of ship repair/Building yard and its residential compounds, where I set up security procedure that fulfill Ras Laffan Industrial City's Management (MOI) requirement and the company.

Third, I worked with AMWAJ SERVICES - QATAR (Subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum) as Head of Security from 28th March 2013 till 4th June 2017, having experience of managing security system and maintaining security management system in a global Village, where 35,000 permanent and temporary oil and gas sector's (Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas, Ras Gas, Shell, Dolphin Energy, Nakilat and Japan Gas Corporation) own staffs and its contractors are residing in 08 individual compound within a Facility including Managerial, Engineering, Supervisory, Administration male and female staffs and workers. During my tenure, I was working along with MOI Industrial Security heads (Ras Laffan Industrial City) for maintaining residential area in safe and secure manner by implementing appropriate security rule and regulations.

I am having Twenty four years of experience in Security field in total and I ensure that I shall perform at most my best to maintain everything from security perspective at my end, if I am given a chance to work at your greatest organization, where I shall utilize my previous experiences to meet your exact requirements.
Thank You very Much
Kind Regards,


University of Calicut

   Apr 1994
— Apr 1996


AMWAJ SERVICES (Subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum)
Head of Security

   Mar 2013
— May 2017

 Managing and implementing the security procedure at the company Central Warehouse at RAS LAFFAN, where Tons of materials outgoing on daily basis by company chandelling Services to Qatar Petroleum, Ras Gas, Qatar gas, Qatar Shell, Gulf Drilling International and Maersk Line offshore vessels, platforms and Halul Island.
o Manage the Village and monitor security operations and run the security control facility of Village; this includes staffs both in house and contract personnel.
o Maintain public law and order in accordance with Industrial Security directorate of Industrial city (managed by MOI) operational procedures.
o Conducting Risk Assessment periodically for the Village and Central Store
o Monitoring the guard force deployed at a specific site, patrolling and running crime prevention programs in regular basis. This includes detailed knowledge of basic guarding practices, principles of security, and a thorough understanding of situational crime prevention and community policing.
o Maintain excellent administration and management of the security guard services for the entire Village.
o Primary responsibility is to ensure the public order and smooth running of security operations and community policing within the company operating procedure, moreover position also running the security control room and to coordinate the activities with MOI Industrial security.
o To identify of training needs and implementation of guard training as required.
o Assists the General Manager operation in planning, directing, managing and coordination the security functions of the entire perimeter.
o Prepare and reports the incident report for adherence to established procedures and ensures that preventive and or corrective measures necessary and taken.
o Monitoring the Complete security log reports, logging assignments of various routine inspections..
o Inspects and patrols the exterior and interior of the facility and initiates emergency program.
o Collects all pertinent information, statements and evidence, photographs, etc and completes the incident reports, where necessary.
o To control the key, lock system, alarm system, and fire protection system.
o To assist staff(s) in handling of unusual guests or employee problems, such as, disorderly conduct thefts, suicides, bomb threats, employee or guest accidents, fire or safety hazards, robberies terrorist activities, disturbance , medical assistance and natural disasters.
o Liaison with the security agency providing the contracted security guard for day to day functioning.
o Check and ensure proper maintenance of all registers and log book related to security department.
o To document all incidents occurring in connection with crime, subversion, potential liabilities and insurance requirements.
o Preparation of FIRs in case of reporting any incident to the local Police.
o Responsible in fire training for the staff and carry out mock fire drills.
o Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises.
o Ensure a good liaison with the local police and fire authorities.
o Report to General Manager any broken of security and safety by any guest / visitor / staff.
o Call police or fire departments in cases of emergency after taking approval from the General Manager, such as fire or presence of unauthorized persons.

Nakilat Keppel Offshore Marine Ltd
Executive Officer - Security

   Sep 2011
— Mar 2013

o Supervise and oversee security functions in an organization.
o Scheduling and providing appropriate security/HSE training for security staffs
o Evaluate and analyze the job performance of each Security personnel.
o Assessing the security threat in regular basis and keep the premises free from all kind of dangers.
o Preparing security plan for yard facility, warehouses and employees residential compound by conducting risk assessment of the areas.
o Setting up access control procedure and ensure that procedure is being followed by every individual, who enter and leave the facility for business purpose.
o Ensure that CCTV cameras and FDS are in good working condition and both systems are being monitored by security staff(s) round the clock.
o Developing and implementing preventative measures against accidents, thefts and other security risks.
o Ensure the company INWARD/OUTWARD permit system is being followed by the staffs and also being monitored by Security staffs
o Ensure No materials are being taken away without obtaining outwards permit and impose every staffs to adhere to the same.
o Ensuring compliance of applicable policies and regulations whilst implementing security measures. Ensure that the search of baggage of employees is carried out in efficient manner, also ensuring that contractors, suppliers and service providers are aware of the security instructions.
o Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports of incidents, accidents and complaints for management review.
o Assisting residential manager for maintaining law and order at employee’s residential compound.
o Providing leadership, guidance and moral support to security staffs for gaining positive expected results.

Drydocks World - Dubai (Dubai World Company)
Shift Incharge - Security

   Nov 1993
— Aug 2011

o Managing and supervising Security staffs.
o Provision of Security, where required (Entrance and Exit Gates, vessel’s gangway, warehouses, functional and ceremonial areas etc...)
o Conducting regular Tool Box Talk at the beginning of shift in daily basis
o Conducting regular patrol to monitor the personnel/vehicles movement within the yard facility, Stores and employees residential compound to maintain safe and secure atmosphere.
o Performing “Customer first policy” in accordance to the company rule.
o Keeping consistent very clear communication with security subordinates by providing updated information.
o Assessing every individual security staffs job performance and submitting the reports to the Chief Security Officer with suggestion and recommendations.
o Assess the security risk on site including warehouse for reducing business risk.
o Ensure No unauthorized Materials leaving the yard premise by monitoring Inward/Outward permit system
o Initiating disciplinary measures against violators, where necessary.
o Assisting HSE personnel during Fire Drill and any other emergency.
o Performing on scene commander during when incident or accident occurred.
o Performing as front line staff in any incident or accident within the facility.
o Ensure critical contact list (Police, Fire Brigade & hospitals etc.) is available at the security control room and reviewed the same on monthly basis.
o Coordinating with government officials during the Incidents/accidents (Level 2 & 3) that occurs within the facility.

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