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Other Post Graduate

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I am a highly accomplished and results-driven Head of Electro-Mechanical Division with over 25 years' experience in various industries, including Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), Sewage and Water Treatment, Engineering and Operation Management, as well as Oil and Gas. I am passionate about researching and inventing new renewable energy- powered systems and green technologies, as well as supervising the work and operation of all MEP procedures for commercial, residential, data centers and healthcare buildings.

In an environment with constantly changing demands, I stand among professionals who drive the progress of continuous improvement by utilizing superior analytical skills and effective organizational management. I am highly adept at delivering quality improvements and process optimization to accelerate the overall organization’s success.

I am articulate, pragmatic, analytical and solutions-focused, with exceptional drive and enthusiasm. My years of experience in collaborating with stakeholders at every level have improved my natural interpersonal and leadership skills, further enabling me to empower and reinvigorate teams in achieving organizational objectives and generating and implementing ideas for continuous improvement.

As a confident and highly experienced communicator, I display information with a high level of proficiency both orally and in writing. I am focused on consistently prioritizing client experience and engagement, whilst creating strong and long-lasting bonds in order to achieve desired outcomes.

I am currently seeking employment within Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) settings, if you'd like to work together, please contact me at:


Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
Ph D in Mechanical Engineering

   Sep 2015
— Jan 2020

- Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering University Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia | 2020

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

   Oct 2009
— Jan 2020

Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) | 2009 – Present

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

   Oct 2009
— Jan 2020

Member of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) | 2009 – Present

Iraqi Union of Engineers

   Oct 1998
— Jan 2020

Member of Iraqi Union of Engineers | 1998 – Present

Al-Nahrain University
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

   Oct 1995
— May 1998

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad | 1998

Al-Nahrain University
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

   Oct 1991
— Jun 1995

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad | 1995


MAM International Corporation
Head of Electo-Mechanical Division

   Sep 2012
— Current

MAM International Corporation, Sana’a, Yemen | September 2012 – Present
• Supervise and manage the electro-mechanical division whilst developing, executing and handing over all the relevant projects.
• Assess project requirements, break projects into tasks, and work collaboratively with Project Managers to determine the scope of work whilst overseeing the budget and assigned staffing.
• Write scopes of work for electro-mechanical designs based on preliminary review and client requirements.
• Define project scope and perform project estimates whilst also preparing technical site visits and progress update reports.
• Ensure project estimates are accurate and the project scope is executable within the budget.
• Regularly attend MEP trade coordination meetings to discuss key issues related to the project and take corrective actions.
• Develop, monitor and maintain MEP schedule in conjunction with project field supervision team.
• Properly review contract documents for constructability, code compliance, and functionality.
• Plan and oversee start-up, testing and commissioning functions.
• Review and manage all MEP requisitions and contract changes throughout the project, communicating issues proactively.
• Provide direct assistance with the MEP related closeout document delivery.
• Cooperate with the finance department on financial issues related to the division and the business it deals with.
• Supervise technical staff by selecting and evaluating them as well as monitoring and controlling their performance whilst providing salary and bonus recommendations.
• Recruit, hire and develop engineers and designers utilizing company human resources guidelines and support resources.
• Develop and present accurate, up-to-date, relevant and high-quality reports of all field visits.
• Keep up-to-date technically through professional training and apply new knowledge and technical expertise accordingly.
• Perform senior engineer and project manager responsibilities on projects as required.
• Ensure that the health and safety requirements are provided and that they comply with authorities’ regulations.
• Prepare periodic reports for management, including division business updates and all related issues.
• Identify own professional strengths and areas for growth as well as demonstrating professional development through formal and informal learning experiences.
• Demonstrate professional effectiveness through efficient time management, effective organization of work and interpersonal interactions.

Key Achievements:
• Resolved long trend issue of MAM International Corporation of subcontracting large part of their project scope (installation, testing, and commission) to subcontractors by creating new to company Electro-Mechanical Division from scratch. Challenges of establishing brand new division were defining crucial personnel, designing essential organizational chart, specifying work duties for each staff member, managing technical parts of the recruitment process, coordinating with the HR department and, ultimately recruitment of potential candidates. Additional obstacles were developing a list of the mandatory machinery, equipment, workshops and facilities that were necessary for the successful and efficient management, operation and supply of the division. As a result, the company was able to acquire and complete numerous new projects relating to hospitals, hotels, malls, stadiums, data centers, universities, etc.

UNDP Office/ Sana'a
HVAC Works Consultant

   Jul 2011
— Dec 2011

United Nations Development Program, Sana’a Yemen | July 2011 – December 2011
• Designed the HVAC system of the UNDP office building in Sana’a and prepared the related tender documents.
• Supervised the contractor responsible for performing these HVAC works.
• Made sure that the installed HVAC system was inspected for effectiveness and safety.
• Maintained accurate inventory of all equipment and HVAC resources.

Key Achievements:
• Succeeded by designing and implementing the appropriate HVAC system to avoid a variety of difficult structural and architectural obstacles in the UNDP Office Building.
• Achieved to supply, install, test, and commission and put in a service HVAC system by successfully supervising the contracted work.

Spacetech Power Solutions LTD Co.
Head of Mechanical Works Department

   Apr 2009
— Aug 2012

Spacetech Power Solutions Ltd Co, Sana’a, Yemen | April 2009 – September 2012
• Supervised the work and operation of all mechanical procedures, including design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all the types of mechanical works related to the commercial and residential building services.
• Handled various mechanical projects, including the work of HVAC, power stations and firefighting systems.
• Performed ongoing preventive maintenance and repair work on facility mechanical, electrical, and other installed systems.
• Closely managed the department staff in calculating heating/cooling loads and energy consumption using energy modeling.
• Oversaw duct design and mechanical systems whilst also managing engineering roles from design development through construction.
• Provided direct leadership to the department staff in the design field and encouraged a positive work environment.
• Coordinated resources for the Mechanical Engineering Department as required.
• Supervised staff members, monitor and evaluate their performance whilst establishing departmental structure, a delegation of tasks and accountabilities.
• Ensured that design engineering services were aligned with professional standards, client expectations, and organizational objectives.
• Maintained updated knowledge of new technical developments and facilitated technical leaders in the dissemination of this knowledge.
• Coordinated and guided project teams in the execution of design and engineering tasks.
• Held accountable for the technical quality of the work conducted within the department, supervising the implementation of the QA/QC project plan by the technical staff members.
• Developed expectations and processes in collaboration with other department heads to achieve effective interdisciplinary coordination and communication.
• Mediated disputes and conflicts that occurred within the department or with other departments.
• Evaluated and verified employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques.
• Reviewed and evaluated existing mechanical processes and recommended improvements.

Key Achievements:
• Provided direct leadership to the department in managing several mechanical work projects on a turn-key basis, in particular, data center projects related to the HVAC and firefighting systems.
• Successfully coordinated and executed contracts for preventive and corrective MEP system maintenance of the Presidential Saleh Mosque in Sana'a, Yemen.

MAM International Corporation
MEP Works Advisor

   Apr 2009
— Aug 2012

MAM International Corporation, Sana’a, Yemen | April 2009 – September 2012
• Acted as an advisor of the corporation senior management.
• Study the documents of new tenders of the MEP projects and offered additional advice on the key technical, budgetary and resource aspects of those tenders.
• Demonstrated the ability to assist in the advising of multiple projects and meet all assigned deadlines.
• Provided direction and supervision to the corporation tendering staff members.
• Promoted and ensured safety compliance in all areas of responsibility and actively resolved safety issues or concerns.

Key Achievements:
• Earned MAM Corporation a number of potential MEP Projects by demonstrating efficient supervisory and consulting abilities.

Al-Tadhamon Al-Yemenia Contracting Co.

   Jul 2006
— Mar 2009

Al-Tadhamon Al-Yemenia Contracting Co, Sana’a, Yemen | July 2006 – March 2009
• Directed the department of mechanical works and oversaw project performance and schedule to ensure on-time, quality and successful HVAC, plumbing, power stations, and firefighting systems project execution.
• Formulated detailed reports for senior management relating project status, schedules conflicts, up-coming activities and safety records.
• Directed, developed and managed efficient department by recruiting interviewing, hiring, training, mentoring and evaluating the performance of all staff members.
• Cultivated a well-trained team that was up to date on new technology, usage of tools and materials properly.
• Conducted group and one-on-one meetings with technicians as required for training, evaluation and general communication.
• Verified the health and safety requirements are met and that all protocols and regulations are complied with at all times.

Key Achievements:
• Successfully managed and supervised the contract of HVAC, plumbing, firefighting and other mechanical systems of Sana'a family entertainment center project on a turn-key basis by orchestrating all project activities (preparation of shop drawings, submission of materials, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and delivery). Among other projects successfully managed under direct supervision were commercial and office buildings, presidential palace and villa, public swimming pools, etc.

Al-Salam Engineering Services
Projects Manager

   Jan 2005
— Jul 2006

Al-Salam Engineering Services, Sana’a, Yemen | January 2005 – July 2006
• Assisted in the development of standard operating procedures related to mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering.
• Audited project results versus goals and plans and took necessary measures to ensure the fulfillment of priorities and objectives.
• Established and tested designs for mechanical/electromechanical, electrical and plumbing HVAC systems and monitored the production of associated engineering drawings.
• Created MEP Project Reports and obtained permits from the appropriate regulatory authorities.
• Assessed mechanical and electromechanical systems and products by undertaking and applying relevant principles.

Key Achievements:
• Accomplished to successfully manage and supervise electromechanical works project at Zabid Sewage Treatment Plant as a sub-contractor for German Company ( Weimer & Tracthe).

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