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Last Updated: 19th September 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Afrikaan, English


I deem myself fit for QA Manager position having practice experience for 13 years’ and committed to Total Quality Management for Roads, Asphalts Highway, Infrastructure Utilities, Structural Construction Building -Towers, Stadium and PP Projects. I have led planning, implementation and motoring system for Internal / External Operational Quality Management System in established companies over the years in Qatar. I performed audits and verifications of documentation processes as per ISO 9000 protocol and ISO 9001:2015 requirements for both Consulting and Contracting Companies through having complete understanding of the contract’s quality requirements deliverables and project specific requirements.
I’m responsible for provision, review and revision of the Contract Quality deliverables as Project Quality Plan, ITP Schedules, Method statement schedules, Quality Meetings, Audits, Trainings and Maintained up-to date documents and records of exercise / activities that shall be in line with contract specific governing requirements and standards.
I have strong construction management knowledge of AASHTO standard, QCS 2010 / 2014 specifications, ASME, NACE, ASTM, API, IWCF, AWWA and CSWIP standards which are most relevant to Road Asphalts, Concrete, Infrastructure etc.
I have strong material testing knowledge that is most relevant to standards mentioned above, which I used to make recommendation and support to the QC Team where there is Non Conformity (NCR) to implement Corrective Action. I monitors KPI status and report Quality Concerns to concerned discipline heads and monitor all Quality Inspection and Testing exercise incorporated in the project.


Abia state University. Aba Nigeria
Civil Engineering

   Sep 2002
— Sep 2007

Structural mechanism, Geophysical elements , loads and bearings, designs etc


Aljaber &Makhlouf WLL
QA QC Manager

   Feb 2016
— Current

I’m assigned responsibility of Quality delivery of the Orbital Highway Project, Mesaieed-Salwa Road from start-up, commissioning and hand over which consistently requires project performance evaluation, following up and monitoring of both technical (QC) and system (QA) quality assurance of actual construction and its requirement.
I reviews and ensures documentations process satisfy the clients requirements and ISO 9001:2015 Standards. I monitor contractual quality requirement and project technical specification that are project base to ensure no deviation to project requirement and client expectations.
I make weekly presentations to present status progress report using standard deviation and tables techniques to analyzed and communicate factual status quo of milestone vs Quality performance system (targeted inspections approval).
I also monitored the client KPIs requirement with a responsive design program that satisfies the entire KPIs questionnaire and conducts internal / external audit to enhance system performance evaluation for improvement.

J&P Overseas WLL
QA QC Manager

   Aug 2014
— Feb 2016

As designated QA/QC Manager for Structural Works (Road and Stadium project) I managed the performance of inspections and testing upon the undertaken scope and quality requirement that conforms to the approved drawings, design specifications of QCS, AASHTO, API, MACE, ASTM, MACE, ASME, ANSI, QCS, ISO 9001 protocol Standards and Third Party requirements for all proposed works which are ON or OFF site activities. And provided checklists, review documentations, procedures, Method Statements and Inspection Test Plan (ITP) that satisfy client expectations.I coordinated material sampling testing of CBM (Dry mix and Cubes), Aggregate base, Marshal Mix, Quantity requirements, Asphalt mix ratio etc.I report to the Project Manager the control and monitoring measures of all activities and improves the company Quality Management System (QMS).
I advice on testing methods, develop procedures for quality control & assurance to ensure agreed testing procedures are satisfactorily carried out. I ensure proper maintenance, records of calibration and operation of all testing equipment, I ensure laboratory facilities used for testing are fit for purpose, properly supervised and equipped and manned by suitably qualified personnel. I correct failures of material testing and ensure all specified Standards are available for reference and their requirements observed. I Lead and perform regular Internal Audits and reports. I visit the site and guide inspections to assure required standards are achieved during review to ensure that all applicable Methods are well executed.

Senior QA QC Engineer

   May 2011
— Sep 2014

Project Role: Senior QA /QC Engineer / Material Engineer
I Led site inspection and performed material and concrete testing and witnessing (pre-pouring and post concrete inspection –Concrete strength test (7th, 14th&28th day cube tests). I coordinated with concerned team using internal Project Technical Requirement /Query document in line with IMS and project base. I ensured Contract documents / templates meets QCS and Third party requirement to ascertain conformance to project quality requirement, material specifications and other required standards that are applicable. I led team of Quality Engineers and Inspectors for all concrete testing (Destructive and Non -Destructive testing) I witness Concrete Trials, Compaction trial etc.
I oversee welding, fabrication, blasting, priming and other construction activities.
I plan schedule for Quality meeting, Audit, Follow Up Audit, training, submittal of document and records (Monthly report, NCR status, CAR close-out etc). 
Other Responsibilities;
▷ Maintain records of concrete status delivering into the project from batching plant within approved timing tolerance and behavior of specified concrete grade while I check temperature, slump testing and proactively preventing other critical factors that affects concrete strength prior to construction.
▷ Plan and schedule material testing upon communication with laboratory.
▷ Witnessed concrete pouring and took required quantities of cubes for samples to conduct specified testing. (Crushing /NDT on site Laboratory)
▷ Assist to prepare full documentation (Method statements, checklists, ITPs) for mock ups and trial compaction test using QCS 2010 and other standards requirement to establish required stability of the structures.
▷ Maintained / Monitored logs of passed /failed tests results and supervise removal of the failed material from the site.
▷ Frequently conducts conformance/compliance, follow up and surveillance audit and report findings to assigned manager for final action.
▷ Do QC review submittals to ensure adequateness to IFC, Approved shop drawings, ITPs and Method statement
▷ Provided copies of standards requirement for all grade of material testing.
▷ Take photos of Inspected excavation Levels, slopes and filling steps of Infrastructure piping of portable and irrigation water line, man holes, sewer line connections, galleys, electrical and other utilities line for KAHRAMAA, OOREDOO/QTEL, and CIVIL DEFENCE (Fire Fighting connections)
▷ Attended HSSE, technical meeting and progress reviews meeting and other assigned meetings.
▷ Examined sample of product delivered, monitored and ensured no deviation from approved non defected material.
▷ Provided and prevented material through adequate storage and safety measure that meet required project requirement.
▷ Reported status quo of NCRs, CARs and Audits report weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly basis to meet KPIs as requested by PMC.
▷ Performed Audit as scheduled and report findings to assigned Manager for final action on Corrective Action Report. 
▷ Participating in Railway track formation like layer’s by layer’s material filling compaction for track bund construction and all test for plate load test, CBR test and FDT.

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