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Since January 2010, working for the Bechtel Corporation, I have held the position of ES&H Department Manager at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, New Safe Confinement project, which involves the construction and commissioning of the world’s largest land-based moveable structure.

I have significant experience in the field of Environmental, Safety, and Health (ES&H), predominantly in managerial and supervisory positions with proven analytical and problem-solving skills. I have an extensive background in the development and implementation of key safety management processes with strong written and verbal communication skills. I am also proficient in adapting to ES&H challenges in significantly differing international work environments. I have a high level of competency in conducting inspections, accident investigations, identifying corrective actions and implementing improved safety management processes. I possess the essential management skills that permit me to assemble motivated and successful project ES&H teams. I am also a certified six sigma champion obtained in 2008.

I was recognized by the Bechtel Corporation with the award of Safety Professional of the year in 2002, and again as Manager of the Safety Team of the year in 2004 while assigned to the Moscow office as Regional ES&H Manager for Bechtel’s Former Soviet Union projects under the START Treaty between the United States and Russian Federation. In addition to my proven leadership abilities, I am a full member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and also a certified Six Sigma Champion.

After working as an ES&H professional in North Africa, I joined the Bechtel Corporation in Kuwait after the first gulf war and, following that, I was assigned to a position in Kazakhstan at the Tengizchevroil refining facility. I have successfully spent 20 years as a Bechtel Corporation ES&H professional in a number of Former Soviet Union states working on ICBM SS19/SS24 Silo Dismantlement in Ukraine, construction of the fissile material storage facility adjacent to the Mayak radiological facility. Also, implementing safety management processes for the safety and security upgrades of nuclear weapons storage bases, ICBM SS25 base elimination, and supported projects involving chemical weapons destruction in the Russian Federation. More recently I was the ES&H Manager for the Biological Threat Reduction Program executed in the Republic of Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, which included the renovation of biological laboratories, the demolition of anthrax facilities in Stepnogorsk and the construction of the 8,000 square metre Central Reference Laboratory in Georgia capable of biological safety levels 2 and 3 research.

My current project in Chernobyl is nearing completion and I will become available for alternative employment at the end of October 2019. However, should an opportunity present itself prior to this date, there is flexibility in terms of adjusting my current release date.


Bechtel Corporation
ES&H Manager

   Jan 2010
— Current

Currently managing a multi-national ES&H team of health physicists, radiation protection specialists, construction safety supervisors, administrative staff, and translators. The team is engaged in providing oversight for the safe performance of works related to the New Safe Confinement (NSC) construction and commissioning at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant with a current contract value of 1.8 billion Euros. The scope also includes providing safety oversight for a number of other enabling projects, such as, the construction of the new vent stack, the removal of the old (iconic) vent stack, fire protection and security upgrades, and the NSC end walls project with construction operations actually inside Reactor No. 4, including the turbine hall, which presented significant radiation protection challenges and major dose management considerations. Responsible for developing and implementing construction safety management processes and overseeing the strict implementation of radiation protection requirements to Ukrainian standards and best international practices. Also, engaged in developing contract safety language, participation in proposal evaluations, senior management meetings, and the preparation and delivery of safety status presentations at management and client levels. NSC is designed to convert the Reactor No.4 sarcophagus into an environmentally safe condition. The accident in 1986 created an extremely challenging work environment requiring stringent radiation protection controls and generated unparalleled hazardous site conditions for the current construction operations. Therefore, stringent medical examination and biophysical (BIOMED) programs are in place for all project personnel. Individual dosimetry controls are also mandatory. I am accountable for the implementation of the BIOMED Program which has a current contract value approaching 37 million Euros. I am also responsible for the sustainment of PPE/RPE supplies as there is a significant usage rate for single use consumables. The value of current PPE/RPE contracts is 6.0 million Euros.

Bechtel Corporation
ES&H Manager

   Jul 2007
— Dec 2009

BTRP was engaged in the construction, stand-up, commissioning, and sustainment of a Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) in Tbilisi, Georgia, and construction, renovation, stand-up, commissioning, and sustainment of numerous Zonal Diagnostic Laboratories (ZDL) and Laboratory Support Stations (LSS), both human and veterinary, in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. Managing an ES&H team consisting of US Expatriates and host country nationals. Developed the ES&H Program that includes field safety and laboratory commissioning elements. Provided ES&H training programs for project employees, host country subcontractors, and international subcontractors. Conducting Life Critical Behavior Assessments at all work sites. Responsible for developing and implementing the BTRP Biohazard Safety Plan that provides requirements for operational laboratory entry protocols, medical surveillance, and respirator fit test requirements for personnel who will enter laboratory hot zones. Worked closely with the project Science Team to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Biohazard Safety Plan and hazardous waste disposal codes and standards. Developed and implemented asbestos abatement plans and procedures for FSU States where no asbestos abatement codes and standards exist. Provided forty-hour asbestos worker training to host country subcontractor employees. Successfully completed a major asbestos abatement challenge at the former Soviet Biokombinat Biological Production Facility in Georgia, which took six months to complete.

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