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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

Arabic, English, Korean, Portuguese


Commissioning LOTO Engineer at Daewoo / Morocco Africa – April 17, 2017 to October 17, 2017
Safety Inspector at KBR Company / Angola Africa – August 31, 2015 to July 31, 2016
Safety Specialist at KBR Company / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - May 2012 to Dec 2014
HSSE Deputy Manager at KBR Company / State of Qatar – January 2009 to May 2012
HSSE Supervisor at IMI/KBR Company / State of Qatar – January 2008 to December 2009
HSSE Engineer at Saudi Techint Ltd. Company / K.S.A – March 2006- 2008


University of The East

   Jun 1982
— Jun 1988


Daewoo Engineering and Construction Co. Ltd f
Commissioning Operator/LOTO Engineer

   Apr 2017
— Oct 2017

• Responsible for all commissioning safety areas Lock Out/Tag Out procedures on isolations of electrical, mechanical and chemical sources of energy.
• Interfacing, liaison and coordination with Construction and Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance with regards to Permit to Work.
• Daily coordination at worksite, updating, validating, reviewing Electrical and P & ID’s (plant identification drawings) while tracking all requested and issued permits duly signed by Commissioning Department.
• Daily functional testing and maintenance of all LOTO equipment’s such as padlocks, locks, hasps, wires, tags, chains to ensure proper isolations on all systems in commissioning safety areas.
• Daily coordination meetings with other disciplines.

KBR / Kellogg Brown and Root Overseas Limited Inc
Safety Inspector

   Sep 2015
— Aug 2016

• Member of Project Management Team on the site preparation phase of the project representing the client to ensure implementation of Safety and monitor all CONTRACTORS working in the project. All Client Project Safety Procedures are monitored in every construction activities and implemented to promote safe work practices.
• Responsible to report all HSE process are in accordance with safety standards. All employees who observed an unsafe condition or able to suggest a way to improve the HSE process are ensured reported to the top management.
• Member of the Safety Committee Team and a coordinator to Contractors safety management team.

KBR / Kellogg Brown and Root Overseas Limited Inc
Safety Specialist

   Jul 2012
— Dec 2014

• A Safety Specialist representing the Project Management Team for the COMPANY during construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up phase of the refinery project.
• Member of Safety Audit Team to Project Safety Compliance by the CONTRACTORS to ensure all Project Safety Procedure and Contractual obligations are in compliance. For if any conditions arise in the project procedures a key coordinator on how to develop the Safety procedures especially during pre-commissioning and commissioning.
• Key member of the Project Management Team to help CONTRACTORS in document review for continuous improvement of Project Safety Procedure Manual during pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup phase.
• Coordinator for Project Incident and Investigation Master Files responsible to address the level of improvements on Key Performance Indicators Values and Lagging Indicators to CONTRACTORS.
• A member of the Directorate Safety department of the project ensuring all safety procedures are evaluated reviewed and approved for revisions in construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and handover phase.
• Conveyor of Safety Promotion on Green, Yellow and Red Safety Border Alert and Incident, Accident and Lessons Learned Information in time, and properly communicated project wide.

KBR / Kellogg Brown and Root Overseas Limited Inc
HSSE Deputy Manager

   Jan 2009
— May 2012

• Ensure implementation of HSE and security systems on project site.
• Responsible for safety and security planning, control and improvement at site during construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and handover phase.
• Assist the team regarding safety procedures approval and implementation during pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup phase, where life critical operation where gas and chemicals, electrical power station/substation and mechanical hazards operations introduce in the plant.
• Responsible for the safety training flow within the team as focal point and in charge of the training schedules.
• A key player of HSE and security for safety inspection on plant process system, ensure compliance with project matrix, follow-up of all initiative and corrective actions (from the initiative and non-compliance forms).
• Ensure the proper use of reports and forms like Safety Observation Cards of all sorts as required for HSE reports on all aspects and phases of the project.
• Conduct HSE inspections on all incoming functions on site especially when working under the stage of pre-commissioning and commissioning mandatory safety requirements for implementations and strict compliance.
• A member of the periodical review meetings at site to discuss various HSE and security related issues and opportunities for system improvements during Safety Walk downs on all system process safety on pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and hand over phase.
• Coordinate with site safety team, supervisors and sections units head for all safety and security and environmental related matters until the operational plant.

KBR / Kellogg Brown and Root Overseas Limited Inc
HSSE Supervisor

   Jan 2008
— Dec 2008

• Monitor all critical activities and assure proper permit to work is in place.
• Verify adequacy of all equipment’s to be used on site (Including portable tools & lifting gears) thus proper safety inspections are in place.
• Mentor to all HSE tool box talks and an IIF CHAMPION on Incident and Injury Free project.
• Conduct required HSE Induction training course including S.A.F.E( Shaping Accident Free Environments)
• Conduct continuous awareness of all employees in reporting Near Miss & Unsafe Conditions
• Carry out regular safety audits/ inspections & Housekeeping Survey to all front line supervisors and engineers during pre-commissioning and commissioning phase.
• Ensure proper and timely accident reporting and investigation as and when they happen and strict proper communication conditions are met.
• Coordinate with contractors to ensure proper implementation of contractors HSE plan is visible and promoted on site.
• Ensure implementation of safe working procedures in accordance with the company HSE manual and safety bulletin and promotions take place.

Saudi Techint Limited Inc.
Safety Engineer

   Mar 2006
— Dec 2008

• Conducts routine site inspection / monitoring of all jobsite personnel regarding PPE unsafe acts and any related to all activities in the pipeline project.
• Reporting all site safety inspection, accident / incident reports, and recordable injuries, first aid cases, near misses as prescribed in Saudi Aramco Safety Programs.
• Conducting Safety Trainings & weekly safety meetings to all jobsite personnel’s and supervisors.
• Assist managements to ensure the G.I’s (General Instructions) of all the safety policies had been implemented & operationalize.
• Involved in the pro-active development programs as prescribed in the Construction Safety of Saudi Aramco.

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