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English, Hindi



Name : - Mr. Rohan Chavan
Position : - Area Coordinator / Planning Engineer
D.O.B : - 15th August 1980
Nationality : - Indian
Passport No : - T1880782 (Valid till Dec 2028)
Contact : - +965-97447254 (Kuwait) /+91-9619557667 (India)
E-MAIL : - rohanchavan2@gmail.com
Skype : - rohan.chavan80
Driving License :- Valid LMV Driving license from State of Kuwait and India
Address : - A/34, Triveni Society, near Gilbert Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai -400058, India.

Educational and Professional Qualification

⮚ Masters in Marketing Management (MBA), First Class from Mumbai University, India in 2010
⮚ Bachelors in Production Engineering (B.E), First Class from Shivaji University, India in 2005

Experience (Total: -13 yrs.) in Maintenance Services of Water handling Plants and Gathering centers, Business Planning Strategy for Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas , EPC Bids & Proposals of Subsea Pipelines, Gas Processing Plant, Power Plant, Refineries and LNG Terminal and Project Mechanical Engineer of Upstream Oil and Gas Projects.


Experienced Professional as “Area Coordinator /Project Engineer (Mechanical)” which involves Maintenance and Services for Water Handling Facilities, Gathering Centers as an Area coordinator and before that as a Mechanical Engineer for Execution of EPC Offshore Projects through Heavy Lift Pipelay Installation Vessel, Diving Support Vessel for Underwater Cutting and Grouting Operations, Deploying ROV, Geo-Surveys, Marine Spreads and Logistics, Mechanical Job Completions, Interfaces, Structures Fabrication, Hook-up and Commissioning / Start-Up of Offshore Platforms both technically and commercially.

Experienced Professional in “Business Planning and Strategy / Bids & Proposals” which includes Business Planning and Strategy (Plan, Process, and Procedures), Performance Contracts/KPI’s (VP’s, Senior Manager, Managers and Team Leaders), Audits (Shareholders, HSEMS, and ISO), Reports (CEO Board, SVP Highlights and Actions, Weekly, Monthly, Accomplishments), Presentations, Handouts, and Meetings (QPR, PIASC, TCM, ASR, FDSC, and RR). Marketing (EPC Pre-Qualification) and Proposal of FEED, EPC Tender Contracts, Compilation and Submission, Feasibility Studies and Sub-Contract Negotiations.

Job Responsibilities involve activities for Engineering and Construction of Projects, Development of Business Planning, Processes and Strategies, Maintenance of Performance Contracts /KPI’s, Conduct Audits meetings, Drafting of letters, Memos, MOU and MOM’s, Prepare Reports, Presentations & Handouts, Shareholders, Client and Sub-Contractor Liaison and successful completions of all the Assigned Tasks with my team in a timely manner for the Departmental and Global Heads of the organisation.


Organisation:- Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait, thru ABJ Engineering & Contracting Co. Kuwait, Feb 2019 - Present

Designation: - Area Coordinator (Water Handling Plants and Gathering Centers in North Kuwait)

Role:- Planning and Coordinating the Maintenance and Service Contract activities, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait
(Water handling Plants and Gathering Centers in North Kuwait)

⮚ “Strategic Planning and Coordination” of Manpower, Tools and Equipment’s, Machinery, Budget and other resources associated with Maintenance and Service contract for high value “Water Handling Plants” facilities known as Sea Water Transfer Pump (SWTP), Central injection Production Facilities (CIPF) ,New Water Center (NWC), Effluent Water Treatment Injection Plant (EWTIP), Flow lines and Gathering Centers.
⮚ Coordinated & Supported Team Leader, Senior Engineers of Kuwait Oil Company Management (KOC) to achieve their “Key Performance Index (KPI’s) & Performance Contracts” by obtaining the desired Water Production Rates.
⮚ Prepared and issued “Memorandums”, “Minutes of Meetings” of Technical, Commercial, and Administration associated at all levels for KOC Process, Operations & Maintenance for Water Handling Management Team to other Teams.
⮚ Follow up and Maintain “Memorandum Tracking Status” by liaising with all disciplines to provide status to the Team Leader.
⮚ “Demarcation” of the Roles & Responsibilities among KOC Maintenance and Support reliability and User Teams ,i.e (Sub duties, Superintendents and representatives responsibilities) for Contract, PM Survey and Material activities.
⮚ Ensure all Manpower, Tools and Equipment’s, Machinery available in all the facilities as per the “Contract Specifications”
⮚ Assigned task, authorities and responsibilities to all Plant Engineers and Supervisors, for maintenance and service activities of the Water Handling Plant in North Kuwait.
⮚ Conduct “Weekly Meetings” with Client & Contracting Engineers & Supervisors at Site to review the progress of the projects.
⮚ Implement “Performance Monitoring System” throughout the divisions including projects.
⮚ Monitor and Control performance of the division including timely completion of the Projects.
⮚ Effectively and efficiently resolved the Client Management complaints meeting their standards as an investigating officer.
⮚ Authorised to approve “Timesheets of the Contracting Staff Manpower, Vehicles, Heavy tools and Equipment’s” for further processing to KOC Management for invoice payments.
⮚ Controlling working capital requirements by invoicing, and collection on time, controlling inventory etc.
⮚ Contract Management of all contracts, adjustment orders and ensure compliance to company’s interest is protected.
⮚ Conduct “Leadership Site Visits” at site and “HSE Training Programs” for Staff at KOC Induction Training Center.
⮚ Presentation prepared and given to Management on conducted “HSE Leadership Training Program”
⮚ Drive a complete HSE culture in Divisions and organisation by closely interacting with KOC and Contractor Employees.
⮚ Provide investigation in case of any incident/ accident with HSE department and submit report to top management.
⮚ Support Contract Management staff in “Recruitment of the Local and Overseas Manpower” as per Client requirements.
⮚ Retain, motivate and develop staff and take responsibility of their objective setting, appraisal and development of Staff.
⮚ Initiate disciplinary action against the staff if required and ensure quality performance delivered to KOC client.
⮚ Prepare a “Confidential Evaluation Report” on Contractors Performance of Maintenance, Engineering services for Production & associated facilities, Supply of Sea and Treated Water from “Ministry of Public Works for KOC Management”
⮚ Review & discuss with KOC Management on the “Balanced Score Card” perspective of Strategic Objectives, KPM’s, Units, Yearly (Threshold, Target, Stretch), (Concerned or Shared Group, Report Frequency), (Basis , Rationale).
⮚ Designated as a “Fire Warden” of the Water Handling team by the Management of the Kuwait Oil Company.
⮚ “Lessons Learnt” information circulated to the respective concerns to avoid mishaps & smooth execution of activities.

Organisation: - ABU DHABI MARINE OPERATING COMPANY (ADNOC Group), Abu Dhabi, Jun 2015-Oct 2016, (1.4 yrs.)

Designation: - Planning Engineer - Business (Zakum Business Planning and Strategy Division)

Role: - Business Planning and Strategy for Senior Management (Asset Management of Exploration and Production for Oil and Gas, Lower Zakum Field)

⮚ Prepared consolidated “Asset Weekly Progress Report” of “ZAKUM ABU DHABI” (ZKABU) Divisions (ZKFD, RPOD, OTSD, POS and P&S) to Managers for Weekly Review Meeting with “Senior Vice President” (SVP).
⮚ Prepared “SVP Weekly Highlights and Actions” of all ZKABU Divisional Managers and Team Leaders for their further actions and follow up on updates of SVP actions on “SVP Action Tracking System”.
⮚ Prepared, discussed and finalised the “2016 Performance Contracts, KPI’s” of Vice President, Senior Managers, Managers and Team Leaders based on guidelines set by Corporate Planning Division (CPD).
⮚ Conducted meetings and discussed Technical and Commercial points with ADMA OPCO ZKABU Divisions to modify and update “Business Plan 2015-2019” Lower Zakum Field.
⮚ Prepared and submitted final Five year ‘’Business Plan 2016-2020’’ Lower Zakum Field with ZKABU Divisions to achieve Oil Gain of 425 MBD to the Corporate Planning Division (CPD).
⮚ Coordinated and supported Corporate Planning Division (CPD) to submit final “Business Plan 2016-2020” to the Shareholders (ADNOC, JODCO, BP, TOTAL, SHELL) and Stakeholders (ZKABU) Divisions.
⮚ Prepared and submitted “CEO Board Report” to Corporate Planning Division (CPD) after seeking Management approval on the contents of Production, Reservoir, Well Integrity, Maintenance, Projects and other ZKABU Divisions.
⮚ Conducted meetings with Zakum, Umm Shaif/ Nasr Managers and Team leaders for preparing “Presentations, Handouts, Reports” of Quarterly Performance Review (QPR), Production Integrity and Assurance Subcommittee (PIASC), Technical Committee Meeting (TCM), ADNOC Sole Risk Survey (ASR), Field Development Studies Committee (FDSC), Risk Register (RR), HSE, ISO 14001 and 18001, OHSAS, Integrity of ZKABU Divisions.
⮚ Finalised Readiness Plan of all “2016 Subcommittee Meetings” by seeking Senior Management approval.
⮚ Prepared Presentations and conducted “Dry Run” with ZKABU Divisions VP’s, Senior Managers, Managers and Team Leaders for QPR, PIASC, TCM, ASR, FDSC, RR, Shareholders Audit and Logistics” before final presentation to SVP(ZK).
⮚ Prepared “Minutes of Meeting” with target dates, uploaded on the server & follow up actions with ZKABU Divisions.
⮚ Visits to “ZWSC AND ZCSC” (ZAKUM FIELD) with Mangers, Team Leaders for attending workshops, progress meetings.
⮚ Prepared & Published “2015 ZKABU Accomplishment Reports” and “Magazine” to ZKABU Divisions & 2016 in progress.
⮚ Enhancing all support to “Business Support Division” for preparing Standard “Business Process and Business Case” by conducting meetings with ZKABU teams e.g. Barges and Rigs, Propane Shipment.
⮚ Conducted meetings for ZKABU Shareholders Audit & Action Tracking Status uploaded in “SAMA WEB & MAXIMO”
⮚ Collected and uploaded all reports on SAMA-WEB generated by Divisions, as a “Reporting Map Frequency” for “SVP”.
⮚ “Brainstorming Sessions” conducted with Business Consulting Group “French Vision” to design our Bi-Monthly “ZKABU Business Planning Report’’ for publishing to all Stakeholders.
⮚ Prepared “Procedure for Online Report” with IT Division for ZKABU Weekly Progress, Shareholders Audit report.
⮚ Discussed and compiled final technical and commercial ideas generated by ZKABU Divisions for saving ADMA OPCO Cost under subject of “Cost per Barrel Optimization” to present the Senior Management.
⮚ Submitted Innovative ideas in Client ADNOC ++ by Business Planning and Strategy Division.
⮚ “Knowledge Sharing” and “Lessons learnt” sessions conducted for ZKABU Divisions.
⮚ Prepared Memo’s, Letters for Manager to issue, respond to the ADMA-OPCO Divisions pertaining to Business activities.
⮚ Conducted “Training Sessions” for “Project Management” and “People’s Innovation and Talent Management” given by “ADMA-OPCO CEO” at “Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference” (ADIPEC) 2015, Abu Dhabi.

Organisation: -INTERNATIONAL GROUT OPERATIONS PVT LTD (Mumbai, India), Mar 2013 - Feb 2015, (2 yrs.)

Designation: - Proposal Engineer - Marine Spreads and Underwater Cutting, Grouting Operations.

⮚ Researched, Analysed and Prepared ‘’Business Prospect List’’ by doing PESTEL AND SWOT Analysis of Upcoming Upstream Oil and Gas Projects in Government and Multinational organisations for Management review.
⮚ Lead; deliver timely & accurate market analysis and insights (market, competition & customer analysis to management).
⮚ Delivered elements of Strategic Planning Processes (e.g. annual strategic plan, portfolio analysis, capital allocation etc.)
⮚ Disseminate knowledge internally through presentations, web chat & written communications to TL’s & Managers.
⮚ Provide “Services” of Marine Spreads, Diving and Grouting operations to renowned Offshore Oil and Gas organisations.
⮚ Prepared ‘’Cost Sheet” of Diving and Grouting Systems, consumable materials (fuels, gases, lube and water) and categorised manpower for management approval to execute Project at offshore.
⮚ Prepare ‘’Purchase Orders’’ in “SAP” for Supply of Diving Support Vessels, Saturation and Air Diving Equipment’s and Catering contracting services for Offshore Projects.
⮚ “Audits” carried out with Client on DSV at Port before mobilization of the Vessel at Offshore for Execution.
⮚ Periodically visited on LTS 3000 Heavy Lift Pipelay Barge (HLPV) of Client and our Divers and Supporting Vessel to expedite the progress as per Project Schedules at onshore and offshore.
⮚ Ensured Divers, Equipment’s and Diving Chambers are ready for operations at offshore.
⮚ Coordinated with Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV) contractor for the underwater cutting operations.
⮚ Monitor and record the Underwater Cutting Operations Profiles at offshore with TPI agencies, Bureau Veritas and Germanischer Lloyds with and forwarded to onshore Project Manager for perusal.
⮚ Prepared “Weekly Progress reports” at Offshore and submit to Client representative at offshore for approval
Organisation: - “SAMSUNG CONSTRUCTIONS”, Seoul (South Korea) Aug 2011- Feb 2013, (1.6 yrs.)

Designation: - Assistant Manager- Plant Proposal and Marketing (EPC Projects) Above USD 50 bn

Role: - EPC Business Development for Oil and Gas , Petrochemical and Power Plant Projects.

⮚ Researched, Analysed and Compiled data for Global Markets pertaining to various Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of “SUBSEA PIPELINES and LNG PROJECTS” in several regions like North Sea, Caspian Sea, West Africa, South East Asia, Australia, USA and Middle East through detailed study of various global development websites such as Construction Intelligence, Business Monitor, World Energy Outlook, Pipeline Perspectives, Vision Gain, Subsea World, LNG World, etc.
⮚ Compiled précised and accurate information for “PESTEL and SWOT Analysis” of “SUBSEA PIPELINES and LNG PROJECTS”
⮚ Prepared “BUSINESS PROSPECT LIST” of potential Client’s Investments in global markets and Mapped New Market Segments for “SUBSEA PIPELINES and LNG PROJECTS”.
⮚ Formulated the entire “DATABASE” from prospect list of “SUBSEA PIPELINES and SYSTEMS” and “ LNG” consisting brief reports on Engineering and Construction Companies, Technological Developments, Sub-contractor, Equipment’s Lists, Clients Investments and Strategies, Key Competitor Strategies Worldwide, etc.
⮚ Prepared and Presented “Techno-commercial Presentation” on “SUBSEA PIPELINE and SYSTEMS” to “Global Executive Vice President” and “Marketing Team” through my diversified offshore experience.
⮚ Created the “BUSINESS MODEL PRESENTATIONS” for “SUBSEA PIPELINES and SYSTEMS” of various Operating and Constructing parent companies like ONGC, PETRONAS, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Total and other Installation companies like Technip, Saipem, Swiber, J Ray McDermott, Leighton, Larsen and Toubro-Sapura Crest, etc for JV, Consortium, Collaboration for “Construction and Development” business with these companies.
⮚ Carried numerous activities on largest proposal, “Trans-oriental Gas Pipeline” Proposal worth USD 50 bn from Malaysia to South Korea through Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia by interacting with different “Organizational bodies, Companies and Embassy”.
⮚ Conducted our Management meetings with Joint Venture Pipeline Installation Company “Larsen and Toubro, India - Sapura Crest”, Malaysia to participate in the development of “Trans-oriental Gas Pipeline” Proposal.
⮚ Successfully obtained ‘’INVITATION TO BID” worth USD 88 mn from client “ONGC” for “SUBSEA PIPELINE PROJECT” through my personal and professional references and summarised tender scope of Senior Management.
⮚ “Memorandum of Understanding” between the companies “Samsung C&T and Government Organization ONGC” for projects
⮚ Compiled “Pre-qualification” of “LNG PROJECTS” for the Clients like Petronet Dahej, GSPC Mundra, and Indian Oil Company Limited Ennore, H-LNG, Dighi of “Samsung Constructions” which includes LOA, MOU, Registration Certificates, Business Licenses, Power of Attorney, Human resource, LNG project experiences, Legal documentation in Korea & Overseas & resolving queries.
⮚ Coordinated frequently with Client and “Proposal and Commercial” department for clarifications regarding EPC “LNG Projects”.
⮚ Consortium agreement done with the Government organization “KOREA GAS (KOGAS), South Korea and Samsung Constructions” by preparing “Scope Split Matrix” for developing “LNG Projects” in India.
⮚ Finalised “Sale Purchase Deed Agreement” with “Japan Marubeni and Samsung Constructions” for supply of LNG.
⮚ “Effective and Efficient” Networking with the Executives of the Global Government and MNC’s like ONGC, IOCL, GSPC, Petronet, Larsen and Toubro, Maersk India, Reliance and other International Clients like ADMA-OPCO, ADCO, Saudi Aramco, PETRONAS, Sapura Crest , Kuwait National Petroleum Company and other Installation Companies, etc. globally.
⮚ Reviewed/Analysed and carried out activities for the Consortium Agreements, Tie-ups, Acquisitions, Collaborations between Samsung Constructions and Engineering companies such as Worley Parsons India, EIL India, SNC Lavalin Saudi Arabia, Whessoe UK, Marubeni Japan, DNV France for “SUBSEA PIPELINE and LNG Projects”
⮚ Conceptualization of new themes and Ideas for preparing Company Portfolios, Designed Banners, Brochures, Business Road Maps, Client and Contractors List to represent in the London, Myanmar, and US Energy Exhibitions.
⮚ Potential ability to Clinch Large Deals and Chase Revenue Targets by preparing overall Market Strategy for Projects with our Business Partners, Practice Group Leaders and Senior Management.
⮚ Submitted my “Business Performance Report, Future Plans & Strategies Report” to “Global Executive Vice President” review.
⮚ “Strong Fellowships” and “Business Collaborations” in diversified fields such as Coal, Refinery, High Rise Buildings, Power and Shale Gas Projects with the Global partners effectively and efficiently.

Role: - EPC Proposal for Oil and Gas , Petrochemical and Power Plant Projects.

⮚ Co-ordinated with marketing department for ITB Enquiries till submission of complete EPC Tender.
⮚ Reviewed “Bid Contracts”, Prepared & Compiled FEED, EPC “Technical and Commercial Proposals” on LSTK basis.
Hiranandani LNG Dighi Port (India) :- (approx $ 800 Mn)
Saudi Aramco Midyan Gas Processing Plant (Saudi Arabia) :- (approx $ 150 Mn)
Saudi Aramco Jazan Refinery Tank Farm (Saudi Arabia) :- (approx $ 800 Mn)
Don Valley Power Plant Project (United Kingdom) :- (approx $ 01 Bn)
⮚ Preparation and submission of Pre-qualification documents for Tendering.
⮚ Interface coordination with line managers and stakeholders for preparation of the technical and commercial tender.
⮚ Prepared and Presented final “Presentation” for FEED, EPC tender to the Management which includes following,
⮚ Analyzing the tender in both aspect of technically and commercially.
⮚ Verifying the offers from supplier/ subcontractor technically and commercially.
⮚ Project Schedule, Budget cost and other Techno- commercial attachments.
⮚ Submission and follow up with the Client for clarifications and bid results.
⮚ Prepared “RFQ” of Mechanical Packages, Service Contractors such as HUC, Transportation, Soil survey floated to vendors.
⮚ Provided information to “Departmental Heads” about "Taxation Procedures and Policies of India" for Projects.
⮚ Prepared the EPC proposal for the Government funded “Don Valley Power Projects - UK”.
⮚ “ITB Presentations” prepared for "Midyan and Lekhwair Gas Processing Plant" of “Saudi Aramco”.
⮚ Conducted “Business Meetings” with the "Estimation Team" and "Sub-Contractors" for vendor selection.
⮚ Conducted Client meetings with ONGC, IOCL, GSPC, KNPC, Saudi Aramco, ADMA-OPCO, etc for "Samsung Constructions".

AWARD: - Foundation works for Refinery awarded by “Kuwait National Petroleum Company”, worth USD 56 Mn.
Pre-qualified Invitation to Bid for Subsea pipeline project by “Oil And Natural Gas Corporation”, worth USD 88 Mn.

Organisation: - “LARSEN AND TOUBRO”, MUMBAI (INDIA) (May 2005 - July 2011), (6.2 yrs.)

Designation:- Assistant Manager-Proposal and Marketing, EPC Projects (Total 2.6 years), Above USD 11bn.

Role: - EPC Proposals for Oil and Gas Projects.

⮚ Reviewed “Bid Contracts” of FEED, EPC and prepared “Technical & Commercial Proposals” for “Upstream Oil & Gas Projects”.
⮚ Prepared and Floated RFQ’s for “Service Contracts” such as Hook-up and Commissioning Work (HUC), Structures Load-Out Contractors, Marine Spreads, Marine Warranty Surveyors, Divers and Supporting Vessel for MGR and MGP to different Local and International Vendors for securing the “Quotations” required for the Estimation of Proposals.
PETRONAS Carigalli Myanmar (South East Asia) :- (Approx. USD 250 Mn) Saudi Aramco Subsea Pipeline (Saudi Arabia) :- (Approx. USD 200 Mn) Adma-Opco Demothballing (Abu Dhabi Projects) :- (Approx. USD 175 Mn) Apache (North Sea) :- (Approx. USD 75 Mn) Chrysaor (North Sea) :- (Approx. USD 60 Mn) Laggan Tormore Technip (North Sea) :- (Approx. USD 50 Mn) ConocoPhillips (North Sea) :- (Approx. USD 50 Mn)
⮚ Presented “Risk Assessment Presentation” of EPC Proposals to the ‘‘President” of Business Unit.
⮚ Prepared “Standard Cost Estimate Templates” for creating the “Proposals” of EPC projects.
⮚ Negotiated offers of Packages and Service Vendors from USD 0.1 Mn to USD 300 Mn for estimation of “Project Proposals”.
⮚ Compiled the “Techno-Commercial Comparison Sheet” of Packages and Service Contractors for Project Estimation.
⮚ Prepared “Cost Sheet” of Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Piping, Structural, E&I, Mechanical, Services, etc.
⮚ Issues clarified on “Techno-Commercial” queries of Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication Departments with vendors.
⮚ Compiled proposal by coordinating with internal departments for ongoing “Domestic & International In-house Project”

Role: - Marketing and Cost Control in EPC Oil and Gas Projects

⮚ Market Research and Analysis carried out for “Business Opportunities” of “UPSTREAM OIL and GAS PROJECTS”.
⮚ Collated and Structured detailed information potential “Global Client Investment in Projects” for “Business Development Opportunities” in various regions like North Sea, West Africa, South-East Asia and Caspian Sea.
⮚ “Strategic Planning, Organising, Directing and Controlling of Processes” carried out for tracking region wise businesses.
⮚ “PESTEL and SWOT” analysis carried out with business consultant such as ‘‘McKinsey” and ‘’Accenture’’ Group.
⮚ Maintained “Cash Flow Statements” in ‘‘SAP’’ system for “MAERSK OIL Qatar”, Al Shaheen Field ,USD 248 mn.
⮚ Prepared and Maintained “Service PO’s” in SAP of all the Vendors by securing necessary approvals from management.
⮚ Coordinated with “Finance and Accounts Department” for releasing vendor payments and also amend “Bank Guarantee”.
⮚ Supported “Estimation Manager” “Deviations & Concession Requests” on “Bid Specifications” to calculate “Cost Implications”.
⮚ Maintained “Work Breakdown Structure” (WBS) and “Management Information System” (MIS) report submitted to costing heads.

Designation: - Project Engineer (MECHANICAL) for Upstream Oil and Gas EPC Projects, USD 1.4 bn (Total 3.6 Years)

Role: - Installation of Offshore Structures & Pipelines (OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION Limited),India, MHN & MHNRD Platform by using Heavy Lift Pipelay Vessels, Diving Support Vessel , Project USD 925 Mn.

⮚ “PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR” for Local and International Sub-Contract Services (USD 0.1 Mn to USD 30 Mn).
⮚ Prepared “Project Procedures” such as Change order, Invoice Procedure, etc. in accordance with the Contract.
⮚ Prepared Interface Matrix between Clients, Contractors and the Subcontractors for “Execution”.
⮚ “Kick Off meetings” conducted between Project Manager, Engineer and Subcontractors.
⮚ Technical clarifications decisions taken on Sub-Contracts by seeking Management approval.
⮚ Conducted meetings with Client “ONGC” for project status and secure “Progressive Milestone Payments”.
⮚ Conducted “Safety Audits” with ONGC Executives, TPI on HLPV (LTS 3000) and DSV to secure “Clearances” for Sail Outs.
⮚ Supervised with ONGC Client, Subcontractors on HLPV (LTS 3000) and DSV for Installation of Structures
⮚ Supervised Critical underwater cutting operations and cutting of Buoyancy tanks carried out from DSV and Installation Vessel.
⮚ Prepared final Close out reports and submitted to the Client for securing “Work Completion Certificate”.

Role: - Installation of Mechanical Packages, Skids and Platform Cranes on 4 Well Head Platform for OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION LIMITED (ONGC) India, Project USD 219 Mn.

⮚ Deputed at Engineering Consultants in LTV Bangalore and AKPG Mumbai periodically for preparation of PS/PR/RFQ/TBA of high value Mechanical Packages as per “ONGC Bid Specifications”.
⮚ Follow up on “Engineering Documents” like GAD, P&ID, PFD, Equipment layout, Isometrics, etc. with Engineering consultant.
⮚ Conducted frequent meetings with the ONGC Executives at 11 High, Mumbai for approvals on Package Purchase Specifications.
⮚ Conducted Kick-off meeting with Vendors, Clients, and Project team for techno-commercial discussions.
⮚ Frequent visits at “Vendor works” globally for meetings and for “Factory Acceptance Test” (FAT).
⮚ “Site Acceptance Test” (SAT) conducted with all stakeholders for Installation of “Mechanical Packages, Skids & Cranes”.
⮚ “Load out and Sea Fastening” activities carried out for Structures and Materials on Barge.
⮚ Conducted meetings with Transocean Rig and Client ONGC on, “MNW Platform” to discuss work progress.
⮚ Secured Milestone payment by Successful handover of Platform to the Client well ahead of planned schedule

Languages Known Professional Courses and Training
English, Hindi, Marathi, Korean 1) Certified Project Management 2) Microsoft Office
Could be provided on request


 Titled as “Outstanding Performer” by the “Senior Management” of “ADMA-OPCO” (ADNOC Group), Abu Dhabi.
 Titled as “Effective Employee” by the “Senior Management” of “SAMSUNG CONSTRUCTIONS”, Seoul, South Korea.
 Titled as “Best Performer” by the “Vice President” of “LARSEN and TOUBRO”, Mumbai, India.

Objective: To work as “COMPETITIVE PROFESSIONAL” in the “Global Business Sphere” by becoming a medium for organization to grow in its “Financial Terms” and “Brand Value” worldwide


Kuwait Oil Company thru ABJ Engineering and Contracting Co
Area Coordinator

   Feb 2019
— Current

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