O&M Execution and Sales at Executive / Senior Management Level

Last Updated: 13th August 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
HNC/HND/City & Guilds



Over 30 years of O&M experience within the power industry covering a range of positions, including O&M P&L Leader and Plant Manager at sites within the UK and abroad. Fully capable to work as an individual, a leader or within a team environment.
Experienced in both the ITO and OTR sides of the business so understands the intricacies and requirements of contract formation, negotiation and execution in terms of risk and reward.


Swansea University
DBA - Diploma Business Administartion

   Sep 2002
— Jun 2004

Completed 2 years of a 3 year Part Time MBA course.

Royal Naval Engineering College, HMS Caledonia
Royal Navy Artificer Apprenticeship to Chief Petty Officer

   Aug 1980
— Apr 1990

1988 - Unit Watchkeeping Certificate 50,000 SHP, Engineer of the Shift and Section Manager.
1987 - Professional Qualifying Exam
1986 - Gas Turbine Watchkeeping Certificate.
1984 - BTEC Nat Diploma in Marine & Mechanical Engineering
1983 - C&GLI in Fitting & Turning


GE Power Services
O&M Sales Director AIM

   Apr 2016
— Current

Sales director at the relaunch of the GE O&M business. Developed the pipeline and worked with Customers to identify win-win solutions for both companies. Introduced changes to the standard type of O&M model to bring differentiation into play, leveraging different GE businesses to maximise the use of the GE Store. Signed deals for over $1.2B in the first two years. Support the Global O&M team to ensure targets are exceeded.

GE Power Generation Services
SWAT Leader

   May 2014
— Apr 2016

Executive Leader responsible to the RGM Africa, responsible for leading two key growth initiatives for the region, focusing on development of local talent to undertake large upgrades & rehabilitation projects and building CSA/O&M capabilities for Africa, supporting the region target of circa $940MM orders in 2014.
Responsibility includes training of local talent in Project Development, Financing Solutions and Execution Strategy, and the Sales and Commercial Executive support for specific deal projects.
Strategic member of the PGS regional leadership team, responsible for providing Sales and Commercial Executive support for key deal negotiations including Multi-Year Agreements, renegotiations and large upgrades.
Position located in Lagos, Nigeria.

GE Power Generation Services
O&M Region Manager

   Oct 2008
— Apr 2014

Region Manager responsible to the GE PGS Region GM (Internal Customer) for the management of a region portfolio. Grew the business from $20MM to $78MM in just over 4 years. Located in Dubai, UAE.
Managed teams of skilled personnel in the running of O&M Contractual Services Agreements at power plants throughout the region. Team of 370 personnel.
Worked with Customers, both internal and external, to develop new opportunities to expand the portfolio and renegotiate contracts to increase Customer value.
Conducted and led RCA’s for incidents both within and outside the scope of the contracts.
Assisted and assigned manpower to other plants within and outside the region in development of O&M strategies, safety, O&M training and procedures.
Represented and conducted company and Customer CSR programmes within the local community.

GE Contractual Services
Europe, Africa and Middle East O&M Mobilisation Manager

   Jul 2007
— Sep 2008

Responsible to the Global O&M Support Services Manager for the development, implementation and execution of the Mobilisation & De-mobilisation Programs, including all appropriate schedules, budgets and plans.
Became the primary Company interface with the Customer(s) and EPC contractor during initial support and site Mobilisation phases until COD.
Managed the Mobilisation, in consultation with the Regional O&M Manager, and coordinated the site activities with the Power Plant Manager at the site.
Coordinated GECS and outside resources to ensure a contractually compliant and effective site mobilization.
Interpreted new contract requirements/deliverables for Initial Support and Mobilization Phases.
Conducted Operational Reviews and submitted recommendations to the Customer.
Tracked Mobilisation activities and expenditures to ensure contractual and budgetary compliance.
Worked collectively with the Commercial Team to develop accurate and effective contract proposals and renegotiations.
Provided advice, and counselled on operational and maintenance programs and issues.
Evaluated facility operational problems and provided recommendations. Conducted on-site O&M reviews.
Provided project support for operational sites as required.
Seconded to Baglan Bay as Plant Manager for 8 months.
Position located in Swansea, UK.

Various (Alstom; Enron; HEPS)
Various O&M Positions (Plant Manager; Operations Manager; Commercial Manager; Shift Charge Engineer; Operator)

   Aug 1980
— Sep 2008

Plant Manager (Baglan Bay - UK; Great Yarmouth - UK; Bergen Op Zoom - Netherlands;) responsible to the European Regional Manager (Internal Customer) and the Owner (Customer).
Managed a team of skilled personnel in the running of a High Value O&M Contractual Services Agreement.
Managed all safety, environmental, financial, human resources, engineering and administrative aspects of the contract. Maintained and update the contract model for the life of the contract.
Worked with the Customer to define and operate the most productive strategy to meet the volatile UK electricity and gas market.
Conducted and lead RCA’s for incidents both within and outside the scope of the contract.
Identified, recommended and assisted the Customer in plant performance upgrades both within and outside the scope of the contract.
Assist and assign manpower to other plants within and outside the region in development of O&M strategies, safety, O&M training and procedures.
Represent and conduct company and Customer CSR programmes within the local community.
Various other functions within an O&M team including Operations Manager (Alscon - Nigeria); Shift Charge (Alscon - Nigeria; Keadby - UK), Operator (Teesside - UK); CPO Royal Navy.

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